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How To Choose A Stainless Steel Sink For Your Kitchen

Are you about to start renovating your kitchen or select fixtures for a brand new kitchen? Here are the 7 things you need to consider when buying a stainless steel kitchen sink. Choosing the wrong kitchen sink can spoil a kitchen's design and functionality.  When it comes to selecting the sink, style is secondary. A sink has to work well and withstand years of daily use. If you didn't know already, we recommend choosing a stainless steel sink and here's why!

Swedia signatur tap

Types of sink

There are 3 main types of kitchen sinks:

Undermount sinks - these kitchen sinks mount below the bench top. The advantage of these sinks is they have a minimalist design, streamlined and easier to clean around.


Top mount sinks - these are the easiest sink to install and drop into position on top of the bench.


Farmhouse sinks - these sinks have a deep basin and jut out of the bench. They often referred to as an apron front sink and are commonly found in country-style homes. These sinks are more accessible for kids and shorter people as can sit lower than the bench top.Country Styled Kitchen

Kitchen sink size

Are you installing this sink into an existing cavity? If so, measure the original sinkhole and choose a new sink that will drop into that space. If your bench space allows for a bigger sink, then you can cut a larger hole and choose a bigger sink. Consider the depth of the sink and make sure there is enough space for garbage disposal systems or water filters beneath.

If you are installing the sink into a new bench, then measure the cabinet length between the joists to determine the maximum length available for your sink. Make sure you have enough space on both sides of the sink to stack dishes, prepare food. Ensure the placement of the sink is close to the front of the bench to make it easier to use.

Kitchen sink shape

A rounded sink can be easier to clean than one with square sides. If you are after a sleek, minimalist look then stick with the square edges.

Number of sinks 

Single bowl sink - A single, deep sink means you can easily soak and wash a big pan. However, soaking a large casserole and wanting to wash vegetables at the same time can be challenging.

Double bowl sink - These sinks have 2 basins of equal size or one larger and one smaller basin. Basin split is useful when working on two different tasks - ie. washing dishes in one and filling up a kettle in the other. The larger basin is useful for holding large pots/pans.

Three bowl sink - These sinks have two large bowls and one small one in the middle for a garbage disposal system.  These sinks require a large amount of bench space.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel - This is the most common material for a sink being modern in design and a good sound insulator. They are durable and easy to clean. The metal can scratch but these marks can be buffed out if its a brushed stainless steel sink. Stainless steel sinks are the preferred sink if you are prone to throwing things into the sink as some of the other materials can chip easily or break the item.


Kitchen Sinks

Number of tap holes and placement

When choosing a sink it is very important to consider how the kitchen tap will connect to the bench. Many sinks have holes already built into them. If you choose to have separate hot and cold water taps then you will need 3 holes in your sink. These days mixer taps are the most common kitchen tap requiring just one hole in the sink or no holes if the kitchen tap is bench mounted. Also, consider if you will need another hole for filtered water or even soap dispensers.

The placement of the tap holes should be located on the left-hand side if you are right-handed or on the right side if you are left-handed. If you have a two-basin sink, then placement should be in the middle of the basins.

Drain placement

Off-centered - Enables more space under the sink for storage and more space in the sink for washing pans and allowing water to drain away.

Centered drain - Water will drain away quicker in a centered drain, with less distance for the water to travel. There is easier access for repairs and maintenance. On the negative, pots and pans may block the drainage in a centered drain.

Which Do I Buy?

Oliveri Sonetto Double Bowl Inset Sink
Price: $1099
Specifications: 840 x 510 x 250 mm 
304 grade, 18/10 brushed stainless steel (1.2-mm thick)

Oliveri Sink

The Oliveri Sonetto sink is designed to integrate into your kitchen with ease. The 1.2-mm thick stainless steel meets the market average of thickness and allows protection from heat whilst also soundproofing rather well. Overall the Oliveri Sonetto sink is a very solid sink.

