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Blue and White Decor .....Ahhhh the Serenity!!

You simply can't go wrong with blue and white decor - it's traditional, crisp, and clean... Blue is considered one of the most universally popular colours associated with, calmness, serenity, loyalty, protection, blue skies and seas. It is also one of the leading trend colour schemes of 2014. Here are some ideas to incorporate a blue and white colour scheme in your home.


Blue and white is a 2014 colour trend, so why not incorporate it into your home.


BLUE AND WHITE TILE A little bit of blue and white tile is okay, but be careful not to over commit yourself as tiles are not an easy thing to remove if you don't like it. If unsure, stick to a light neutral colour such as white, cream, or sand for your tile. Using blue as an accent colour in your kitchen is a delightful fresh and clean look, and can be removed very easily if you tire of it.


PAINTED FLOOR A gorgeous baby blue painted floor really lifts this entire kitchen. Using an accent colour such as yellow or orange makes the room look oh so fresh, clean and inviting. Here we have injected a splash of yellow with a simple jug of freshly cut sunflowers.


KITCHEN DINING This eating space is a great example of how much energy and brightness  blue can bring to a room. From the bright royal blue wall panelling to the blue light fixture, to the painted blue table, this room is all about the the crisp fresh power of blue.


FORMAL DINING For a more formal look, you can't go wrong with navy. This small dining space by Sarah Richardson ties the navy in the dining chairs with the pottery on the shelves, and complements the cream tones throughout beautifully.


MODERN APPROACH A modern punch of colour! Think outside the box when it comes to your upholstered furniture by opting for a bold colour like these stunning blue mid-century modern dining chairs. Avoid having dark surfaces in blue rooms, especially on the floors. Blue is a dominant colour and absorbs the light. A light natural wood or a cream or white surface works best.


BLUE ACCENTS Here we have essentially a neutral room, beautifully adorned with blue and white accents.  Blue looks great with a neutral palette so combine it with cream, beige, bone or sand. 


OCEAN INSPIRED The key colours for an ocean inspired room are white and blue. The white should be a crisp color that accents the space with its openness. The blue should be a shade that is reflective of the ocean or of a crystal clear blue sky. A light tan or natural wood grain is also a good accent colour and perfect for the floor covering. Use all of these colors liberally throughout the space.


BLUE COTTAGE BEDROOM Blue is a calming, serene colour and is great for use in bedrooms. Notice that the quilts on the beds do not match, they only need to be of the same blue colour group to tie the room together.


A DASH OF BLUE Although this vintage-inspired bedroom is predominantly white, the touches of blue throughout keep it from looking stark. 


WARM IT UP depending on the natural light in the room and its aspect, blue can look cold and therefore be unwelcoming. By adding the warm tone of mustard gold, we have created a very cosy and sophisticated looking bedroom.


 A DASH OF YELLOW In this breezy ocean bedroom a dash of yellow has added sunshine and warmth. Yellow is a perfect accent colour for any royal blue or navy and white room.


PAINTED WALLS An easy way to adopt a colour scheme is to simply paint the walls. This can be changed in the future if the pale blue is no longer wanted. The effect of the pale blue and white is serene and breathtaking ant the same time.


WALLPAPERED WASHROOM Last but not least, try using blue and white wallpaper in a small room such as a guest bathroom or small ensuite. The benefit of using wallpaper is the huge variety of decorating options you have. It is also easy to clean and, the patterns on the paper will help hide dirt and smudges. You can even vary the way the wallpaper is placed in the room, here we have wallpaper on half of the walls with a border at the chair-rail length, thus giving the room a timeless look.

How to Create a Cosy Book Nook

Very few people can afford the luxury of a library, however a reading corner or a book nook can quite happily serve the same purpose. A book nook should be a quiet place where anyone can read a book without the distraction of a television or noise. It is also a way to entice children to read. Here are some simple ideas to help you create your own little reading area. 


HALLWAY Utilise a quiet hallway or balcony to create a very simple and functional reading corner. A bookcase is an obvious must, but by adding a big comfy armchair and an area rug to define the space, you have made a very pleasant little space to read. A nice foot stool adds more comfort, topped with a cosy throw to put over your legs. The free standing lamp is also advisable for any extra light that may be needed to read by, with a little side table to rest your cup of tea or current novel.

