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Security and Safety

Bushfire Protection: How Roller Shutters Can Keep You Safe

Australian bushfire

Being an Australian homeowner in a bushfire prone area means that every summer is a stressful time. When the mercury nudges up towards 40 degrees and a hot Northerly wind starts to blow, everyone starts to worry about our friends in the bush.

While most of us associate bushfires with horrible images of walls of flame marching through paddocks and bushland, it's actually flying embers that cause the most damage to homes. All it takes is one ember for a house to be burnt to the ground.

But, did you know that one of the best types of protection against embers could be roller shutters? Here’s how roller shutters protect your home during a bushfire.

Protecting Vulnerable Points

Windows are a common entry point for flying embers. If an ember enters through the window, it can light the carpet, drapes and furniture and quickly create a fire that will spread throughout the entire home.

As the fire approaches, the intense heat can smash the glass, Once the glass is shattered, your home is entirely open to attack. Aluminium roller shutters with a BAL-40 rating offer extra protection and prevent your windows from bursting or cracking open. BAL-40 is the highest rating, so if you live in a bushfire prone area, you need this rating.

It's not bushfires that burn homes down, it's house fires started by embers that burn down homes. Protect the entry point, you protect your home.

Keeping Heat Out

The other danger to your home is heat radiation. If your house gets too hot, elements of the building can reach ignition point and simply catch on fire. Everything has an ignition point, and roller shutters help to insulate your home against heat and give your home more chance of staying intact.  

Preventing Flame Contact

Of course, if flames start licking at your home, you're in trouble. Homes built in a bushfire prone area tend to be designed for protection against flame contact, which is why flying embers are the biggest danger.

Fire-resistant roller shutters add to that protection and mean that flames can’t come in contact with wooden window frames and other vulnerable areas.

house with roller shutter

Choosing The Right Shutter For Fire Protection

If you live in a fire-prone area, you absolutely need a BAL-40 rated aluminium shutter. Steel loses structural integrity at 600 degrees and fails at 1500. BAL-40 shutters won't fail unless they are in direct path of the flame zone, and if that happens, there really is nothing that can save your home.

You should also check that the roller shutter meets Australian Standards of fire resistance, which means compliance with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009. These Standards have been drawn up to prevent tragedy, and they are an accurate guide into how well the shutter will perform if placed in a bushfire situation.  

What About The Aesthetic Of My Home?

Roller shutters are an incredibly stylish addition to your home. That means you can arm yourself against a bushfire, without worrying about how your home will look from the outside. Your house won't look like a prison, in fact, the colour and design of modern options will actually make it look better.

Roller shutters give you the extra peace of mind you need in bushfire season. They're an instant means of buffering against embers, heat and flames and giving your home the best chance of survival in the event of a fire.

Living in the Australian bush means living with fire, roller shutters are part of an intelligent and effective defence against that reality.

4 Reasons Why You Need A Home Security System

hooded burglar with tv
Did you know that one house gets broken into every three minutes in Australia? While in the grand scheme of things that’s not a great deal, it is still cause for serious concern. As more households invest in the latest technology and gadgets there’s never been a more appealing time for nasty robbers than there is right now.

So if you’re concerned about your valuables, tech and prized possessions you may want to invest in a home security system. Yet many people balk at the cost involved and never do. So let’s check out four reasons why you may need an airtight home defence system.

home security phone app

Getting Robbed is a Major Inconvenience

Even if your home’s contents are fully insured, getting robbed is still a giant pain in the you-know-what. If the insurance decides to cough up your payout, there’s still the hundreds of dollars of excess you need to pay to get your payout. And then you have to replace everything. While many robbers these days shy away from larger items like televisions and stereo systems and instead aim for small items like jewelry and gadgets imagine having to replace every item as new and reinstall all your apps and programs. And that’s not to mention family heirlooms or irreplaceable objects. A home security systems deters burglars from even thinking about your place to begin with. More on that below.

