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7 Neat Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe

Does it take you ages to find stuff in your wardrobe? Has it become a jumble of clutter? Here are seven solutions to help you organise your wardrobe and save you time, space, and energy:

wardrobe solutions for young businessman

1. Pull Out Wardrobe Storage Tray

THEY’LL STAY IN THE TRAY: Never lose an earring or cufflinks with this pull-out storage tray for your jewellery, watches, belts, and other small items. It has fifteen partitions lined with soft cream velvet. and pulls open smoothly and closes gently, via the high-quality ball bearing slider.


Here’s more:

  • Fits a standard 900-mm wardrobe

  • Easy-to-install; all fittings packed with the item

  • Free delivery in Australia

2. Slide-Out Hanging Clothes Rack


REACHABLE WEARABLES: No need to dig deep and ruffle your well-pressed shirts! This slide-out hanging clothes rack provides convenient and easier access to them. Suitable for a closet that lacks depth, this top-mounted rack can hold up to 12 items of clothing, utilizing space more efficiently.

Here’s more:

  • Four screws provided for no-fuss installation

  • Durable plastic, with aluminium mount and slider, brushed satin and black finish

  • Good for wardrobes, cupboards, and under-laundry shelves

  • With 5-year warranty

3. Closet Door Baskets


PUT MORE ON THE DOOR: This project utilises the inside of a linen closet door for additional storage. It’s simply four wire baskets on half a door rail, with two S hooks below to hang a small ironing board. Make your own variations depending on your closet door size and available space.

Here’s more:

  • Adds to limited storage

  • Good place for laundry care items and toiletries

  • Works even on a door with a hollow core

4. Pull Out Wardrobe Shoe Storage


IF THE SHOE FITS: And they will, with this pull-out shoe basket! Keep your shoes handy, in order, in plain view. The basket is made of durable chrome and can handle up to 15 kilograms. Such a simple but effective use of space!

Here’s more:

  • With a smart expandable frame to fit any wardrobe width

  • Slides on top-quality ball bearing runners

  • Even two shoe racks can be installed in your wardrobe

5. Slide-Out Trouser and Tie Rack


TIDY TROUSERS: It’s made of strong metal and can hang 4 pairs of trousers and 20 ties. Install it without trouble on either the left or the right side of your wardrobe, or put one on each side or even one on top of the other. This slide-out trouser and tie rack can also be used as a laundry drying rack.

Here’s more:

  • Easy pull-out access

  • Folds down flat on the wardrobe wall

  • Can be despatched within 1 business day

6. Shelf Dividers


DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Sort out that cluttered linen storage with these inexpensive dividers. They come two to a set, in short and tall sizes. Buy some, clear out your linen closet, put the dividers, then fold and arrange your sheets the way you want.

Here’s more:

  • No more scrounging for the bedding you’re looking for

  • A chance to keep only the linen you need and donate what you can give away

  • Add labels to each division to make them look better

7. Fold-Out Hide-Away Ironing Board


SLIDE IT, HIDE IT: The streamlined design of this fold-out ironing board is great for a standard wardrobe cupboard. It’s ideal for those with limited wardrobe or laundry area, which is a poor fit for a massive board. This one is smaller but has a strong frame, with steel ball bearing runners and a solid plate hinge.

Here’s more:

  • Made by a wardrobe and cupboard storage specialist

  • Rated 5 stars

  • Replacement cover can be bought for added sanitation

Find more wardrobe storage and sorting solutions at Renovator Store!

How To Design A Workplace That's Healthy For Your Team And Good For Business

If you want your employees to always be in tip-top shape so that they will be happy and productive in your workplace at all times, you need to prioritize having a healthy office interior design.

Unless you’re running your company as a one-man show, the absence of a staff member will mean that certain important processes or tasks won’t be completed. This, in turn, will have negative effects on your company’s output, your customers’ demands, and even on your other employees.

Healthy Workplace = Productive Employees

Having a great office design will help keep your employees healthy and happy while they are working which can have positive effects on their performance and productivity. Here are a few tips that can help you come up with the right office design that can foster wellness, happiness, and increased productivity in the workplace:

1.    Focus on the “legibility” of your workplace

Legibility refers to a people-centered approach to interior design. This concept focuses on having an easily recognized pattern to enhance the complete layout of the workplace. Highly visible signage and various architectural elements are used to give people clear, easy access to key landmarks and the right ideas about what they have to do in these areas.

A legible workspace helps boost employee performance. This is because when people have a clear idea of what they have to do in their workspace, their ability to focus in the office will be increased. This also helps reduce stress in the office since employees will have an easier time concentrating on their work and getting the negative thoughts out of their heads.

Lastly, a legible office floor plan is easy to understand and will help your staff find each other more quickly and easily. If your company is housed in a huge warehouse, or the departments or offices are spread across various floors of a building, your employees won’t get tired looking for other staff if there are markers around the work area.

2.   Consider the level of privacy your employees need

Various studies show that lack of privacy in the office is often regarded by employees as an issue. This is because most employees tend to feel uneasy when they think they are being watched and judged by others. In addition, the lack or absence of architectural privacy can limit the exchange of ideas of among employees as well.

Privacy can also help prevent the spread of germs in the office. A study found out that offices with open floor plans had employees who took more time off for sickness.

Before designing or redesigning your office, establish the level of privacy your employees will be comfortable with. In many instances, placing cubicles or partial dividers will be enough to give the private space your staff needs. You can conduct a survey to find out the amount of privacy your workers prefer.