Book-nook-under-white-stairsUNDER THE STAIRS A clever solution to space saving is utilizing the area you have under the stairs. Here we a custom book case, however you could quite easily create a custom look by using some shelving that can be versatile. I stack the books to fill the gaps. For more information on how to arrange a bookcase see Bookshelf Decorating. In addition I would add at least one armchair, stool, side table and lamp in front of the shelving, or even a couple of nice bean bags for someone to seat on and read.


QUIET CORNER Often a house will have a quiet corner that is not being utilised. The little corner in the picture above is now a cosy and functional book nook with an inbuilt bookshelf and a wooden bench seat that doubles as an extra storage box. Piled with comfy coordinated cushions and a custom sized seat pad, this a a very inviting little space to curl up with a good book and a cuppa or a glass of wine!

book-nook-day-bed  FUNCTIONAL DAYBED is another very cool option, with surrounding inbuilt bookshelves. Piled high with cushions atop a decent mattress, awaits a very cosy little book nook that would be a very functional reading space for both kids and adults. An added bonus is the inbuilt drawers at the bottom of the daybed, another storage place to tuck away your bits n pieces.


ALCOVE WITH CURTAINS  Another daybed idea, but this time with the privacy of some lovely curtains. This is a fun way to curl up with a book, and be hidden from others.


UNDER STAIR SHELVING If you are really short of space try putting a bookshelf on the underside of your stairs. By simply adding an armchair and some cushion, you have developed a nice little reading nook.


IN THE CUPBOARD Have you got a spare cupboard that is not being properly utilized? Why not turn it into a reading space? By taking off the doors and adding some shelving and a built in seat with cushions, you have the cutest and coziest of all book nooks.


PLATE RACK Inspire young children to read by simply displaying their favourite books in a plate rack that is positioned on the wall at a child friendly height. A couple of woven baskets can hold extra books that can be changed out of the rack regularly. Once again define the space with a rug and spread some comfy cushions for the children to sit on.


TENT It is not always easy to get children interested in reading, however by introducing a fun element such as a tee-pee, a tent, or any kind of cubby house, you are sure to get them interested. As a tip, remember to pick a corner that is reasonably quiet and free of distractions. Fill it with books, irresistible cushions and a soft sheepskin rug or cosy blanket.

Moving for Newbies: Common Problems and How to Resolve

Moving into a new home is never easy for anyone. The excitement of starting out in a new place coupled with the stress of thinking of the one hundred things on your to-do-list makes it a very tumultuous time. Among all of the many things that you need to do, you can never expect that everything is going to go smoothly. Unexpected home moving issues do arise, and when they do you should be prepared to handle them the best way that you can. To make things easier for you, below are some home moving problems that often arise and how you can best resolve them.

Not Insuring Your Move

Moving involves a lot of issues, but one very common one is realizing that you also need to safely transport valuable items that you own. Rather than take the chance that the item will become damaged, you should always make sure that your costly valuables are insured. Spending a bit extra and taking the time to insure items like your grandmother's dining room table or that big screen television can save you anger, stress, and money in repairs later on.

moving home 2

Packing Organization Issues

Packing comes with an array of issues, but one very inconvenient one is figuring out how to pack your items in an organized manner for the big move. This problem is especially prominent with kitchen items, especially cutlery and spices.

Organising packing can be extremely complicated if you own a lot of small items. However there is a way to make this process far less stressful - creating a checklist and being organised before you start the actual packing. Although you may be tempted to skip this step since it seems like it might just be a big waste of time, making a checklist will actually help you with at least two things - speeding up the packing process, and also keeping you from procrastinating on packing - you’ll know exactly what to do and in what order you want to do it. You can either create one checklist for each room, or you can organise the checklist by item types.

To reduce the time it takes to pack your items and to even be more organized during your more and afterwards, the Renovator Store has come up with a solution. Rather than wait to organize your items after you box them away, you can simply store your kitchen items in storage products. For example, you can pack an already organised kitchen drawer organiser or set your spices in a spice rack and wrap them up well before putting in the box. You also do not want to forget to label each and every box so unpacking does not become difficult.

moving truck

Reliable Transportation for Your Valuables

Another problem that occurs when moving to a new home or apartment is that it can be very difficult to find reliable transportation for your home's items. Renting a moving truck and doing the job on your own is extremely difficult, and time consuming. Also, because you are not a professional, you are more prone to damaging and breaking items. The solution to this problem is to find a reliable home moving company. Choose a moving service that provides you with not only quality service, but value for your money. You also want to consider professionals that have experience and are truly willing to help you have a pleasant moving experience.