burglar with tv

Criminals Are Opportunists

While some crooks play the long game and case your joint prior to attempting to break in, most simply try their luck in an area, looking for unsecured homes. Some even get lucky when a lax homeowner forgets to lock their door or leaves a window wide open. Don’t give them slimebags the time of day by being lax with your home security. You can easily purchase and install keyless locks, key safes, and sufficient outdoor lighting to begin with. In addition, a home security system scream out “this house is well protected!” and any likely highwaymen will avert their attention to a less secured property and leave yours all alone.

door ajar

For Peace of Mind

We all need to feel safe, secure and protected in our own homes, it’s human nature. And we also need to have peace of mind about our place whenever we’re not in it. A home security system can give you the comfort you need while you’re going about your day out of the house - knowing that your pad is locked down and secure and waiting for you to come home to relax. Also, if you get a system that has CCTV you can monitor your property on your smartphone or tablet while you’re out and about, in real time.

man resting with peace of mind

It Increases the Value of Your Home

A home security system can add thousands of dollars of value onto your home, amongst other things, so that one day in the distant future when you decide to sell up and move you can ask for a few extra thousand. And that’s better than a poke in the eye with a stick, isn’t it?


Airtight, Right?

A home security system leaves your property airtight and safe from those with nefarious intent. It means the difference between the major hassle of getting robbed and replacing everything and not having to live through that ordeal. Crooks are opportunistic and a home defence system will deter them from trying to break into your house. It will also give you peace of mind when you’re out at work or away for a trip. Finally, think of it as an investment into your property that could add some dollars onto the price tag when you decide to sell down the track.

The Importance Of Home Security

You need to make sure that every part of your home is protected from the attention of opportunistic thieves who may look for a way to steal your possessions.

Your garage door needs to be sturdy in repelling people who attempt to break inside. There are lots of important reasons why the garage door should be secure.

keeping your home secured

The Garage Door Needs To Resist Force

1) The garage needs to be able to resist force from either blunt objects like hammers or the impact of a car being driven into it at high speed. The garage door will repel this kind of force, but there may be some dents as a result of what happened.

2) A dented garage door can undergo garage door repairs in Perth that involve beating the dents out or replacing the panels. They will make sure that the entire door is working properly before the repairs have been completed.

The Garage Door Needs To Lock Properly

1) The lock on your garage door needs to be working properly so that you can use a key to manually secure the garage before you go to bed or you leave the house to go to work. The keys to your garage can be put into a specialist key safe. The key safe is going to prevent anyone unauthorised from accessing the keys to the garage.

2) Your garage door will remain locked properly and the keys will always be safe for you to use. Choose a firm that has a proven track record.

garage door

The Garage Door Lock Needs To Accept The Key

1) If a lock stops being able to lock, then it could be an issue with some debris getting stuck in the lock. The lock can be cleared of debris so that the keys can be used. Once you have locked the garage door, you can put the keys away in the outdoor safety deposit box.

The Garage Door Needs To Resist Rust

1) The garage door needs to be able to resist the damaging effects of rust. Thieves look for doors which are in bad conditioned because these can be weak. A rust-free garage door will not get broken into.

2) The repair firm will repair or replace any parts that have started to become rusted up. Choose a firm that has a proven track record.

The Garage Door Lock Needs To Resist Corrosive Liquids

1) If the lock of the garage door has become damaged then it will be susceptible to corrosive liquids. Thieves will sometimes spray these liquids in the locks. However, a perfectly functioning lock will be able to resist the corrosive liquid.

2) A repair firm can fix a lock that has become damaged. Choose a firm that has a proven track record.


The garage door can be repaired in a number of different ways. Some of the repairs will be minor whilst others will be more complex. An experienced repairman can handle anything. The keys for the garage can then be stored in an outdoor key safe, which will provide the highest level of security in order to keep anything stored in your garage safely. For a full range of outdoor key safes please visit our key safe page.

4 Keys To Making Your Door Security Functional And Modern

I doubt that any living person remembers a time when doors were not in use. For many of us, if not all of us, doors and door locks have been a staple part of our security for years. Due to the fact that they are a mechanism that has been around for such a long time, people tend to take them for granted. If you think I’m wrong, take the time to ask any homeowner or business owner that you know.

securing your home

When did you last hear of anyone setting time aside to assess their doors and door security? My guess is, not recently. Door security is an ever-evolving mechanism and the measures that might have held up years ago are not necessarily the same ones that will hold up today. In this article, I am going to outline the four keys that will help you elevate your door security and make it more modern and functional.

