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Why Should I Opt for Engineered Floorboards?

On the surface you might find it hard to differentiate between solid wood flooring and engineered floorboards, but in actuality these two products couldn't be more different. Engineered floorboards are cheaper, easier to install, are available in a range of wood types and finishes and most of all look fantastic! Find out more about engineered floorboards below...


What Are Engineered Floorboards?

Engineered floorboards are essentially a timber board consisting of multiple layers. The top layer consists of solid wood, which is usually 2 to 6mm thick. Following this the boards may consist of 1 or 2 more layers: potentially plywood, or even a layer of softwood sandwiched between another hardwood layer. This layering system creates high levels of rigidity and structural strength. (Check out this website for more information).

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The overall width of the board is usually 3 to 7mm thick, although higher quality options exist with up to 20mm thickness. Essentially the thicker the board, the longer the wear will be.


What Wood Should I Opt For?


Engineered floorboards are available in a big range of timbers, so its highly likely you'll be able to find one suitable for your home. Obviously the type of wood you opt for depends on your preference, and what you think will match your house best. If you're really not sure opt for a engineered flooring specialist who can help you make the right choice.

Overall European Oak Floorboards are suitable for most modern rooms, yet depending upon the finish and tone you choose it can also suit traditional settings.


What Finish Should I Opt For?

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Unlike solid flooring engineered floors are available pre-finished. Like solid wood there are various finishes you can choose between. For example, a brushed finish highlights texture and grain of the wood, whilst a distressed finish adds a vintage vibe.

You can also opt for different surface treatments such as:

  • Matte lacquers which give the board a natural look

  • Oiling which can highlight the grain

  • Satin lacquers which add sheen and increase durability


How Do I Install Engineered Floorboards?

Engineered Flooring

Installing these floorboards are easier than you would think. They can either be installed over a floating floor over a suitable underlay, or installed directly using the 'glue down' method via premium hardwood PVA adhesive. The tongue and groove system built into the boards also assists in installation. Maybe the greatest advantage engineered floorboards provide you with it the fact that as soon as the floor is laid, its immediately ready to walk on.


Where Should I Avoid Using Engineered Floorboards?

Engineered flooring is great in all rooms of the house but one. The bathroom. Your bathroom is constantly going to be exposed to moisture and water, and sadly wooden flooring just isn't going to withstand the damage.


How Much Do Engineered Floorboards Cost?

Obviously different specialists offer different prices. Its important to do your research and ask around to ensure you get a fairly priced quote.

Also remember with engineered floorboards you get what you pay for: if they're really cheap they're going to be made of thin layers of wood and hence wont be very durable. Alternatively the more expensive ones are going to be thicker, and higher quality. Try Moku for reasonably priced high quality engineering european oak flooring!


How Much Wood Should I Order?

Ordering engineered flooring requires specifications which are best decided by a professional. To get the area of the room you wish this flooring for, you need to multiply the length by width which can give you the area in meters square. Make sure you order a little bit extra keeping, but remember to keep wastage in mind.


What Should I Look for When Choosing an Engineered Flooring Specialist?

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A well reputed and experienced specialist in engineered flooring can help you out all aspects of the flooring installation process. To find one go online and search through reviews. Furthermore try asking neighbours and friends to determine the best possible specialist for you.