3. Design the office layout in a way that it can be free from noise and distractions

Noise can easily distract anyone. An employee working in an office near a busy street and where the windows are always open will find it hard to concentrate on his work. In addition, prolonged exposure to loud sounds will affect a person’s auditory system.

Your office design, therefore, should consider the element of noise inside and outside your work area. Aside from placing workspaces in areas far from everyday noises, you can also provide employees the option of working in a quiet, interruption-free area.

4.  Consider the amount of natural light the work areas will receive

Natural daylight plays an important role in the overall well-being of all employees. Large windows are highly recommended since they let in sunshine that allows for more natural light in the workplace – a great mood lifter. And when your employees are in a great mood, they’ll be motivated to perform optimally.

5.  Invest in ergonomic office furniture

Instead of placing the usual wooden or metal desks and chairs, choose ergonomic office furnishings. Chairs that are adjustable and are designed to support the spine of employees can help ensure that they won’t develop a bad back due to the hours they spend in the office.

Aside from chairs, there are ergonomically designed desks, benches, keyboards and mice that will provide a lot of benefits to your staff. You can also invest in additional computer monitor arms or risers to help your employees avoid acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome.

6.  Incorporate ways to give your employees options and control

Lastly, giving your employees the ability to control their own work environment is a key factor in boosting their productivity.  You can give them this by having options for lighting and temperature control and variety in workrooms they can use. This means that aside from their private offices or cubicles, include a conference room or collaborative tables which your staff can use for brainstorming and group projects in the layout.  

When your employees socialize with their peers and there is sufficient interaction, they will have a better attitude towards their work. This means that they will be in good emotional and mental shape, and this is something that can spill over to the quality of their work.

Retaining the best employees can be slightly more difficult today. If you want your workers to be loyal and consistently productive, start by providing the right office design that will keep your employees healthy and happy.



Rachel Hennessey works on Business Development for Hennessey LLC. She took charge of the Hennessey DLP handover in Jumeirah Golf Estates, Flame Tree Ridge.

4 Reasons You Need Pull Out Bins for Kitchen Waste

Kitchen waste bins make a smarter space saver for your cupboards. These concealed, pull out bins for kitchen waste come with multiple bin options that make waste segregation effortless. Its lid covers also maintain an odour-free kitchen and keeps the trash from overflowing from the bin. The bins are also equipped to be mounted on cupboard walls so it can be stored neatly, utilizing more unused spaces in the kitchen rather than occupying some floor area.

Smarter Storage

One of the biggest advantages of having a pull-out bin is the introduction of smart storage to your kitchen. With the use of one hand, you can simply slide out a concealed bin. In cupboard ELITE® bin units are a must for every kitchen, laundry or bathroom. It is a practical and innovative solution to help you cope with your household waste efficiently. With the use of one hand, you can simply slide out a concealed bin space.

Elite Cacher 35L Single Slide-Out Concealed Waste Bin - for a 300mm Cupboard



Besides the added practicality that a concealed bin offers, another major benefit is that a pull-out bin is a much more hygienic option than a bin in open view. With your waste being concealed the exposure to the potentially harmful bacteria is lessened dramatically, which makes it much safer for you and your family.


Recyclable/ Waste Options

Pull-out bins such as Elites' Cacher model that offer two slide-out bins, allow for optimal waste separation. In 2017 the world has found its "green thumb" and recycling has never been more important, so having a bin that makes waste separation easy is an absolute necessity.

Domestique 40L Twin Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - for a 450mm Cupboard



This almost goes without saying but a pull-out bin offers an easier on the eye alternative to your traditional bin. You only have to look at the pictures below & it will be clear what the nicer option is.

A pretty easy choice isn't it?

Be careful to avoid inferior products that have poor quality runners, light-weight plastic bins that are easy to break or frames that are flimsy and do not support the weight of the bins when full. Our ELITE pull-out bin systems are fantastic value for your money given their exceptional quality. Check out the complete selection of pull out bins for kitchen waste here.

Kitchen Concealed Waste Bins

Keeping Organised In Your Small Home

There’s a lot to love about having a small home but there’s also challenges that come with it. Keeping the clutter at bay and finding ways to fit everything you need into small spaces is one such challenge. Luckily there’s more than one solution for staying organised in a small home.

[caption id="attachment_13631" align="aligncenter" width="625"] Photo from:[/caption]

Don’t waste an inch of space

When you don’t have much space to work with you really need to make every shelf and cupboard count. Kitchens are particularly greedy when it comes to too many products and not enough space; from pantries to cleaning products and cooking utensils. Playing tetris to get all your assorted items into one small cupboard isn’t our idea of ideal Sunday plans. Jayden Hall suggests adding storage optimising racks to your cupboards taking them from piled up messes to accessible, organised dreams. Follow Renovator Store on Facebook and Twitter for more ideas.

Less really is more

In our consumer driven society we all fall for the idea that we need mountains and mountains of stuff. But how much is really necessary in our everyday lives? Organising mentor and consultant Sue Glasser has these two tips for getting rid of the excess:

1. Take stock; Have a look at what you have at the moment - What would you actually replace if you lost it all? Ask the questions: What is important to me? What can I live without?
2. No Duplicates; How many pairs of scissors do you really need? Check appliances: Two toasters? 10 sets of towels for 2 people? 10 Mixing bowls? Gift or sell those extras.

For more info find Sue on Facebook and Instagram.

Invest in dual purpose furniture

There’s an easier way to keep your shoe addiction under wraps. Get yourself a multipurpose bed base with a gas lift and store all your secret purchases under you while you sleep. