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Selecting the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in 2019

orange bathroom shower tiles with white bath

Getting prepared for a major home extension can be extremely exciting, especially if you’re expanding your kitchen and bathrooms. These renovations can improve the living standards for your entire household and increase the value of your property.

Doesn’t matter if you’re making a property investment or if you're renovating your own home, choosing the best tiles is critical for the success of your project. However, making the best decision is not always easy, especially when you consider the number of choices you have available.

Below, we’ll tell you why tiles are a great alternative for these improvement projects and give you tips on choosing the best type for your kitchen and bathrooms.

white bathroom shower screen ceramic basin mirror

Why is Tile a Timeless Choice?

Whenever you think about the best materials for your kitchen and bathrooms, tile should be close to the top of the list. Tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thousands of designs to choose from. Moreover, you can select from a number of materials that can be used to cover walls, countertops, and floors.

It’s also worth noting that tile floors are very easy to clean and maintain. If installed properly, tile floors and walls can last for a decade with minimum maintenance. And, as long as you pay attention to the grouting, you’ll be able to easily wipe your surfaces clean.

bathroom with white bath, yellow walls, mirror, vanity, rain shower and downlights

How to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen and bathrooms may represent an investment, but these improvements can have a huge impact on your day to day life. What’s more, you can always apply for home loans if you’re building a new house or find other alternatives to help you finance your extension or remodelling project.

Once you’ve figured out how to pay for your extension, you can look into choosing the best tiles for your bathrooms and kitchen.

Create an Ideal Budget

Before starting on your project, you should create an ideal budget and try to stick to it. This will help you keep track of your expenditures and set realistic expectations if you’re working with a professional contractor.

Consider Your Current Lighting

One of the main things you’ll need to keep in mind is how light or dark your room is. Note your current lighting and figure out if you want to make your room brighter or if you can get away with using darker tiles.

If you’re completely revamping your kitchen and bathrooms, remember to use large windows if you want to install dark colours.

freestanding bath with hob-mounted mixer set

Think About the Accompanying Elements

Tiles usually cover walls, floors, and countertops. You should also look at the different elements that will be installed along with the tiles, such as sinks, cabinetry, and other pieces in order to ensure a good contrast.

Match Your Home’s Overall Style

Unless you’ve designed your home piece-by-piece, you may want your kitchen and bathroom to match other areas of your house. This doesn’t mean you should use the same tiles, but a similar colour palette or patterns may be a nice touch.

Research the Different Options You Have

There are thousands of providers and manufacturers available. Plus, countless materials and designs are being created every day, so make sure your research all the possibility instead of settling for the first type of tile that catches your eye.

bathroom with white tiles, white bath, windows, vanity, toilet

Finding the Right Tools for the Job

Whether you’re working with a contractor or doing a DIY home extension, finding the right materials at an affordable price can increase your chances of a great outcome. The tips above should help you choose the best tiles for your bathrooms and kitchens, but you’ll also have to find a great provider.

At The Renovator Store, we provide premium remodelling materials for your bathroom and kitchen at a fair price. Get in touch with us by giving us a call or visit our site today!

Why Matte Black is The Best Bathware for All Bathrooms, for All Time

terrus waterfall spout wall mount matte black

Matte black bathware may as well be the default choice for your bathroom when choosing your basin and bath taps and mixers, shower heads and shower arms, towel racks, and bathroom organisers and accessories. Some will try to refute this, but you will agree if you’re choosing based on the following criteria.

Aguzzo Terrus single basin mixer tap matte black

1. Black is a statement on its own.

Matte black bathware make you stop and look longer than if it were chrome or brass. Black bathroom items give that sleek look — in fact, that word “sleek” when used for matte black has become a cliche simply because it’s true.

Another word you always hear about black bathware is bold. Why? Because a matte black shower mixer, for instance, simply stands out in your bathroom without even trying. It speaks volumes just by being there, saying “I’m here, and I’m here to stay.”

“Matte-finish black tapware is a bold punctuation point” in a bathroom, is how Homes to Love describe it.

