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Staying Current with Construction and Design Trends In 2018

Good news! Next year’s trends are both beautiful and practical! Don’t you love it when it happens? Here is how to make your home fit your lifestyle and your sense of fashion.

Green as a state of mind

This is an important thing to point out before we move further into the topic. Everything eco-friendly and energy-efficient is a trend in the next year, and probably every other year to follow. This includes everything from building materials to solar panels. One of the major and most commonly found construction trends in this area is making a sustainable home. This means that it is energy efficient and has windows and insulation that prevent energy losses. As well as, that it harvests reusable sources of energy such as sun, wind and geothermal energy. A construction trend which impacts the décor the most is using natural and reclaimed materials for the interior.

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Function over luxury

Not being wasteful, is yet another way of preserving the environment. This forms a unique set of mind. That and the current economy together, have led many people to live frugal lifestyles. We now tend to have smaller and more functional homes. You do not necessarily have to downsize your living space on account of privacy and comfort, but simply cut out the space that serves no purpose. Instead of having a large entranceway, treat your home with an inviting hallway and a mudroom. A mudroom is practical and perfectly suited for families with children. They will also help you get clutter and dirt further away from your hall.

functional kitchen

A functional kitchen

Big kitchen islands are another upcoming trend. I am sure that a lot of you already have it, but here we are talking about kitchen islands that serve the purpose mentioned in the previous paragraph. An island is both decorative and multi-functional. The first function is that of a work surface. The second is storage, as you can install cupboards and drawers in it. The third is the dining table. A lot of small homes do not have enough space for a dining room. This is why having an island will increase both the functionality of the kitchen and the overall use of space. You can even make an island bar with bar stools and use it as a barrier between an open kitchen and the lounge area.


Moving slightly away to the field of décor, there are certain interior trends you need to know about. Geometrical shapes and patterns are the next year’s must.  You can have them present on your walls, furniture and furniture upholstery, lights, plant hangers, shelves and pretty much anywhere you can fit them. Apart from the geometry, an everlasting trend of using floral patterns still on. The only difference is that next year, instead of using gentle, soft and complementary hues, you need to focus on creating contrast.

materials and colours for the home

Materials and colors

To adhere to the green lifestyle, natural materials are the following year’s trends including wool, wood, stone, and hemp. Leather is also very fashionable but note that most people will opt for using fake leather. You can now use mixed metals but brass is the dominant one. Innovative advice from experienced renovation company can help you apply the trends and combine these materials.  Natural materials go with natural colors so earthly hues are the ones to go for. However,   some of us, including your children need vibrant colors. The experts at Pantone have announced that Ultra Violet is the color of the year 2018. As a color, violet gets its warmth from red as well as the calming effects of the blue. This particular hue is neither too dark nor too light. It is a perfect accent for any room but it can also be a perfect choice for a teenager’s bedroom or a playroom. Enjoy it as colors are now allowed everywhere, even your kitchen.

High-tech homes for millennials

As millennial generation is maturing into homeowners, technical advances are becoming an important part of every household. This is something you should also keep in mind if you’re looking to adapt your real estate for rent to millennials. Devices that control your lights, appliances, heating, security cameras, doors, windows and everything else you possess and can imagine, are the type of modern-day-change you can expect in the following year.

Lights, fixtures, and amenities

Big vintage pendant lights are something you need to try in your home. They are perfectly suited over your coffee table, dining table or a kitchen island. Again, look for geometrical shapes, something that belongs outside, or 1950s vintage. The sinks in both bathroom and kitchen are no longer out of your way, but in your face and practical. This means that they are wide and deep. Also, you should move on from the classical steel look and use heavy duty materials such as granite and stone combined with copper.

2018 is a year to look forward to, as it brings some changes that will stay around for a long time. Happy holidays and enjoy the decorating!