The next time you plan on moving, consider the above steps to make the process far less stressful and more enjoyable. Unexpected problems always arise, but that does not mean that they cannot be well managed. So regardless of bad weather, the lack of essentials in a new home, tight space, and reluctant children, you can still manage to make moving a positive and smooth process.

Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Pleasing teenagers is not an easy task at the best of times, so decorating their bedrooms can be challenging. Provide the basic essentials which is a bed, a desk, and storage, yet go that one step further and turn their room into their pad!! Taking into account their personality and their passions, here are some great decorating ideas that are sure to please your teenager.

teenage room with mural

A super cool teenage boys room with the use of a photographic mural of an exotic beach, blended with some rustic weather beaten furniture. Needless to say that the essential bed and desk is provided.

Teenage bedroom with colour and storage

Here is an idea for a teenage girl, focus on her favourite colour and paint the walls, if she gets sick of it just repaint. The paper lanterns look great hung at different levels to add interest to the room. I love the fact that the bed functions as a day bed as well as a pull out spare bed for those teenage girl sleepovers.

Below is a themed Bob Marley teenage bedroom with the emphasis on music. Once again the use of a wall mural has added huge interest to the space, and because the mural is illustrated in muted greys, the colour scheme can go in any direction that you want it to. In this case the uniquely coloured bed spread coordinated with some brightly coloured cushions looks fresh and fantastic.

teenage bob marley bedroom

Below is a teenage girl's bedroom that has been themed on her love for Paris. There are many super cute wallpaper options available, just be careful with your choice as its not so easy to change. Another clever design element is the monochrome use of black and white, meaning that the pink accent colour can be simply swapped for another colour if so desired.

teenage girl paris bedroom

Below we have a teenage boys room that has a surfer theme. It is very tastefully coordinated with brown, white and hints of orange. The use of an old surf board adds character to the bedroom. My favourite feature is the functional bookshelves that flank the bed on either side, providing much needed storage and creating a  custom made feeling.

teenage surfer bedroom

This teenage girl's bedroom also has a custom made feel because of the cabinetry that has been built around the bed head. This cabinetry is not only a smart storage solution, but it looks great, and gives it a cosy hideaway feel. The wall colour is a smart neutral choice, allowing the colour scheme to be simply altered by changing the quilt. Another feature to be noted is that the bed has inbuilt drawers, another great storage solution and smart use of a small space.

teenage bedroom with cabinetry

Below we have more of a tween boy's room, themed on his favourite sport, soccer. It is a very simple yet cleverly decorated, by hanging some soccer balls from the ceiling and making a personalised notice board. The trick is this bedroom can change as the boy grows.

teenage soccer bedroom

Such a cool bedroom for a teenage girl!! She doesn't have a lot of space yet it oozes with her personality, and it is inexpensive to create. Once again a neutral paint colour has been used, and she has decorated her walls with her own home made collage of photos. Other posters that flank the walls are cleverly arranged, with the accent colours of pink, black and green being repeated throughout the space. Last but not least is the lighting, a strand of plain Christmas lights hung around the room is the icing on the cake. A magical and very cool bedroom for a teenage girl to hang out in.

teenage photos bedroom

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Furniture

When it comes to buying furniture, everyone tries to strike the best deals. But for this, you should first do some homework. Whether you’re purchasing regular furniture or office furniture, you should take care of certain things before investing. A wrong decision will not only give you poor quality products, but will also result in additional investments for repairing in future.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Furniture

To save yourself from additional hassles, go through the following five things that you should keep in your mind before purchasing furniture.

1. Take Proper Measurements

Most of you must have heard this thing too many times. Surprisingly, there are many people who miss out on this one. Taking measurements of the accommodating space won’t take you an entire day. A few minutes will do. You can either use a painter’s tape for this work or you can also use large pieces of cardboards and cut them to scale. This will help you to be more specific.

You can also find some good thumb rules while considering measurements for furniture. For example, while buying dining tables, remember that a six feet table will be enough to seat six people and a ten feet table can accommodate ten people.

2. Quality Always Matters

Furniture is not a product that you’ll buy every month. Hence, it is very important that when you purchase it, you go for quality. This might mean that you won’t be able to buy all your desired furniture pieces at one go. But you can certainly buy one at a time. For example, after purchasing chic, sturdy dining table, wait for few months to get your dream sofa for your living room. 

Purchasing quality furniture offers some clear-cut benefits. First of all, it will go easy on maintenance costs. Also, it can be passed down to your next generation. It is better to go slow and have pieces that will last long rather than assembling wrong ones that will need replacement in few months.