Matte black simply gives an instant upgrade to your bathroom.

vale square shower head matte black

2. Black bathware are versatile.

Each person can choose any kind of bathroom style, and matte black products are adaptable to any of those styles. Why? BECAUSE BLACK GOES WITH EVERYTHING!

Neutral toned bathroom? Get a matte black heated towel rail for it.

Purple walls or orange tiles? Wow, a black shower head will go wonderfully with those colours.

Got a classic bathroom? A floor standing matte black bath mixer should be just right for your classic bath vibe.

Planning a contemporary bathroom remodel? Look no further, a black waterfall spout will fit right in.

Of course, let’s not forget those who’d want an all-black bathroom. (If you’re one of them, you’ve got to check this out: .)

Vale flat goose shower arm matte black

3. Black is timeless.

This is where it gets better: matte black bathware will never go out of style.

It was a trend in recent years, it was a trend five years ago, and now it’s 2019 and matte black is still a trend in bathroom interiors.

Because it suits all bathroom styles and can be matched with any colour palette, black will remain to be in vogue for many more years to come.

The Plumbette calls it “a sleek and modern look that won’t date,” and we think it’s because:

  • Black has a natural elegance.

  • Black adapts to whatever is trending at any time.

  • Black gives a contrast that lets prints and colours to shine through brighter in any season.

Aguzzo cortina wall mount mixer with converter matte black

4. Matte black bathware are now selling at reduced prices.

Ten years back you would have had a difficult time finding black bathroom taps and accessories, but today these are readily available and at reasonable prices.

A warning though: Don’t just go for cheap. Make sure you are getting high quality matte black bathware by buying from trusted stores.

NEWS FLASH: You can get superior matte black bathware right now at Renovator Store, including bathroom basin taps, bath mixers, shower heads and shower arms, heated towel rails, towel racks, robe hooks, bathroom shelves, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and toilet brush holders.

There’s a lot of low-priced black bathroom fixtures out there. If you Google “cheap matte black bathroom fixtures” there will be at least 27 million results, but if you add the word “quality” there’s at least 10 million less. Our advice is, get luxury for less!

Pearl glass shelf matte black

So, those are the four major reasons why we think matte black bathware is the best for all bathrooms for all time. Agree or disagree? Tell us why either way!

Lighting Ideas: Why You Need to Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

white and red bathroom with wood

The bathroom may not immediately come to mind when you’re thinking of upgrading the lighting around your home. Oftentimes, we focus on areas such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and even front yard, neglecting one of the rooms we actually utilise the most in the home — the bathroom!

The bathroom is also a place in which many people do things such as dry their hair, put their makeup on and so on, which actually makes it one of the rooms in your home in which lighting is the most crucial. In this article, we will look at why you need to upgrade your bathroom lighting today. Read on to find out more!

1. Look Your Best With Adequate Lighting

It is no secret that we all want to look our best — we are all human after all! A bathroom that is not well lit is a surefire way to miss out on those pesky eyebrow hairs that you’ve missed.

For both men and women, the bathroom is the prime location for where we doll ourselves up. Men shave and style their hair in the bathroom, whilst women may style their hair, do their makeup and other grooming activities in the bathroom.

In order to do the perfect job and look your best, you’re going to need the best lighting possible. Some great options when it comes to the best lighting for dolling up are skylights, a fluorescent vanity light bar, and Hollywood glow vanity mirrors which are so incredibly popular these days.

bathroom large mirrors shower screen

2. Safety First

Safety may not come to mind immediately when thinking of bathroom lights, but adequate lighting is an absolute necessity when it comes to ensuring optimal levels of safety in the bathroom.

Poor lighting in the bathroom can be a cause of people slipping and injuring themselves when they are unable to see whether or not a surface is covered in water. This is especially important if you have elderly or children using your bathroom, as a fall can be absolutely catastrophic for infants and older people who have brittle bones.