Swedia Kikki Chef
Specifications: Footprint 480 x 820 x 220 mm, Full bowl, 350 x 450 x 220 mm, Half bowl 350 x 305 x 220 mm
Materials: 1.5-mm 304-grade Stainless Steel

[caption id="attachment_13244" align="alignnone" width="444"]Sweedia Stainless Steel Sink And Tap Combination Sweedia Kikki Premium Stainless Steel Sink[/caption]

Swedia provides professional grade designer sinks, with up to 1.5 mm sanitary grade stainless steel (16 gauge) - great for durability, soundproofed and temperature retention.  This all-inclusive sink is popular for high-end kitchens and comes with a built-in knife block, soap dispenser, colander and chopping board as well as tap hole for your kitchen mixer. An added bonus is the sink is squarely based making cleaning a dream. The lifetime manufacturer guarantee ensures strength and durability. The Kikki Chef really is the most practical sink on the market.

Front door décor ideas

Front doors have always had a special place in the book of design. The reasons for this are numerous, from Feng Shui philosophy, where doors are an entry point of the entire household energy, to the importance of making a good first impression of the house or a flat, which is something the majority of people truly care about. If you are on the point of choosing a new front door for your home or you are planning to redecorate, do not leave anything to chance. These ideas will help you make the right choice:

The colour choice

The colour you choose for your front door is of tremendous importance and in some instances a fresh layer of cleverly chosen paint is sufficient in creating a desirable effect. In all other instances, the proper choice of colour sets the right foundation for any décor idea that follows. Bear in mind the colour theory if you wish to combine different colours and particularly if you plan to add decorations. Neutral colour palette is more universal while bold choices work in some instances. Whichever you opt for take the colour of façade in consideration as well since everything needs to be harmonious in order to achieve the desired effect.

front door colour


Personal welcome

If you’re an art and crafts person, or you have a special interest and talent for any other type of handmade art, for example, transform your front door into and exhibition place for your most representable works of art. A wreath made of jewellery or colourful yarn balls will leave no doubt about your artistic skills. There is only one consideration, don’t overdo it. A single decoration of homemade piece of art is always a better welcome than a crammed front door.

front door design



Wreaths are something that is usually found as a front door decoration, due to traditional, religious and symbolic reasons. If these reasons do not appeal to you, but you like the visual effect the wreaths achieve, go with empty decorative frames instead. Why empty? Because it will allow you to change the setting whenever you feel like it. For example, you can decorate it with colourful ribbons one week, then next you could go with actual artwork and on other occasion you could install a chalkboard and write a suitable welcoming note for a special occasion. Have fun and change the atmosphere whenever you feel like doing so.

front door decor ideas

Wooden cut out décor

If you want something out of the box and not to exuberant, wooden cut out décor would be the perfect solution. Combine various cut out pieces to form interesting shapes or figures, such as animals, reliefs or geometrical figures, all of which will provide additional dimension to your front door. Also, creating this type of decoration is a great family fun time; both kids and adults enjoy making them.



Special considerations

Sometimes the specifics of your front door type and structure do not allow too much experimentation. For example, an ornamented door surface is decorative enough on its own, while security screen doors don’t allow almost any additions in order to maintain their primary function. Still, you can personalise both of them by adding decorative hardware. Luckily, the vast choice of decorative hinges, handles and door knockers available on the market guarantees that you will be able to find suitable pieces to decorate your front door with.

front door ideas


Whether you prefer somewhat traditional front door décor, or you’re more inclined towards something out of the ordinary, these ideas will either present a complete solution or set you on the right track.


2017 interior design trends: what's in!


We can't believe we're here, but hello 2017! We saw some fantastic interior design trends in 2016, and we've been keeping an eye on common themes at the moment that keep popping up. We have a feeling that the following interior design trends will be making a mark on the design world this year.


[caption id="attachment_12559" align="aligncenter" width="493"]2017 interior design trend terracotta[/caption]

Terracotta is constantly being pointed to amongst top interior designers as a big trend of 2017. We know, we were suspicious too! However when paired with some vibrant greenery, you'll see why it works so well. This fantastic idea is a gorgeous feature wall, and works fantastic against white.

Dark wood tones

2017 interior design trends - dark floorboardsFantastic blonde wood tones have been getting a lot of attention in recent years, and for good reasons. However in 2017 we will see a favouring of darker wood tones. Rich, earthy and hearty, dark tones add a touch of luxury and timeless glamour to the house.