3.  Bring Samples Home if Possible

While choosing furniture, most of us like to go for pieces that will blend nicely with the background of the interiors. But you might not be able to select a get a perfect match as it is not possible to remember each and every corner of your room. Therefore, try to bring samples of fabrics, patterns or floorings from the store.

If possible, try to bring a table leaf or shelf as sample in your home. By bringing samples home, you’ll be able to select the right colours and designs, and will be able to make more precise selection.

4. Don’t Scuttle

Furniture shop isn’t a bus stop where people will pressurize you to hurry. So there’s no need to scuttle. Take your time and clear off all your queries before purchasing. Don’t become impulsive and most importantly, beware of love-at-first-sight samples. Since you’ll be carrying dimensions, make sure to match those with the samples. Don’t hesitate to take assistance of store staff as they’ll be able to show you the finest pieces within your budget.

5. Go for Neutral Colours

Choosing colours for furniture can give headaches. When you’re confounded, go for neutral colours. Also, get the notion out of your mind that neutral colors are boring. In fact, these colours can blend quite neatly with different themes. However, if you still feel like something is missing, then you can go for mix-and-match of accent pieces with neutral coloured furnishings. This will certainly earn you lots of compliments.

6. Budget

Last but not the least, budget forms an important factor for both home as well as commercial and executive furniture. Before fixing the budget, take a look at few stores as that will give you a fair idea on designs that you can afford. It will also help you to determine quality and quantity. When you’ve a fixed budget, it becomes easier to get the best deals.

Furniture variations can range from a simple armchair to a sophisticated office desk. But no matter what you choose, keeping above things in mind will help you to get the best pieces.

Author: Emanate is an Australia based furniture company expert at manufacturing, supply and installation of office furniture’s. Visit their website for more information or call them on (02) 9517 4093

Successful Property Investment Tips. How Not to Overpay

Anyone can have a successful property investment. Overpaying for a property is the surest way to lose money on a property investment. No matter how great and excellent your renovations are, an over-capitalised property becomes increasingly hard to profit from.

Here are some key tips to buying a property at the right price.

Know what properties are worth

Knowing the current value of properties in your desired location lets you quickly know when a bargain comes along or when a property is overpriced.

OPen Home paper

Spending time attending open for inspections and auctions in suburbs you want to buy in will help you get an on the ground feel for pricing and values. You will also gain an understanding of who your competition is and the quality of houses in your location.

Property value is all about buyer demand. What features are people looking for in that area and what properties sell faster and for a higher price?  Understanding the property dynamics in your area will help you find the value spots. The best property investments are generally those which require renovations to bring them up to standard. You need to have a clear view on the cost to renovate a home and the price that home could achieve if it was renovated. If cost to buy plus renovation is less than the expected future sale price, then you have probably found a good property investment. 

Find out the Seller's Motivation.

Knowing why the seller is selling allows you to meet the their needs. Reasons may include financial or might be because the seller needs to move quickly. Knowing the reason behind the sale lets you structure your offer to fulfill those needs.

Offering Low

Don't forget that the vendor is a person with real emotions, so never submit an offensively low offer. If you make a low offer, give a logical reason why you think your offer is fair. Do not insult the agent by handing over a list of comparable sales. Instead, make notations on each sale that compares it to the subject property. Maybe the higher priced homes had remodelled kitchens, or a pool, or a better aspect.  If the home you want to buy is not updated, then include a realistic discount that reflects the remodelling work that's required.



Make your terms flexible to give room for your vendor to move. Negotiating demands that work entirely in your favour is a definite no. Work towards a win-win situation. For instance, a deposit that could be given back upon settlement of the property can make both parties comfortable to go on with the deal.

Remember that price isn't always the only factor. There are a few other things to ask that could be highly beneficial to you or the seller.

Extended settlements

30, 60 or even 90 days settlements are normal and may give you extra time to get a start on planning any renovations.

Minimal deposit.

Why pay 10% if you could pay 5%.  See what opportunity there is to negotiate the deposit. A lower deposit means your money stays in the bank longer earning interest or if you need to borrow you will be paying less interest.

Immediate access

You could potentially start, and maybe even finish renovations before settlement of the property by having immediate access. This is highly ideal for house flipping or the BUY-RENOVATE-SELL investments.