(Related topic: 7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Kid-Friendly)


3. If You Read In The Bath, You Definitely Need Good Lighting.

Are you someone who enjoys relaxing at the end of the day with a nice scented candle, bubble bath and a good book to let your hair down? If so, you want to ensure that your bathroom lights are suited to your needs. What does this mean?

Well, when it comes to reading, you will want to ensure that your bathroom is fitted with an adjustable accent light that is aimed outside of your bathroom. This ensures you will avoid any potential glare, which is not optimal for reading. Shielded fixtures are also a fantastic option for those who are looking to prevent glare in the bathroom in general.

If you enjoy a good book in the bath, it just may be time for a bathroom lighting upgrade. Your eyes will thank you!

elegant egg shaped limestone bath tub freestanding

4. It Just Looks Better!

Last but not least, we suggest you upgrade your bathroom lighting purely because it looks better! If you’re going for a certain aesthetic, lighting is a fantastic way to bring your vision to life. Ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, strip lighting, vanity lighting, various kinds of bulbs and dimmers are all different ways in which you can incorporate lighting into your bathroom to achieve your desired look.

If you’re looking to bring a romantic mood, feel and look to your bathroom, dimmable lights are a fantastic option as they are adjustable, generally soft and perfect for a romantic bath for two. If you’re looking for a Hollywood-esque looking bathroom, vanity lights and task lighting are the way to go. Whatever aesthetic you are going for, lighting is the best place to start!

We hope that this article has given you some insight into why you need to upgrade your bathroom lighting today!

Inexpensive Ideas: Delightful Fixtures to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

bathroom with large mirrors ceramic basins and artwork

Most bathroom renovations result in a total upgrade, ranging from replacing the fixtures to expanding the floor size of the bathroom. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, what are the things that you’d probably improve?

bathroom with large mirrors ceramic basins and artwork

It’s better to upgrade your fixtures as well when renovating. Go for a wholesome new look for your bathroom by going for an overall makeover. If you bought the house from a former owner, the bathroom might be one of the rooms which you should prioritise.

Check the shower and sinks in your bathroom. Upgrading these specific fixtures will boost your bathroom’s appeal. Read on to get helpful ideas on new installations for your newly renovated bathroom.

Shower Fixtures

If the shower in your bathroom isn’t functional or if you want to change to another type, there are some suggestions you can consider. Whether it’s bathroom renovations in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Canberra, you have to be very specific when it comes to the companies that specialize in renovation services.


    • Wall Mount

This type is the one that you’ll commonly see in bathrooms which you can buy for as low as $99. Wall mount is the type of showerhead that’s fixed on the wall at a certain height. This showerhead is hard to use if you live with people who are taller or shorter than you. Since it’s fixed on the wall, this type leaves little room for adjustment.

    • Hand Held

This type is more flexible compared to the wall mount type, and you can buy this for $27.50. The showerhead comes with an attached hose to the wall attachment, which means that you can remove it from the holder and adjust it to your preferred height. Elderly or disabled people will benefit the most from this type, as well as your housemates who are taller or shorter than you.

    • Body Spray

If you’re not satisfied with one showerhead, there are other fixtures you can choose such as swivel heads. It can be installed at various heights and allows for a massage-like bath.

The body spray type comes with more than one water spray or showerhead. The swivel heads are placed at strategic locations so you can have an easier time while taking a bath, compared to a single showerhead which you have to move around for you to clean your body.


    • Rain

This showerhead is larger than the other types, which means that you also receive more water when showering. This type will help you feel as if you’re taking a bath in a downpour at the comforts of your bathroom.


Sinks might seem like a minor detail, but installing a new one during renovation will help you achieve a comfortable bathroom. Check out these types and choose the best one for you.

ceramic bathroom basin with chrome mixer tap

    • Self-rimming

This sink has rounded edges which are used to support the sink installed on the countertop, which is why it's called 'self-rimming.' It's also fastened to the countertop by a minimal amount of caulk. You can easily install this type. If you’re adding a new sink to a pre-existing counter, you can comfortably fit this type.

    • Vessel

This type adds a unique design to your bathroom. Unlike the typical sink, this sink looks like a bowl and is put on top of a counter. It requires a pop-up drain because it doesn’t need undermount installation.

aguzzo siena oval bathroom basin

    • Wall-mounted

If you’re aiming at saving space in the bathroom, go for this type. This sink doesn’t require a counter or floor space. Attach it directly to your wall at the most comfortable height for you.

    • Pedestal

This type is similar to the wall-mounted type. However, it differs in shape. It resembles a birdbath with its vast basin and narrow base.

    • Undermount

This type requires a solid surface countertop for installation. It’s easy to clean, and it lets you use your countertop to its full extent.

    • Console

This sink is similar to both the wall-mounted and pedestal types. It’s fixed on the wall, but it also has legs attached to it. You can use it as a sink or a counter, and you can even use the space beneath for shelf purposes.

white and grey bathroom mirror sink towel

Ideal Fixtures

Maximize the potential of your bathroom renovation by investing in inexpensive but quality fixtures. Choose the type that will add beauty and comfort to your home without draining your cash.


Author Bio

Phoebe Jones is a writer by passion. She writes articles on any topic, but more often focuses on home improvement. She shares helpful tips for her readers on how to make their homes a beautiful place. During her free time, Phoebe likes taking walks on the beach and snapping pictures of the sunset.

Why It's Time to Indulge in a Heated Towel Rail

There is no better feeling than jumping out of the shower into a dry, soft, warm towel. A heated towel rail provides the utmost luxury at little cost and is able to make your early morning routine that much more tolerable.

square tube heated towel rail on bathroom wall

The extra beauty of a heated towel rail as well as warming up your towel is that it will dry your towel for you too so you will never have to pick up a damp towel again.

Heated towel rails will also keep your bathroom warmer, reducing your energy bills by avoiding the need to turn on your heating system and they can also be used to hang items of washing to dry.

towel warmer with two pink towels

Do I get a plug-in or hardwire?

Most heated towel rails come as a hardwired option, plug in with cord or sometimes battery operated. If doing a serious renovation, it is advised to get your heated towel railed hard-wired as it will look more professional and hide power cords and electronics. This, however, requires the work of a licensed electrician.


If you are simply replacing your old towel rail with a new one, a plug-in is the easiest option, however, make sure you do not have power cords close to water or along the floor as tripping hazards.

Aguzzo matte black heated towel rail

When purchasing, it is important to take into consideration the energy costs associated. Different towel rails will provide different heat at different energy wattage. Be aware of the material that your towel rail is made out of as some will convey and retain heat better than others making them much more energy efficient. Stainless steel towel rails will hold their heat very well.

Also, be aware of the sizes available, some towel rails will only fit 2 standard sized towels if folded which will inhibit their ability to dry.

woman with baby in bathrobe and towels after washing and spa has heated towel rails, all of which are of highest quality and most competitive prices. Made from quality stainless steel in both square and round designs, the Aguzzo heated towel rail range are some of the best value on the market!

Read up on the details of selecting a heated towel rail.

aguzzo round freestanding heated towel rail




How to Get the Best Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are a luxury addition to any bathroom.  If you get cold winters, there’s nothing better than warm fluffy towels after a bath or shower.  Even on humid days or in hot areas, a towel warmer will ensure that your towels are dry rather than damp.

Whether you’re updating your bathroom or building a new home, consider these suggestions for selecting heated towel rails.


Stainless Steel vs. Chromed or Painted Brass

Anything in your bathroom is exposed to water and moisture. It is essential to choose a towel rail that is less prone to rust, and stainless steel is far more resistant to oxidation. Stainless steel is also superior as it is harder and has no coating that can peel or bubble which can occur in time with chrome.

Since you’re after durability, what you want is the 304-grade heavier duty stainless steel rather than the cheaper 201-grade.


Style: Go for Safety and Efficiency

Heated towel rails are available in round, square, and flat bar styles. Get one that looks best for your bathroom, but if possible choose a towel rack that also functions better.

