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Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

Though there may be many people who assume that the only cause to be concerned with when buying a home is the flat price, the truth of the matter is that there are many more costs to be concerned with than simply the price tag itself. If you want to be as cognizant as possible of what the true costs of buying a home are in any circumstance, then it is absolutely necessary to make sure that you take all of the hidden cost into account.

By making sure to take the hidden costs of buying a home into account, you can ensure that you are never blindsided by any unforeseen expenses in the process. The following are all some of the most important hidden cost to keep in mind so that you can stay one step ahead no matter what the circumstances may be.

Building inspection

Even if the home seems to be as pristine as a crystal, you still need to make sure that you have it thoroughly inspected to ensure the absence of pests and other potential hazards. Even if the property was just renovated a couple of months ago, there can still be a number of issues that have to be sorted out in terms of overlooked infestation. A building inspection procedure shouldn't cost any more than several hundred dollars, but nevertheless, it is still a very important aspect of the home buying process that you should always keep in mind regardless of the circumstances.

Lenders mortgage insurance

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One of the heftiest home buying expenses apart from the price tag is the matter of lenders mortgage insurance. Through lenders mortgage insurance, you have a way of guaranteeing that the lender will actually lend you an amount that is more than just 80 percent of the property's full value. By paying this premium, you assume responsibility for costs that can be close to $8000 on average. If you save up a large enough deposit, however, you can put yourself in a position where paying lenders mortgage insurance is completely unnecessary.

Bank valuation fee

In many circumstances, arranging for the independent assessment of your prospective property value can cost several hundred dollars should the bank choose to charge you for. You just may happen to be in a position where your bank does not actually charge you for this procedure, but just to make sure that all of your financial bases are covered, you will certainly want to make sure that you have taken this possible expense into account.

Yearly/Quarterly rates

No matter what kind of property it is that you purchase, you should always keep council and water rates in mind. The remaining yearly quarterly rates on the land and water are calculated from the initial settlement date, localized to the area and property at hand; this can cost as much as $700, so you will want to make sure that you keep in mind.


No matter what kind of home that it may be that you're interested in buying, there are always more important things to keep in mind than the flat deposit and the pantry organisers. In addition to the deposit that you pay, you also want to make sure that you have taken accounts of things such as the lenders mortgage insurance, maintenance costs, stamp duty, building inspection and all other necessary components of upkeep. By making sure that you keep all the hidden costs in mind at all times, you can always ensure that you are in the best possible position to leverage a new home with as much financial stability as possible. Compare real estate agents to be sure that you get the best deal.