2017 interior design trends - green plantsGreen-thumbs, rejoice! Injecting organic matter into the interior of the home will be very on-trend in 2017. Calming, breathy and rich in colour, including greenery indoors is a fantastic way to mix urban with nature.

Desert tones

[caption id="attachment_12562" align="aligncenter" width="493"]2017 interior design trends earthy tones[/caption]

Closely related to another big 2017 interior design trend, terracotta, earthy tones will also make a big appearance in 2017. Warm and calming, these tones celebrate desert vibes. Think saffron, mustard, and muted orange tones.

Eco-friendly design 

[caption id="attachment_12563" align="aligncenter" width="628"]interior-design-trends-eco-friendly[/caption]

In the current fast-paced, technology centred world we live in, we continue to see a desire for sustainable, energy-friendly design. Durable materials, and appliances that promote lower energy consumption support both affordability and longevity. Opt for paints that contain less pollutants, and go for eco-friendly materials such as floorboards over carpet.

So there you have it! Do you have a trend you think we've missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

Outdoor kitchen - Why you need to consider one for your home!

Always loved the idea of an outdoor kitchen area? Wanting to add value to your house? Looking for a fun new renovation project the whole family will enjoy? Love entertaining? Everyone enjoys eating outside as a family, but why stop there? Let us tempt you with the top reasons as to why you should consider building an outdoor kitchen to lift the overall value of your home!


outdoor kitchen renovator store


With an outdoor kitchen, you're going to become a master entertainer 

Everyone loves dining al-fresco, especially in the summer time. Why let the fun stop there? By building an outdoor kitchen, you're creating a fantastic entertaining opportunities right in your own backyard. Be able to interact with your guests outside whilst you cook for them, whether it be for large parties, intimate dinners or get-togethers on a balmy summers night.

outdoor kitchen


Keep mess confined to outside 

Just set up a bin outside, and you're good to go. All the mess you accumulate while you cook is kept outside. You can view plenty of bin solutions here.

outdoor kitchen

.... and odours!

Lots of people enjoy eating fish and other foods that are likely to give off a lingering odour. By building an outdoor kitchen, you can confine the cooking and eating of these delicious foods to outdoors.

outdoor kitchen renovator store

You'll save on your air-conditioning bill 


Cooking indoors during the summertime can be a nightmare. By having an outdoor kitchen, you're able to cut costs on your air-conditioner working overtime to keep you, and your whole house cool.


It's really low-maintenance to manage an outdoor kitchen

[caption id="attachment_12348" align="alignleft" width="258"]outdoor kitchen shaynna blaze swedia Australian design Queen, Shaynna Blaze, features a stainless steel SWEDIA tap on her Lifestyle AU series, Deadline Design[/caption]



When building an outdoor kitchen, choose entirely stainless steel products. Stainless steel has a natural protection and high tolerance for the Australian outdoors. Not only does stainless steel have a timeless aesthetic appeal, but it's incredibly easy to clean AND maintain. By choosing stainless steel products, you're not going to have to worry about replacing taps and sinks that have started to crumble after a few months in the Australian sun.









It will expand your living space 

There's no need to add walls here, you can simply build upon your existing patio or outdoor space. By having an outdoor kitchen and seating area, you're adding another living space, also increasing the overall value of your home.


You'll save on eating out costs 

If you've gone to the effort to create a gorgeous outdoor dining space, why would you want to venture out when you've got your own outdoor oasis at home?!

[caption id="attachment_12349" align="aligncenter" width="625"]outdoor kitchen renovator store SWEDIA stainless steel featured by Shaynna Blaze (Vanessa Hall for Lifestyle AU)[/caption]

Do you have an outdoor kitchen you're really proud of? Share your photos with us!

What to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

The bathroom may be small, but it can prove to be an incredibly complex and expensive room to renovate. In order to achieve success various tradesmen may be needed to coordinate efficiently and effectively to get the job done, and mistakes made can prove costly. Despite this a freshly renovated bathroom is one of the smartest ways to win over prospective buyers or renters of your home. As one of the most utilised spaces in your home if you add some appeal and improve functionality you're set to gain in a big way.