Remember that the larger the surface area that is against a towel, the more effective it will heat it.  We tested a 100-w flat bar rail that maximises this contact area versus a 100-w round bar rail.  The result was no surprise: The flat bar was materially faster to dry a towel.

Also, although they produce the same overall heat, as they are both 100 watts, the flat bars were less hot to touch because of their larger surface area.  This is because the overall heat is dissipated from a larger surface area.  So, interestingly the flat bar models heat more effectively, and yet are not as hot to the touch making it safer for children.  They usually cost a bit extra as there is materially more steel used in the unit, but these benefits are worth the extra cost if you like the style.  Click here to see the flat bar models on Renovator Store.


 Choosing Towel Rail Size

The size of your heated towel rail will depend on the available wall space and how you will use it.  Pick a size that’s appropriate for your bathroom wall and will comfortably fit the number and size of towels you wish to hang.  A 750-mm wide towel ladder typically is the minimum width to fit two folded standard towels side by side.  A 900-mm electric towel warmer will easily fit most requirements.

Vertical heated towel rails come in 180mm (width) x 1200mm (height) and 200mm (width) x 1400mm (height).


If wall width or space is limited, you may consider the vertical towel warmer or the freestanding heated towel rack which you can move as needed.


Towel Rail Finish

Polished stainless steel or chrome matches most modern bath ware.  Get them if you wish to go the more classic way and want that shiny appearance.  If you’re after a bolder look then a matte black towel ladder can be a real feature.  Black against white or any light colour will always be a standout.


Wiring: Plug-In or Hard-Wired?

If you can hardwire your heated towel rail it will look much cleaner as no wires or plugs will show.  But if that is not possible in your situation then many models also allow you to simply plug it in.

If you are concealing the power wire, consult an electrician as they are required to connect it to a wall switch or timer.  Renovator Store sells a full-featured heated towel rail controller that you can program to turn on and off when you want.


Installing a Heated Towel Rail

When hard-wiring, decide on which corner of the unit you want the wire to enter the wall.  Closest to the wall switch or timer switch is usually the best, but an electrician can advise.

Look for simpler installation systems that are available.  The products team at Renovator Store recommends the EZY-FIT system by Aguzzo, as once the electrician has done his power connection a small plug will protrude from the wall once the wall is completed.  The unit can then be plugged into this and then anchored to the wall by any trade or DIY enthusiast.  Most units require an electrician to return so he can wire the unit to the in-wall power upon installation—and another call out by an electrician is never cheap!


Get More Help

We hope these tips can help you choose the best heated towel rail for your bathroom. You may also want to read more tips on this topic at  You can always seek advice from the helpful Customer Service team at Renovator Store on (03) 9544-3003 or 1800-RENOSTORE, or thru

How to Install a Towel Rack on Ceramic Tile

Updating your bathroom involves new fixtures, lights, taps and rails. Now when most of us know, by common sense, that there are just some jobs that require a tradie. There are also some DIY tasks that we may do on our own, like installing a towel rack on ceramic tile. Just make sure to practice safety at all times.

two folded towels on towel rail

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Measure

Measure the wall where you wish to install the towel rail and place masking tape on the areas to be drilled. The tape will help the drill stay in place, keeping it from slipping on the tile glaze.

yellow measuring tape

2. Drill Bit

Selecting the drill bit is an important step.  You need to consider the hardness of the material you are drilling through. In many cases, a carbide drill bit will do the job.  Hardware stores usually have "glass and ceramic spade bits" and "diamond" drill bits too. Our testing on normal spade bits highlighted they get very hot and do not last long. The diamond drill bit is probably the best for very hard tiles - although it requires a bit of skill to use.

Ensure you use the correct size drill bit for the anchor plugs you are installing.  It is better to be half a millimetre less than more as you can always shave a bit off the anchor.

using a cordless drill on wall

3. Drill

Make a pencil mark on the tape where you wish to drill. Place the drill bit on this mark and drill slowly into the ceramic tile.  It is usually best to pick a point away from the edge of the tile or the grout line, as it is more likely you will shatter or chip a tile if drilling on its edge.

