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Must-ask Questions for Your House Inspection Checklist

Investing in a home is not a lightweight decision. After all, there are several things that come into play and you’re setting aside a huge chunk of money which you’ll want value for.

Melbourne is filled with housing options and making the right selection can be tricky. One of the worst things to happen can be the problem of having to deal with a pest infestation in a house you have recently purchased. Maybe at the time of visiting the house, you never saw any visible signs. However, the main problem lay below the surface or in conditions conducive to the development of a pest infestation.

For those investing in an apartment in Melbourne, you need to conduct a building pest inspection to find out if there are any existing problems anywhere in the building. This is mandatory because if one resident of the building has a pest control and removal problem to deal with it is most likely to spread to other apartments in the building.

For those looking to purchase private homes, it is essential to inspect the foundations of the building and the existing structure to check for any pest or insect infestations.

Pest can be a real hassle depending on which type they are. There are rodents, termites, wasps, cockroaches to name a few. While all the rest can be carriers of diseases termites really are the worst and bring down the entire structure causing your entire investment to go down the drain.

Termite control and removal require treatment by professionals but first requires vigilance and inspection from your side. So here’s a checklist of things to consider when purchasing a home:

Where does the sun come in from:

This is important because not only will it give you the luxury of enjoying natural light within your home, you’ll also be saving on electricity bills. But with regard to pests, most of them prefer to live in the dark so a residence lavished with natural light will probably not have those many problems with pests.

Heating and cooling systems of the home:

Again, this is important because you would want your home’s temperature to be comfortable and not too hot or too cold. Remember to ask your agent about the heating and cooling systems the house already has or will require. This will give you a fair idea of what kind of wiring work you will need to get done.

A well-ventilated house is less likely to attract pests since pests like cockroaches, termites, wasps, ants, etc all require moisture to thrive. You may even want to keep in mind to not have heating and cooling systems with excessive wiring as those, in turn, would garner the attention of rodents, cockroaches, etc.

Plumbing issues:

Plumbing is something that you absolutely cannot afford to compromise upon since broken drains or leaking faucets, rusty pipes, etc are what can cause more than a flood problem in your apartment or home.

Allowing plumbing to deteriorate not only brings on a bigger bill to pay but will also lead to moisture getting trapped in the house which as mentioned above will make your residence to be a paradise for pests.

Cracks, dampness or mould on the walls:

Walls are what protect you within your home from being exposed to harsh weather conditions, etc.

If the walls are weak you can be sure that you aren’t going to feel very much at ease within the house. Cracks, damp patches or mould etc are signs hinting at a plumbing problem. It means that something somewhere has given way and needs fixing.

Cracks can also become entry points for pests and insects to get, while damp patches and moulds, could result in respiratory problems and encourage termites to enter your home.

History of a pest infestation:

This is important and will be information you could get only through a reliable pest control service that conducts a building pest inspection of the place.

It is important so that you know whether there have been infestation or insect problems in the past, the extent of the damage done and whether those matters were thoroughly solved. This point can be a deal breaker or even a price negotiator depending on how bad the report says it to be.


Now just for your peace of mind, it might do good to find out what kind of neighbours you will be living along with. After all, they could easily prove to be problematic right? Even if you don’t plan to personally live in the house you’ll want to acquire this information so that the tenants you give your residence out to don’t have a reason to complain.

One important thing to find out about your neighbours is with regard to whether they’re the quiet and tidy kind. Or else you run the risk of not just having their nose in your business but their pest infestations and insect problems too! These pesky creatures travel to and fro with ease, remember?

Renovation potential:

maybe you will like the way the residence looks or maybe you’ll want to do it up entirely. Enquiring on the potential of this is wise because it will expose the sturdiness of the frame of the place allowing you to know just what you might be able to do as well how good a buy it is from the inside. Hint: if you face too much resistance to this question you may want to conduct a pest inspection to discover whether any under the surface infestations are being concealed!

Finally, it’s good to ask all the questions that will set your mind at ease over the purchase but it is also wise to have the place inspection by a professional so that pests will not later eat into your investment.

About the author:

Muzi Tsolakis heads Protech Pest Control, Melbourne’s preferred pest inspection, and control service. Amongst the various pest treatments, they offer they specialise in termite control and possum removal thanks to their skilled professionals.