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How to Nail Your Rustic Inspired Renovation

Are you looking to renovate your home to embrace the rustic trend? Whether you want to add more charm and character to your home or become more environmentally friendly in your decor choices, we have several tips designed to help you nail your rustic inspired renovation.

1. It’s all about the woodwork

Rustic-inspired home renovations tend to require more attention to the installation of wooden features from unique custom woodwork furniture to full patio or porch builds. If you have carpet or tile flooring, the first step would be to remove other types of flooring and replace it with hardwood flooring. Darker woods like Engineered European Oak Floorboards tend to look best in a rustic home. Wooden flooring adds character to a home and contributes to a country cabin-style interior design. The installation of wooden kitchen cabinets also contributes to a charming rural home. Add woodwork in every room in the home in as many creative ways you can think of. When it comes to a  rustic renovation, the rule is that you can never have ‘too much’ woodwork. The installation of wood pallets applied to walls will up your rustic atmosphere tremendously. If you are sticking to a  renovation budget that doesn’t allow for a full installation, installing one accent wall with a beautiful woodwork design does the trick.

2. Nail DIY woodworking projects

If you are sticking to a renovation budget as most of us are, there are many opportunities for DIY  woodworking projects for the rustic home. Many lumber suppliers offer incredible wood pieces for extremely affordable rates. Many of these suppliers can be found at local mountain markets selling their materials. A big wood slab to create a beautiful kitchen or coffee table top typically runs you about $80.00AUD at a local market supplier. A set of four small, thin log stumps used for coasters typically runs you about $25.00AUD at a local market supplier. You can stain and glaze these items yourself with materials found at a local trades store to create unique, one-of-a-kind woodwork household furniture and decor staples.

3. Hire a talented carpentry professional

For the bigger, more complex woodworking jobs, it is wise to hire a professional carpenter. A  professional carpenter typically charges an hourly rate of $45.00AUD to $60.00AUD per hour not including travel or other project-specific materials. Carpenter jobs are vast, can range from simple to extremely complex and are mainly to construct, install and repair structures made of wood and other materials. Carpentry is an extremely versatile profession from being responsible for a patio build on the side of your home to a trendy woodwork custom furniture piece. In order to find the right carpentry professional for the job, make sure to review their previously completed projects and get multiple quotes from different professionals in the trade.

4. Nature inspired home decor

Look to nature to inspire all of your interior home decors. The idea is to bring the outdoors inside your home. This includes plant, fire and of course wood elements. Baby’s breath, sunflowers and lots of greenery contribute to a country-inspired home interior.

Using a unique log centrepiece on your main dining table and wooden candle holders on side tables will bring more nature inside.  Using nature-inspired home decor not only contributes to a rustic home atmosphere but also contributes to your wellbeing the same way walking in nature tends to. Wooden tools in the kitchen not only contribute to your new reno, but also have added benefits such as longevity, non-scratch,  heat resistant, and are more eco-friendly.

5. Cosy elements

Nothing compliments a rustic style home interior design more than a Canadian-style free-standing wood burning stove fireplace. The more antique and vintage-looking, the better. A full wood stove installation can cost up to $3000.00AUD and the stove itself typically costs $1000.00AUD to  $2000.00AUD. We recommend buying the cast iron wood heater online and getting it installed later.  Exposed brick installation behind the wood stove creates a trendy cosy feel that will put the cherry on top of your rustic home renovation. You can purchase bricks that are cut in halves to be more cost-effective with the same look achieved. Candles and fleece throws are another way to cause feelings of relaxation and comfort within the space. Brown faux leather furniture also contributes to a cost-effective yet elegant element to add to the rustic theme. Cosy and unique elements are important features of homes that nail a rustic renovation.

*All the costs quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are to be used as an  AUD cost guide and may vary locally, and are subject to market changes.

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