[caption id="attachment_11784" align="aligncenter" width="564"]bedroom-statement-mirror Source:[/caption]


Initial considerations

Determine the original dimensions of the room and the positions of any doors windows and skylights. Then determine what your new dimension will be and if you wish to change the positions of any of the doors, windows or skylights. Remember if you are making any serious changes to allow for extra time, cost and tradesmen.

Next decide if the bathroom is going to be part of a larger room or area (e.g. connecting to the master bedroom) or a self-contained space. If the bathroom is part of a larger space you're going to need to ensure there is continuity in style and design within the entire space.

[caption id="attachment_11785" align="aligncenter" width="567"]b0c9d8015fc36b39fab5bf3cee1c45a8 Source:[/caption]

After this assess the materials used in the existing bathroom and whether or not you wish to change them. If you opt for your main material to be concrete you're going to have to investigate in additional services such as concrete cutting.

Finally  it's time to assess how much space you have to work within the walls, ceilings and under-floor areas. Depending on what you have this may affect the type, configuration and positioning of pipes, wires and fittings.


Cost Considerations 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="336"] Source:[/caption]

Bathroom renovations can often become deceptively expensive. According to, basic bathroom renovations cost an average of $5,800. This price typically includes the removal of the existing bathroom, tiling, waterproofing and the installation of fittings and fixtures, including electrical work.

You should always make sure you're prepared for any unexpected costs that may arise during your renovation. To do this it's a good idea to factor in an extra 10% on top of the initial quote you're given.


Consider Hunting Online for Some High Quality Products at Decent Prices

If you're wanting to fully deck out the bathroom with all the bells and whistles (e.g. under tile heating, rain shower heads and heated towel rails) things are going to start looking very expensive. While bathroom renovators can provide you with a provisional sum in their bathroomware quote, I think you'll find you'll be better off sourcing your own products.

hob mounted spout

Online stores such as the are the perfect place to start looking for some high quality products at affordable prices. With a wide variety of styles and finishes available you're bound to find products perfect for you.


Consider Getting Some Expert Advice

If you're not quite sure what you're doing don't be afraid to contact a professional to give you a helping hand. Examples of people you might wish to talk with include:

  • Architect, builder or interior designer

  • Integrated bathroom renovation service, project manager, builder

  • Plumber, spa/sauna expert, waterproofing contractor

  • Electrician

  • Carpenter

  • Cabinetmaker

  • Tiler/renderer/flooring specialist

  • Painter

Check that all the bathroom renovation professionals you engage are industry qualified, licensed and insured. Be clear on what you’re expecting each tradesperson to do before finalising contracts, handing over cash or beginning work.


Consider the Common Pitfalls for Renovators

modern luxurious bathroom in house on a beach

  • Organising tradespeople in incorrect order. This can result in skipped stages, revisits, extra work and costs.

  • Planning redesigns without considering crucial basics such as cavity space, concrete walls/floors/ceilings, existing plumbing and circuitry etc.

  • Buying fittings or fixtures without consulting the relevant trade professionals, resulting in unsuitable choices.


Choosing to renovate your bathroom is definitely tricky, but if done correctly, definitely not something you'll regret. Not only will you experience a heightened lifestyle whilst you occupy your home, but when it becomes time to sell up and move its a huge turn on for buyers. So remember to take your time and carefully consider everything when choosing to renovate your bathroom.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating for Profit

Renovating for profit isn't just about painting a wall or fixing the fence: its all about adding real value to your property over the long haul. If done correctly it can be a fantastic way to secure returns. Although, you've got to be wary as there are numerous places where you can potentially fall into trouble. Keep reading to discover the 5 mistakes to avoid when renovating for profit and how to evade them!

[caption id="attachment_11752" align="aligncenter" width="705"]yarra_street_house_11 Source:[/caption]


Mistake #1: Paying Too Much for the Property

Paying more for a property than what it's worth is a mistake in any situation, but especially if you're only renovating for profit. The more you pay for a property, the more money you need to sell it for in order to gain profits. Therefore you're going to need to spend more on renovations in order to increase the value of the property. Overall it's just easier to purchase properties at prices you can afford.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Source:[/caption]

In order to avoid paying too much you:

  • cannot let the auction bidding process run away from you

  • cannot let yourself get emotionally involved in the property

  • must be confident in your negotiation skills.


Mistake #2: Leading with Your Heart, Not Your Head

Possibly the most important thing to remember when renovating for profit is that it's not about you! You need to leave your own tastes and opinions at the door. Therefore stray away from bold design choices and opt for more neutral ones.

[caption id="attachment_7523" align="aligncenter" width="427"]neutral_living Neutrally designed home[/caption]

In order to learn what improvements will add the most value to your particular style of home, in your specific suburb, in your current housing market you need to get studying! Comprehensive research will help you avoid common mistakes, approximate your costs, understand your target market and overall maximise your profits.


Mistake #3: Not Sticking to Your Budget

When renovating it can be easy to let money get away from you. Not sticking to your budget can create serious cash flow issues and unhappy suppliers. It'll also stress you out, and kill your motivation. Other people will also be less likely less inclined to work with you if they don't believe you're managing everything successfully.


In order to avoid overspending enlist the help of a professional valuer. They come up with a value which they think your property has the potential to sell at, and then assist you in estimation of costs and development of a highly disciplined budget. Select a locally based valuer as they'll have a good understanding of your target market and hence where your spending will be most successful in increasing value.

As a basic rule for every dollar spent you should get two dollars in added value. Another top tip is to add between 20% to 30% contingency for unforeseen expenses. That way you’ll stay on top of your finances, no matter what disaster strikes.


Mistake #4: Choosing to DIY

Unless you're a professional, it's usually not worth the risk of DIY when you intend to sell for profit. Yes, the cost effectiveness is of DIY tempting, but you'll find in the long run that things'll start falling apart and you'll just end up spending more!

timber flooring installation


Professionals actually know what they're doing, can completely the task much faster and of course leave you with a much classier finish. Do your research and be willing to spend a little extra to ensure you're hiring competent individuals who can give you what you want.


Mistake #5: Ignoring Your Audience

Beyond simply leading with your head rather than your heart you must also completely understand your target market in order to make profits. Failing to do this is probably the biggest mistake you can make whilst renovating for profit.

Selling House tip to make sure buyers understand the property

Think who is most likely to purchase the property - families, students, young couples, the elderly - and then tailor to them. It is important NOT to make assumptions here or go with what you think is right. Instead actually seek people out and understand their real tastes and needs. If you're still unsure contact an agent who can chat to a network of prospective buyers.

Interior Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2016

Interior design trends come and go, but these new 2016 style ideas look incredibly promising! Through this article we'll teach you how tell if they'll suit your home's overall design, how they should be executed and most of all how to improve the look and feel of your home. So keep on reading to find out how to make your home feel the most comfortable and welcoming it's ever been!


Opt for More Subtle Colour Choices

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="632"] Source:[/caption]

Vivid colours can be distracting and make it difficult to truly relax. Therefore this year, colour schemes are all about using neutral and earth-toned hues. This will help you get your home in tune with nature, helping you instil a calm and tranquil aura. To match these tones also try and incorporate some wood detailing or furniture to further continue theme of nature and peace.


Bring Outdoor Furniture Inside

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="553"] Source:[/caption]

The major advantage of bringing outdoor furniture inside is the rustic and charming style associated with those pieces. You may find the perfect material and design to suit your earthy indoor look. Secondly the furniture is much more resilient to wear and tear and hence will last you way longer and look way better for an extended period of time.


Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="497"] Source:[/caption]

The main purpose of multipurpose furniture is not simply to act as a storage unit, but to accentuate functionality. Classic options include couches or sofas or coffee tables with hidden storage compartments.

Secondly they can be used in design. Surprisingly enough some of these furniture pieces may be exactly what your room needs to look amazing! They could also be used to separate an open plan layout into smaller sections so you have clear borders, or simply as an eye-catching centrepiece.


Try Neo-Industrialism 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="634"] Source:[/caption]

Although it can seem a little harsh at first glance, the neo-industrial look is very simple and brings many hidden charms. It's all about mixing up tough, industrial elements with softer tones to deliver a specific and refined look. So give this trend a shot as it is bound to spruce up any room you use it in!