Do not drill too quickly, or you risk overheating the drill and removing too much of the tile from the drill site.  And do not use the "hammer" setting on your drill or you risk shattering the tile.  It can be helpful to spray a mist of water on the drill hole while drilling - this is essential for a diamond drill bit.  For a diamond drill it is also helpful to start the hole with the drill bit at 45 degrees until it pierces the outer layer, then straighten the drill.


3. Anchor

Push plastic screw anchors into each drilled hole to firmly secure the screws inside the tile, and keep the towel rail from slipping out once installed.

4. Balance

Line up the rail and screw directly into the rail's escutcheons evenly on each side, if you're installing a one-piece towel rail. Do not tighten down the screws until all screws have been inserted at least part way and the rail is balanced.


5. Brackets

If installing a rail with brackets, screw each bracket into the wall, tightening them down securely. Look at the side of the towel rail's escutcheons for a small grub screw, and unscrew it until it clears the inside of the escutcheon.

Place the escutcheon over the bracket and use a screwdriver or supplied hex key to tighten down the small grub screw on the side. This will attach the escutcheons to the brackets. Leave the escutcheons slightly loose.

Insert the rail into one escutcheon at a time, tightening each one down completely once the rail is in place to hold it securely.


Happy Renovating!


(If you would like to know how to choose a heated towel rail that's just right for your bathroom, read these Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail.)

Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail

Would you like warm fluffy towels on a cold winter's morning? Is your current bathroom cold when you hop out of the shower? Heated towel rails are mainstream and one of the most sought-after fixtures for the bathroom these days. A heated towel rail will not only warm up your towels but can warm up the bathroom temperature, reduce condensation and add an element of style to any bathroom. This indulgence is now an affordable option for any bathroom.


These days electric heated towel rails are the way to go. They are energy efficient and an easy to install alternative to towel rails connected to a gas central heating or hydronic heating system. In the old days, heated towel rails were often connected to the central heating system and only worked if that system was turned on. Electric heated towel rails are independent operating systems and can be connected to thermostats and switches to only heat up when you require it.

infographic showing things to consider in choosing a heated towel rail


There are three main types of heated towel rails.

LADDER RAIL: This is the most common type of heated towel rail having 2 vertical rails with several horizontal rails creating the ladder. They come in a variety of widths and heights to fit any bathroom. Wall mounted units are fantastic for bathrooms with limited floor space and can take the place of conventional towel rails.

INDIVIDUALLY HEATED RAILS: Instead of having vertical rails, these have a connector strip inside the wall and all you see are the horizontal rails. This is a minimalist style rail system.

FREE STANDING: These are the traditional type of heated towel rail systems providing great flexibility in placement and use. Installation is easy and the unit typically just plugs into a standard household outlet to operate.

aguzzo round freestanding heated towel rail


Heated towel rails can come in a range of materials and finishes from chrome, stainless steel, nickel, brass and copper. The most common are stainless steel or chrome plated brass.

Chrome is perfect for modern and minimalist style bathrooms. Chrome is also hard wearing, however, it can peel or bubble off over time.

Stainless steel is the most efficient and resilient rail on the market. It is more energy-saving as stainless steel holds heat very well. Stainless steel comes in brushed and polished finishes. The polished finish will show fingermarks more easily.

Matte black is highly popular with new modern bathrooms and architects specifying the latest in trends. It has a real appeal because of its neutral matte tone and its contrast with other colours and surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen.

aguzzo matte black square heated towel rail


This will depend on three factors:

  • the size of the bathroom,

  • the number of people using the bathroom, and

  • how many towels you want to keep dry and warm.

Too big a rail can be a waste of energy and too small can mean your towels overlap and don't dry effectively. For busy family bathrooms, I would opt for the largest size available so several towels can be hung at any time.

Heated towel rails can also be used to keep clothes dry so bigger is often better if you have the room to install one. Hanging bathers over the towel rail is far better than putting them in the dryer which could cause them to shrink.