Always submit your offer in writing. Verbal offers gives no legal obligation for the property agent to submit your offer to a vendor. Have a date stamp on your offer and indicate when the offer expires. Try submitting multiple offers. For example, an offer with a lower price that has no conditions, then another full price offer with terms and conditions, plus maybe a third meeting halfway between the two in price and conditions.

property worth

The first step to renovating for profit is always purchase at the right price. Remember to be professional and keep your emotions out of your property deals.

Choosing the right Taps for your Home

There is one fixture in your home that is perhaps more important than any other…Your tap.

Taps are always in use and are on display in so many rooms in your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom - to the garage and laundry, the kind of tap you have can affect the way you go about your daily routine.

Taps are important and getting the right tap is about choosing the right design and function at a reasonable price. Here's a guide to choosing the right taps for your home
steel kitchen taps

The key feature of any tap is that it should quickly dispense the right amount of water, at the right temperature with limited water wastage in that process.

Style and Function

washing dishes

Taps now come in an array of stylish and modern designs. Consider the style that you are going for - contemporary or traditional? A kitchen tap needs to have the right height to get all manner of pots and pans underneath to fill or be cleaned. Certain tap designs can swivel so they can be used in dual sinks; others pull out to be used as a hose for washing dishes. Make sure your taps are easy to clean. Brass taps may look good, but are more difficult to keep clean whereas chrome or steel are generally easier to keep clean, especially if they have a 'brushed' finished.


trendys kitchen

Some taps are simply made better than others with higher quality materials such as solid brass or stainless steel. These materials provide a superior look, performance and durability. While you may pay more for a quality tap, you're likely to receive more value for your money as a result of longer, more reliable and trouble-free service. Check how many moving parts are within the tap system, and try turning it on and off. Make sure the parts are made by certified manufacturers. Does it feel solid and durable… or do you think the moving parts will come loose over time?

Vital details

33_61_7126_13S_explosive_drawingWhen purchasing your tapware ask yourself - Is it easy to get replacement parts? Can I replace parts myself? Where is it made? What type of warranty? How long has this model been made? Does the manufacturer stand behind their products if faults occur?

Paying more doesn't always mean you'll get a better value, but generally, a more expensive tap (just like a more expensive automobile) does give better and longer service. We recommend that you shop around once you know the exact brand and model that you want. Remember buying online can save you $$$ as you are not paying retail margins in your prices.

5 Insulation Materials of Tomorrow

Home insulators manage the temperature inside the house. Effective temperature control will reduce the use of cooling devices like air conditioners and electric fans in summer or heating devices during winter which is important to reduce utility bills.

The more effective your insulator is, the less electricity you consume.

Insulating materials can enhance your home design.

Importance of Knowing the R-value of Materials

R-value is the ability of an insulating material to resist heat flow or simply called thermal resistance. Calculating the R-value of a type of insulator means adding all the R-values of the materials you use.

Reduce Heat and Add Beauty

Sometimes a combination of different materials is not only more effective in reducing the heat in the house but also adds to the overall beauty of the façade. Modern materials are now less bulky, more durable and at the same time more appealing to the eyes.

Choose your Home Insulators


A highly durable material with a high R-value ranging from 11-38. This insulation is usually found in walls, floors, air ducts and pipes. Fiberglass is fibrous and consists of sand and recycled glass making it non-combustible. It can either be in blanket form or loose form because it can be formed in batts or rolls of various sizes and thickness. This material does not absorb water or any type of moisture so it is able to retain its R-value.

Conventional materials like wool, cellulose(newspaper) are cheap insulators but are not water-resistant but are still commonly used because these are relatively cheap. Although chemicals may be added to make it resist moisture or fire, it is not as effective as fiberglass. When these materials get wet, their R-values go down meaning they are rendered useless. Both conventional materials and fiberglass are considered the cheapest among other insulators.


A kind of plastic insulating material that has an R-value of 5-8. It comes in liquid or rigid foam board. You may use panels to cover your walls or if you want to retain your home design, then you should use the spray or liquid form.


A clear thermoplastic material that can come in foam boards, concrete block or loose form. The loose form looks like beads and is used to fill in irregular spaces. However, the beads can come out even in small holes making it difficult to control. This material can resist moisture, moulds and mildew, rot, corrosion and in combination with an adequate drainage system, probably is the most cost-efficient solution in the long run.


A plastic that comes in liquid form and it's the material of choice for most of seashore home builders, often used on roofs, walls, ceilings and basements. It is sprayed on any material and it becomes fairly rigid yet soft to touch. This insulator can resist moisture making it retain its high R-value.