Build a Family-Sized Living Room

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Source:[/caption]

A living room should be a place where you can sit down and relax with your whole family. For this reason in 2016 we've seen a swing in trends toward large, open living rooms designed to bring everyone together. In these rooms you should also aim to cut out any unnecessary technology, and focus only on creation of a comforting and laid back space.



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="367"] Source:[/caption]

Everyone wants a little luxury in their home, but the obvious problem is that not everyone can afford it! Luckily for you in 2016 luxurious items at just a fraction of the cost are on trend!

For example, say you want to spice up your floors with a little marble here or there. Undoubtedly you'll find the price tag attached a little daunting. Instead try opting for a cheaper alternative that'll give you the same look and feel such as Geostone polished floors! In comparison to marble you get more options regarding colour, shape and size, making this a worthy substitution.

Other faux-luxury items you might wish to indulge in include a small chandelier or pendant downlight instead of the real deal.


So now you've heard about the top new interior design trends in 2016 it's time to choose the ones you like the most, and then put your own personal spin on them! Remember not all of the trends will suit your home, and hence you should take time to decide what your house really needs. Finally keep your eyes peeled for any other funky new trends that might fly around the corner!

Garage Dangers: An Ounce of Prevention

The garage is a pretty benign space most of the time: we park our cars and bicycles and store our tools, toys and extra items. However, garage accidents occur more frequently than you might think, and when they do, they can cause severe injury and potentially death. So what are the most frequent injuries and deaths occurring, and how can we prevent these?



Leading Residential Garage Injuries and Deathsgarage_organization_system_springfield_mo

  • Injury or death when moving garage door strikes person

  • Fingers crushed when caught in between panels of door

  • Injury or death when garage door spring fails

  • Carbon monoxide poising when vehicle or power equipment is left running

  • Injury when falling over clutter or slick fluids on garage floor

  • Fire hazard when spilling petrol onto hot engine

Suddenly the garage doesn't seem so benign, does it? Although lucky for you staying safe in your garage can be as simple as taking the necessary safety precautions.


 Avoiding Garage Door Issues 


  • Place the garage door button out of reach of small children and keep the remote in a safe place too.

  • Never close a garage door by pulling down on a panel edge, and teach children not to do it either

  • Consider purchasing a premium garage door that features finger-safe panels

  • Leave repair of garage door springs and cables to professionals as they can be under very high tension, and cause severe injury or death if they break


Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Related Issues

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="645"] Source:[/caption]

  • Never run a car in a closed garage. .

  • Do not use a remote car in order to prevent accidental starting of car.

  • Keep a tool such as a resqme or resqhammer nearby to be able to break a car window should you find someone locked inside a running car inside the garage.

  • If you do find a vehicle running in close garage open the garage door and call for emergency help.


Slipping and Tripping Hazards

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="670"] Source:[/caption]

  • Install some overhead storage or use hanging hooks to keep things off the ground.

  • Clean up any spills and leaks promptly

  • Install bright LED lighting for navigating the garage in the dark


Fire Hazards

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="662"] Source:[/caption]

  • Allow engine to cool before filling with fuel

  • Don’t store fuel near open flames or on a gas water heater

  • Don’t smoke whilst working with petrol or other flammable liquid

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the garage, keep it freshly charged and know how to use it


Overall the garage doesn’t have to be a dangerous place for you and your children. All of the garage safety tips here are common sense. Put them into practice, model them for your kids and encourage them to follow your rules. Install a garage door with the best safety features, and the necessary safety items at the ready. When you do, you will stay on the right side of safety statistics, and be able to enjoy your garage without harm.

Less is more – Why Minimalist Home Design is Good for You

The last thing you need when you come home from a hard day's work is to be greeted by mess and clutter. Therefore so many people are yearning for a simpler, less complicated way and life, and hence it is no coincidence that minimalist home design is the forefront of current architectural trends. The basis of minimalist interior design is to rid your home of clutter by removing unnecessary and superfluous items from your living space. Apart from the indubitable and timeless aesthetic appeal, there are many other advantages of minimalist home design. Keep reading to find out more...