1. Door Lock Upgrades

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I chose to begin with door locks. After all, door locks and doors fit together hand in glove, and they are responsible for determining the overall door security a home or business might be afforded. There is no way that you can say that you are serious about your door security if you have not considered the impact that door locks have.

From a security standpoint, you have to pay close attention to the flaws that your door locks might have, and then systematically work to minimize these flaws. One of the biggest flaws that every door lock faces is the ability to be bypassed. There are several measures that can be put in place to prevent this, but if there is a key in place, there is always the possibility that your lock can be broken into. The only constant factor that burglars and criminals will have to contend with is time.

However, if homeowners and commercial properties upgrade their door locks to keyless locks, they will be able to increase their door security as well as make their doors more modern and functional. Keyless door locks come in varying forms so you will have to make sure that you choose one that fits your situation. Most commercial properties make use of digital mechanical locks, which help enhance a door’s level of access control. Take the time to discuss your options with a seasoned locksmith so that they can advise you on the appropriate steps to follow when you are installing new locks.


2. Door Hardware Accessories

Utilizing door hardware accessories will also help elevate your door security and functionality. When you take the time to break down door security and functionality, you will realize that your end goal is enhanced safety and usability. Essentially, you want to make your doors and your commercial or residential space safer. However, you do not want to sacrifice the ease of access that users have in the name of security. Ideally, you want to strike a balance and that is what is at the heart of door security.

Door hardware accessories range from door hinges to door closers, and everything that falls in between. The purpose of these accessories is to enhance the way in which the door can be used and accessed, without sacrificing any element of security. These elements boost door security by engaging directly with the door or the door lock. For instance, the strike plate is a door hardware accessory that works in conjunction with the door lock, and it plays a huge role in ensuring that the door stays in place when it is locked and closed. Taking the time to focus on these accessories will help make your door more secure in the long run.


3. Auxiliary Door Hardware 

Door security isn’t just about the door and lock. You have to look at your doors from several different perspectives in order to see that there are other measures you can put in place to really make your security functional and modern. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to invest in auxiliary door hardware. This hardware consists of motion sensor lights, surveillance cameras and even monitored security alarms. The use of these devices helps to extend the reach of your door security while simultaneously making it look sleek and modern.

Furthermore, many of these devices can be integrated with some of the keyless door locks that we discussed earlier in the first section. Integration between devices is a clear indicator of modern security, and it is a feature that helps users get a better grasp of security. Essentially, integration allows you to have some form of central control over all your devices.

longer screws

4. Utilising Longer Screws

The length of the screws that are used in conjunction with your door and your door locks are directly tied into the level of security that you are afforded. As compared to the other security additions listed above, increasing the length of your screws is a much more simple and cost effective measure, which both commercial properties and residential properties can make use of.

The screws that would be targeted in this instance are the ones that are used in conjunction with some of the door hardware accessories that were discussed above. Lengthening the screws that are used to secure your lock and your strike plate, as well as the screws that are used in the door hinges, will help increase the capacity of your door to withstand bypass methods.

This addition might not sound as flashy or modern as some of the other ones mentioned above, but I assure that the imperceptibility of this addition is what makes it stand apart from the rest. You will be able to build around this measure, which means that it lends itself to any modern aesthetic that you choose to pursue. Similar to the process outlined in the first section, make sure that you contact the appropriate professionals to help you with this so that you do not end up causing unnecessary damage.


Door security is constantly evolving, and it is a very arduous task to match up your security needs with the modern design elements of the day. This is not to say it is an impossible task, just one that requires patience and dedication to your door security.


3 Ways you can Soundproof a Window

Noise pollution is rampant in today’s world. Whether they are from the regular traffic, neighborhood noise, trains, aircraft, machinery, or other outside noise, they may be highly unwanted indoors, and as such, becomes a nuisance towards everyday lives.

