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How to Install a Floor-Standing Bath Mixer & Spout

A floor-standing bath mixer best complements a freestanding bath, as together they make a stunning impact in any modern bathroom. This floor-mounted mixer is easier to install than it looks—just follow the guide below and see for yourself how simple it can be!

floor-standing mixer with freestanding bath

Before Installing Your Freestanding Bath Tap

Take note of the following as you prepare to set up that floor-standing mixer:

  • The floor-mounted mixer must be installed by a licensed plumber.

  • Be aware of the mixer’s maximum water temperature and the ideal operating pressure.

  • When cleaning, just wash with soapy water then dry with a soft cloth. Never use solvents, alcohol, chemicals or abrasives that may ruin its surface beyond repair.

The installation procedures below are a general guide. Follow the installation instructions that come with your floor-standing spout, if present.


multi-function floor mounted bath spout matte black finish

Floor-Mounted Spout Installation Tools and Materials

Have the following tools ready:

  • Philips screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Adjustable wrench

  • Hex wrench

The following materials will be useful in installing your freestanding bath tapware:

  • Plumber’s putty

  • Pipe tape

  • Safety goggles

  • Flashlight

  • Cleanup cloth floor-mounted bath spout polished chrome complete package

Steps in Installing a Floor-Standing Bath Mixer & Tap

After preparing the tools and materials that you will need, unpack the mixer set and make sure that all the parts are complete. Now shut off the water supply valves to avoid getting wet and sprayed all over.

A floor-mounted bath spout can be installed with either the concealed under-floor box method or the above-floor connection method. The concealed box method is advisable before the flooring is installed, and has the benefit of a lower profile floor plate, which is preferred. The above-floor method may be done where the first approach is not possible.

Method 1: Concealed Box Installation


diagram and parts of floor standing bath mixer

Let's do this!

Step A: Attach the inlet tube to the faucet by twisting firmly. Twist the straight tube on to the top faucet and make sure it's tight enough to avoid leaks and loosening.

installing a floor standing bath mixer


Step B: Place the concealed box on the ground and use the level to make sure that it is perfectly level with the ground. Screw the concealed box on the ground.

screw plate for installation of floor standing bath mixer

diagram screw conceal box

Step C: Unscrew and remove the plate. Knock out the level from the back of the plate.

Step D: Your licensed plumber installer should connect the source of the hot water and the cold water to the inlet of the concealed box. Wrap the threads on one end of the pipe with pipe tape or Teflon tape, then screw the adapters into the female fittings.


Step E: Screw the plate on the bottom of the faucet base with hex screws, then insert the whole faucet body to the concealed box. Insert the inlet pipe to the hot and cold outlet tubs of the concealed box.

diagram insert faucet to conceal box

Step F: Tighten the plate to the concealed box and place the cover.




conceal box and screw plate for installation of freestanding bath mixer

Step G: Install the hose to the hand shower and the tub filler.

diagram install hose to hand shower

Your floor-standing bath mixer is good to go!

Method 2: Above-Floor Connection

Follow these steps if it is not possible for you to install using the concealed box method.

Steps in Above-Floor Installation of Freestanding Mixer

Step A: Insert the floor escutcheon (3) into the straight tube (4).

conceal box installation of free standing mixer

Step B: Connect the fixing seat (5) to the straight tube (4).

Step C: Tighten on the flexi-hoses (6) to the body (7).

Step D: Lock the straight tube (4) onto the mixer body (7).

Step E: Let your licensed plumber installer connect hot and cold water by attaching the flexi-hoses exiting the bottom of the tube to the water supply outlets under the floor bracket.

connecting the cold water and hot water flexi hoses   screwing the cover plate to the floor

Step F: Fix the unit to the floor using strong fixings through the screw holes in the base. The floor bracket is then covered by the cover plate.

Step G: Connect the hand shower and hose.

That’s it — we’re ready to try it out!

After Installation

After installing your floor-standing bath mixer, check the water flow and function of the tub filler spout and of the hand shower. If there is any leak, make sure that the parts fit tightly together. If there are none, your floor standing bath mixer and spout is ready and you’re good to go for a bath!

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