Heated Towel Rail Styles

Heated towel rails come in all kinds of styles these days. There are traditional designs for older, period style homes and modern, sleek design towel rails in chrome, white or matt black finishes.

Other features to consider in a heated towel rail are whether you want curved or straight rails, arched or straight tops.




There are several options when installing a heated towel rail.

A plug-in unit is like any other electrical appliance and plugs into the power socket. A plug-in unit is not as safe as the hard-wired system and you need to ensure proper precautions are taken to keep the environment safe. A heated towel rail should never be installed inside a shower or directly above a bathtub as can increase the chance of electrical shock.

Hard-wired units will need to be integrated into the house's electrical system and require a licensed electrician to install. Hardwire conceals the wiring to a wall switch or smart timer.

Both systems can be operated with an on/off switch or with a timer. A timer will allow you to turn on your towel rail before your bath and shower each day so it's warm and toasty when you get out.

hotwire touch xcreen thermostat for heated towel rail


This feature allows users to keep the temperature at a particular level.

Other benefits of heated towel rails are they can help prevent the musty smell when towels are damp for too long. They are more hygienic and minimize damp-loving bacteria which can form on damp towels. They also provide more comfort when drying yourself versus a cold wet towel.

So what are you waiting for? - Invest in a heated towel rail to add some style to your bathroom and dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently.

900mm flat tube polished heated towel rail

To see Renovator Stores' large collection of heated towel rails, click here.

Fix a Leaking Tap Easily in 4 Steps

Don’t let this day pass without repairing that leaking tap! A drip rate of 10 per minute means more than 20 litres of water wasted in a month, so now is the time to get that fixed.

dripping stainless steel tap

Why is your tap dripping?

The most likely cause of the leaking tap is foreign material that has lodged in the internal cartridge and could cause damage. Debris could come from the water supply, which is common where the water lines have not been properly flushed during installation or if the property does not have filtered water.

What can you do to fix the leaky tap?

In that case, it is merely a maintenance issue that can be done without a plumber. It can be resolved by simply cleaning the internal cartridge or replacing it if necessary. The Products Team at Renovator Store provided these steps to let you access, inspect, and clean the cartridge inside a mixer tap:

removing the lever handle of a mixer tap using a hex key

1. Remove the lever handle.

Start by turning off the water supply to your leaking tap. Then remove the lever handle using a provided hex key or similar tool. Sometimes the grub screw is located behind the small button/cap located underneath the handle. You can simply remove this using your nails to pull it out.

removing the metal collar of a mixer tap

2. Twist off the metal collar.

Beneath the lever handle is a metal collar that you can easily twist off with no tools required. You will see a second collar that's hex threaded. Get your shifting spanner to take this one out.

removing the hex-threaded collar of a mixer tap

3. Remove the cartridge.

The cartridge can now be removed, and you can rinse the exposed cavity with water. The flow restrictor (if present) can also be cleaned or removed to maximise flow. Inspect the cartridge for blockages or splits in the rubber rings and flush it with water.

the flow restrictor of a mixer tap

4. Replace the cartridge.

Check that no foreign material or debris remains in the cartridge or within the cavity. Fit the cartridge back in, then do steps 1 to 3 in reverse. Test your tap for leaks, and if there's none you’re finally done!

cartridge of a mixer tap

What if you need a new cartridge?

In case your ceramic cartridge has been damaged by debris or sediments, you can always get a new mixer tap or just purchase a replacement cartridge from wherever you bought your tapware, or from Renovator Store if you've got a brand we stock.


Other leaking tap issues

Maybe you’ve cleaned up your cartridge or replaced your tap and still experience dripping issues. The problem could be with the valve seat, or your water pressure is too high, or you may have some damaged pipes. In those cases, it’s time to call in a professional plumber.

If you have any further questions feel free to email us at and our friendly Customer Service team will gladly assist. You may also call (03) 9544 3003 or 1800 RENOSTORE from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm AEST on weekdays.