Simplicity Grabs Attention

A minimalistic room unburdened by excessive furniture leaves ample space for the eye to appreciate the architecture and form. For example galleries and museums use negative space to draw attention to display pieces, and this same technique can be used very effectively in your own home. 

Modern Minimalist Living Room Design13

By simply putting a visually appealing piece of furniture in the centre of an uncluttered space you can transform it from merely a utilitarian object into the centrepiece of the room. Secondly the use of matte finishes is a popular trend at the moment, and is a great way of drawing attention to elements such as light fixtures, whilst still keeping design simple and clean.


Minimalism Is Calming

Researchers around the globe are increasingly studying how the space you in which you live impacts your mood. This has led to the emergence of a new and exciting field of study called neuro-architecture. Essentially this field confirms that a minimalist approach to living has a calming influence on people. 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="438"] Source:[/caption]

Essentially removing clutter from your living space allows you to get rid of unnecessary distractions, and hence can help you to concentrate and channel your creativity. To further create a calming atmosphere try incorporating natural elements into your design such as textured timbers. Lighting also plays a crucial role in creating ambiance, and LED technology enables you to have energy efficient lighting to fit any mood you desire.


Minimalism Is Practical


A cluttered home will almost undoubtedly collect dust and become an absolute nightmare to clean. Although you might be sad to say goodbye to all those extra pillows and knickknacks, you'll gain the distinct advantage of reducing the amount of dust and allergens present in your home. Also without the excess objects and lack of high maintenance surfaces to clean, a quick vacuum and wipe down is all you need to keep a minimalist home spick and span.


Minimalism Is Thrifty

Minimalist design can also be cheaper than other design alternatives. In selecting only a few durable and high quality furniture pieces you are overall saving money in the long run. The same applies to building materials that are hardwearing and durable.

Overall the minimalist aesthetic stands the test of time much better than other approaches. Light and airy colours and designs have a timeless appeal, ensuring you will not have to repaint or remodel in order to keep up with trends. If you want to spruce up a minimalist space, it can be as cheap and simple as adding a strip of textured colourful wallpaper; no need for an in depth makeover.


Overall minimalism is a fine balancing act. You've got to be careful not to go too far not to end up making the space too frugal for comfort. To get the maximum out of your living space, it is important to choose every piece of furniture carefully, bearing in mind both functionality and aesthetics. At first glance, the minimalist approach may seem daunting and limiting, but striving for functional and clean simplicity can be highly liberating and rewarding.

When Is the Right Time to Renovate?

Choosing to renovate your home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. But before you hit the ground running it's likely that you'll ask yourself 'when is the right time to renovate'? Essentially there are three major factors to consider when making your decision. Keep reading to find out more...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="734"] Source:[/caption]


Factor 1: Affordabilityrenovation-budget-morgage-interest-borrow

You might have spent months pouring over your Pinterest renovation inspiration boards, but in all honesty there is no point in dreaming big if you don't have the money. So put simply you should only renovate when you can afford it.

We know, it is easy to get carried away with ideas - "what if we just extended this room a little further" or "what if we added a set of folding doors here?" - but you've just got to remember to stick to your budget.

However, if you're seeking to make some improvements for the purpose of increasing the sale value of the property it might be worth taking out a loan. Caution: only endeavour to do this if you are absolutely certain you will make the money back.


Factor 2: Seasonality

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If you're wishing to save money renovating over the Christmas period might be the answer to your prayers. Typically December and early January are the slowest times for contractors so if they're looking to pick up some last minute work they may drop their prices, allowing you to bag a better deal.

So remember peak times bring peak prices, so always try to opt for quieter time periods.


Factor 3: Timing

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Only renovate when you have time to. No matter how competent your contractor is you're always going to be needed for various tasks e.g. co-ordinating access to the property, selecting paint colours or even running around to pick up fixtures and materials. Overall renovating can be a huge time sponge.

Of course, you don't have to do everything at once. You might opt to split the project up into more manageable chunks, and complete a bit every few months.


Overall when you weigh up the inconvenience of having to live in a partially renovated home or move out altogether against the brilliance of a newly renovated house you'll find that the latter will triumph every single time. So take the time to decide when you should renovate and then go for it!