One of the ways to counteract this is by soundproofing areas where sound passes through – and that includes windows. This way, noise can be reduced as they pass through this area, which brings a more comfortable acoustic experience indoors. They can also be used to keep noise within the premises, and thus not adding to the acoustic chaos outside.

While there might be ways to soundproof a window using various methods such as thick furniture or curtains, sometimes they cannot be applicable for the type of establishment. Here are ways you can soundproof the windows themselves:

[caption id="attachment_13352" align="aligncenter" width="800"]how to soundproof windows 3 Ways You Can Soundproof a Window[/caption]


Garage Dangers: An Ounce of Prevention

The garage is a pretty benign space most of the time: we park our cars and bicycles and store our tools, toys and extra items. However, garage accidents occur more frequently than you might think, and when they do, they can cause severe injury and potentially death. So what are the most frequent injuries and deaths occurring, and how can we prevent these?



Leading Residential Garage Injuries and Deathsgarage_organization_system_springfield_mo

  • Injury or death when moving garage door strikes person

  • Fingers crushed when caught in between panels of door

  • Injury or death when garage door spring fails

  • Carbon monoxide poising when vehicle or power equipment is left running

  • Injury when falling over clutter or slick fluids on garage floor

  • Fire hazard when spilling petrol onto hot engine

Suddenly the garage doesn't seem so benign, does it? Although lucky for you staying safe in your garage can be as simple as taking the necessary safety precautions.


 Avoiding Garage Door Issues 


  • Place the garage door button out of reach of small children and keep the remote in a safe place too.

  • Never close a garage door by pulling down on a panel edge, and teach children not to do it either

  • Consider purchasing a premium garage door that features finger-safe panels

  • Leave repair of garage door springs and cables to professionals as they can be under very high tension, and cause severe injury or death if they break


Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Related Issues

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="645"] Source:[/caption]

  • Never run a car in a closed garage. .

  • Do not use a remote car in order to prevent accidental starting of car.

  • Keep a tool such as a resqme or resqhammer nearby to be able to break a car window should you find someone locked inside a running car inside the garage.

  • If you do find a vehicle running in close garage open the garage door and call for emergency help.


Slipping and Tripping Hazards

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="670"] Source:[/caption]

  • Install some overhead storage or use hanging hooks to keep things off the ground.

  • Clean up any spills and leaks promptly

  • Install bright LED lighting for navigating the garage in the dark


Fire Hazards

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="662"] Source:[/caption]

  • Allow engine to cool before filling with fuel

  • Don’t store fuel near open flames or on a gas water heater

  • Don’t smoke whilst working with petrol or other flammable liquid

  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the garage, keep it freshly charged and know how to use it


Overall the garage doesn’t have to be a dangerous place for you and your children. All of the garage safety tips here are common sense. Put them into practice, model them for your kids and encourage them to follow your rules. Install a garage door with the best safety features, and the necessary safety items at the ready. When you do, you will stay on the right side of safety statistics, and be able to enjoy your garage without harm.

Keyless Locks: The Future of Security

Gone are the days where the simple lock and key was the only way to secure your home, belongings and family from unwanted visitors. Keyless locks are becoming increasingly popular in new houses and renovations as people are realising the freedom of being able to leave your house without your keys. It also eliminates the issue of losing your keys, or having to hide them for a tradesperson to use. With a multitude of options to select from you're bound to find the keyless lock perfect for your home!


Digital Mechanical Lock

The digital mechanical lock is the most basic gadget in the keyless lock range. Quite simply you enter the code on the external side of the residence to gain entry inside. The reverse side of the lock has a simple lever for easy exit.


This kind of lock is simple, durable, and can resist both dust and water due to its rubber sealing. It is easily reprogrammed and fits into any contemporary designs. There is also a dual keypad model available, which is perfect for families with small children where easy exit may need to be prevented.


Electric Lock Keypad


One step up from the digital mechanical lock is the electric lock keypad. Access to your home can either be gained by entered the unique entry code, or via waving your keyless lock access card.

It is easily reprogrammable, allowing you to simply add or delete single users. This means no stress if you lose an access card, or if you only wish to give someone temporary access to your home.