8 Smart Ways to Save Money on Plumbing Problems

There’s nothing like a plumbing disaster to ruin your day. They always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times — a small leak you thought was harmless can suddenly turn into a big problem just when you’re getting ready for work.

To avoid being confronted with a plumbing problem, there are smart things you can do. Keep reading for eight ways to prevent a water disaster in your home.

plumber hands with a wrench

1. Don’t ignore the small things.

Take preventative measures to ensure you don’t develop a plumbing problem. If you see a small issue like a leaking tap or a crack in your water pipe, seek professional help before it turns into a larger problem. It’s best to bite the bullet and pay to fix a small issue, as chances are it’ll worsen later down the line and the plumbing bill will be considerably larger.

What’s more, leaking pipes may seem benign, but they will be reflected in your water bill. Get them fixed ASAP — think of it as a smart investment.

2. Look for plumbing problems.

Leading on from the above point, you should actively seek out plumbing problems around your house that have the capability of turning into something troublesome. Don’t turn a blind eye - “out of sight, out of mind” is not the mentality you should have here. Get on top of the condition of your plumbing. You should regularly check your taps and toilets for any leaks and check your water meter. If it is moving when there is no water being used, you may have a costly leak. Check your water heater for any water around the base, smell of gas, and temperature if applicable.

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3. Keep your ears open.

You should also listen for any unusual sounds or leaks. The key is to not ignore anything. Even if you think something isn’t broken, getting it looked at early on will save you some serious cash.

4. Learn how to shut off your water.

When you move into a new house you should acquaint yourself with your water valve. This is so that in case of a plumbing emergency you can shut off your water to prevent any further leakage or damage.

What’s more, if you call for a plumber to come and fix a leak and you haven’t already shut off your water valve, you will be worsening the amount of work for them and they may be inclined to hit you with a larger bill for their trouble. Instead, mitigate the severity of the leak by shutting off your water before they arrive. Making the conditions easier for your plumber may result in a smaller bill.

To shut off the water, turn the valve clockwise to tighten it. If you don’t know where your valve is, consult a plumber who has worked on your home previously or ask a neighbour.

plumber working with wrench on pipe

5. Watch what you’re flushing.

One of the biggest culprits for plumbing disasters is blocked drains. Washing food debris down the sink will block your drain; flushing sanitary products down the toilet will block your pipes (and is not environmentally friendly), and washing long hair down the shower will clog your drain.

To save money on plumbing, be mindful of what you are putting down your plug holes and toilets. If trying to unblock the drain by yourself, remember using a plunger is not always wise. It may temporarily fix the problem, however, it may simply push the blockage further down the line. It can also be risky to use chemical drain cleaners without professional advice.

6. Protect yourself from gas leaks.

Gas leaks can not only be dangerous but expensive. A small leak can very quickly become large and end in an explosion or fire. It’s always a good idea to inspect all cabinets and surrounds of all your gas appliances regularly, and your gas meter for gas smells. Every gas appliance should have a valve or tap that will shut gas off to the unit.

If you think there is a gas smell or leak present, if possible, turn off the gas valve and call a plumber immediately.

7. Don’t trust online information.

If you spot a problem and consult YouTube tutorials and online forum threads for guidance, you are putting yourself at risk. The internet is brimming with misinformation and unlicensed guides purporting to fix household problems. The best advice is to call a registered and licensed plumber, saving you time, and the risk of making your issue worse.

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8. Call an emergency plumber.

You will definitely save money and decrease the need for a plumber by following preventative maintenance. There will always be times though, when a plumbing issue eventuates that requires professional attention. In this case, the key is to keep calm and review your options. It may only require a very simple fix, which many reputable plumbers may be happy to help with over the phone, so don’t be afraid to call!

In case of an emergency, or if in doubt, it’s best to seek professional attention, so call on a reputable emergency plumber to take a look.

The best way to avoid plumbing problems is to take preventative measures. By following these eight tips you can mediate any potential plumbing problems!


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