The last 3 materials discussed cost higher than fiberglass and other conventional insulators but they can be sprayed on any part of your home. Although they cost more, they can become more cost-efficient in the long run because they can last for years.

Can you still have romance during a renovation?

With Valentines Day around the corner, renovating your home may seem like a mundane process that would involve nothing romantic or glamorous.

So, can you still have romance during a renovation?

Here are some potential romantic tips to spice up your renovation as Valentines Day approaches.

Create a picture collage of your dream home

Happy couple with paintbrushesPlanning the renovation together and creating a combined imaginary dream home will help avoid future disagreements.
Set up a Pinterest account or as we did before computers buy a 'pin-board' and pin  renovation ideas, photos or sketches on it.

List all the features that you would like in this dream home and be clear on the amount you are both prepared to spend.  Understand that both of you will have different ideas and you will both need to agree at some stage 'what's in' and 'what's out'. The creation of an imaginary dream home is certainly a way to bring you both together - imagine walk in robes, state of the art kitchen, workshop, fireplace, cinema room, yoga room, pool, spa, sauna, steam room, games room, individual studies and so on.

Work together

Plan togetherHard work, savings and achieving goals together definitely strengthens relationships. Start making decisions about your renovation and choose your contractors.

Research your ideas and discover discounts and savings. The more research you do online will uncover new products and ideas you haven't thought of before. Share together these ideas and the savings you uncover.

As the renovation progresses, remember to take a moment to reflect on what you've achieved together and what you are creating.

Make a game of it

2014-02-04_1343Painting and sanding for hours isn't likely to be fun or  romantic for anyone. But during times that you just really have to do it, make a game of it with your partner to pass the time.

Race to see who can paint their wall first or decide who is the neatest painter. Learn new skills together and share the experiences you have.

Romantic dinners

While your furniture-free, semi-roofless. A non - functioning kitchen and makeshift diner tables might not seem like the most romantic location.

dinner at home

Instead of sulking,  make the most of the chaos and have fun. You now have an excuse to order takeaway, grab a bottle of wine, some tea light candles and spend the night eating picnic style in a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner.

February is often called the month of love. If you think love and romance with your partner never mixes with a renovation project, think again!

Happy Renovating!

How to Turn Your Garage into Mini Gym

Those who love exercises will admit that it is one of the most enjoyable activities to do, especially in one's free time. Time is also scarce and finding going to a gym which is not within your reach can be cumbersome sometimes. This is one of the reasons why you need to turn your garage into a mini gym.

You get to focus not only your body but your mind too, and if you go all the way your spirit too. Unfortunately, it is also one of the daily activities that face most obstacles. Well, there is the gym fee for starters, the commute to and from the gym and the congestion which is the origin of other discomforts like noise and sweat stench. Nevertheless, one has to work out for a stronger, fitter, and healthier body, not forgetting keeping the wrinkles at bay. Well, there is a way you can kill both birds with one stone, making your very own mini gym behind your garage doors in Melbourne
diy mini gym

Getting your garage ready

Have you ever wondered how many things in your garage are really important? Chances are there are only two important things, the car, and toolbox. It may be time to get rid of the useless staff to make room for your working out equipment. You will be surprised by the amount of space you will have freed. If you garage is big enough, depending on the number and size of equipment you wish to bring in, you can still have room for the car, otherwise, there is street parking. Next step is digging in to your pocket and making one very good investment, buying the equipment.

Necessary equipment

The equipment you will buy will largely depend on the parts of your body you focus your exercises to. However, there are several equipments that every gym should have. As such, you should include the following in your shopping list.

Weight plates - the weight will depend on your lifting capacity, but a little heavier is a wise idea. A bench goes without saying.

Fast lifts – most people do not know it but the shoes you wear may affect your gym session, and were to wear comfortable fast lifts, you would not want to walk in to a gym without them ever again.

A dead ball – the good thing about this ball is that it will not bounce around owing to its weight. Furthermore, it is not only a weight that you can use for lifting; it can support other exercises like lunges and squats among others.

You will also probably want to get comfortable earphones if you like some music while working out so as not to disturb the rest of the occupants.

With time and depending on your preferences, you may add some more equipment, maybe put in some mirrors, lights and timber floor. In the meanwhile, these should do just fine. The equipment will cost you some money, but consider how much you pay and how long it will last. Besides, no more limitations, it is your gym now. Think about it, you get home, run some errands, go to your mini gym, and work out for as long as you wish, take a shower, and do whatever you want after, all in one place. Quite smooth, isn’t it?