Available in either small or large sizes the contemporary design blends seamlessly into any modern home. They are also water resistant and easily installed, making them suitable for most external applications.



The E-touch is a keyless lock device that can be accessed numerous ways. Firstly you can use an keyless lock access card or keyring fob. Secondly you could use your personal access code. Finally you could use an RF remote.

Like the electric lock keypad it is easily reprogrammable for cancellation of keys/fobs, or for temporary addition of users. This specific device can also be customised to suit your preferences. For example whether the door opens inwards/outwards or left/right.

The other advanced features included in this device are the tamper alert alarm, 2 emergency master keys and automatic locking after 5 seconds.

Fingerprint Recognition


Everyone is born with unique fingerprints, making them an ideal tool to use in security. Only when a registered fingerprint is placed on the scanner will entry into your home be granted. With this specific device up to 2,000 users can be added, guaranteeing your entire family can be added into the system if need be!

Of course you can still open the door with a code or card in case someone needs temporary access to your home.


The range of keyless locks available serve to make your life easier. No longer will there be the troubles of lost keys and unwanted access to your home. Now you have the power to decide who will enter your property.

How to Keep Your Home Safe When You Go on Holidays

As lovely as holidays are, one of the big worries you have to face when you go on vacation is keeping your home safe in your absence... Or so you thought. If you take these easy steps to keep your home safe when you go on holidays you'll have no need to fret at all. In fact, if you plan it well enough burglars won't even know that you're gone!


Outdoor Lighting


Efficient outdoor lighting can make your home a lot safer all year round. Invest in motion sensors that switch on lights when movement is detected, giving the impression that someone is home. The lights then switch off after a pre-determined period of time. These are a great way of deterring people who step into your garden who really shouldn't be there.


Indoor Lighting


Indoor lighting can also be utilised to make it appear as if someone is home. This can be done via use of timing systems. Set them before you jet off for your holiday to turn on and off at specific times in the evening.

Alternatively if you have a 'connected home' you can use you smartphone to control your lights from wherever you are in the world. Use this to randomly switch lights on and off to discourage potential thieves.


Security Cameras

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="721"] Source:[/caption]

Install security cameras in your home to add additional security. If you wish you can opt to have them monitoring by an external company who calls the police on your behalf if any disturbance is detected. Again, you can use your smartphone or any other connected device to monitor your cameras via an app. The app can even send alerts to your phone if there is a potential issue!


Security Alarm Systems 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Source:[/caption]

Security alarm systems are available with various features. You can choose a DIY system and install it yourself, or alternatively you can consult a security specialist who can advise you on the best system to suit you needs, and install it to maximise its potential to secure your home.

The type of system that'll suit your home best depends on your budget, and what you intend to protect with your system. Always make sure your system is monitored when you are not in town, or set it up so that you can keep an eye on it yourself while you're away.


Friendly Neighbours

Friendly Neighbours

This is an old idea, but very effective so it's definitely worth the mention. No matter how much technology you have in your home, the eagle eyes of friendly neighbours are invaluable in keeping your home safe when you go on vacation.

Tell them when you will be away and when you expect to return. Get them to remove any junk mail from your letter box (your other should be held at the post office). If they're especially nice they might even be happy to feed the cat!


Author Bio:

Sara works as a content strategist at Five Star Locksmiths (Melbourne). Five Star Locksmiths provides 24-hour locksmith services in Melbourne’s CBD and its suburbs.

4 Things You Must Do to Prevent a House Fire

One of the most important tasks of being a parent is keeping your family safe. That is why you should do as much as you possible to prevent a house fire from occurring. House fires take more than 2500 lives every year, and cause around $7 billion in damage costs. Therefore, making sure you're prepared in case of emergency is very important, and something you should invest and little time, money and effort into. 


1. Install Smoke Detectors

Fire Safety at Home by

The first thing that comes to your mind when talking about fire prevention are smoke detectors. 2 out of 3 deaths due to fire are a result of not having smoke detectors installed. Furthermore deaths have also occurred when someone had smoke detector installed, but it did not signal in response to fire.

Therefore it is very important to install smoke detectors in multiple locations around your household, and check if they're working properly from time to time. This will include changing the battery once a year.


2. Install Escape Ladders

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="449"] Source:[/caption]

If your home has more than one level, installing escape ladders is a good idea. If there were to be a fire it is possible someone could get trapped in an upstairs room, and having escape ladders installed next to a window can be the difference between life or death.

It is recommended to have one of these installed next to every occupied room of your home. Make sure you choose the ladders with standoffs, as this will keep them separated from the wall. Standoffs increase the stability of escape ladders, and make them easier to use. After installation always test how much weight your ladders can hold.


3. Invest in a Couple of Fire Extinguishers

The most effective way to extinguish a small fire is to use a fire extinguisher. It is a good idea to have at least one extinguisher on each level of your home. You should also ensure there is one kept in rooms where a fire is likely to start, e.g. the kitchen or garage.

After purchase it is also important to familiarise yourself with how to use the device. Finally, always remember that if the fire gets too big you should call 000, rather than trying to take measures into your own hands.


4. Make an Escape Plan

Fire Safety at Home by

In a large house fire you might only have as little as 30 seconds to escape. You don't want to waste this precious time thinking about where to run. Because of this you should always have an escape route planned. If you are unsure where to start you can turn to the experts in fire safety and have them make one for you. Once you have a plan, you and your family should rehearse it a couple of times, in order to be prepared if the actual fire starts.


Overall, you can never do too much when it comes to safety. Always make sure your fully prepared against emergency so you can minimise the risk of losing your home, or your family.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Fire

In Australia alone there are over 10,000 house fires each year. In a mere 30 seconds a small flame can transpire into an uncontrollable blaze. Common causes of these disastrous infernos are heaters, electric blankets, dryers, damaged electrical appliances, neglected stoves and faulty wiring. Luckily, most fires can be prevented if a few simple precautions are taken.


Preventing the fire

42% of house fires start in the kitchen. A common cause is leaving the stove unattended. When using your stove always ensure there are no tea towels or electrical cords that could possibly come in contact with the flame.

Electrical cables are another common starter of fires. If electrical cables are wired incorrectly or are frayed, they may possibly ignite. In most cables the jacket surrounding the wires is flammable, serving to further spread the fire along the cable, and around your house. Therefore in order to avoid cable-based house fires you must always hire a qualified electrician, avoid overloading power-points with power boards and you should additionally opt for fire rated cables. Fire rated cables have fire retardant PVC outer jackets to prevent spread of fire and do not produce toxic fumes.

Electric blankets are an infamous starter of uncontrollable house-fires. Never leave the blankets on when you leave the house, or even as you sleep. Be careful to inspect your blanket for any signs of wear and tear, and always follow the manufacturers care instructions to avoid damage. Furthermore heaters and dryers have the ability to overheat and catch on to materials. 

Detecting the fire

Smoke around a smoke detectorIn the unfortunate event that a fire does arise from any of the aforementioned sources, a working smoke detector will be required. If your smoke detector doesn't work, you are 60% less likely to survive a house fire. It is recommended that you have a detector stationed in every room in your residence where someone sleeps. It is also important to check the batteries and overall condition of the device regularly.

Stopping the fire

fire safety kit If the fire is small, it is possible that you can stop it yourself. Having a fire blanket stationed in your kitchen is handy to smother incipient fires from your stove, whilst a fire extinguisher is important to eradicate a flame somewhat bigger. This fire safety kit is an easy way to prep your home, and additionally allows you to save cash as it is cheaper than purchasing each of the respective items individually.


Escape route

Emergency fire exit sign on a red background

If the fire becomes too large you will need to evacuate the house. People often overestimate the time they would have to escape in a fire, and hence it is important to always be prepared. Inspect your home for any possible exits and escape routes. Make sure all door and windows can be opened easily. Then choose a designated meeting point outside the house. Finally ensure all members of the family are aware of the plan. All of this information can be summarised with a  floor plan of your house.

Call 000

After you have evacuated your house and are in a place of safety remember to call triple zero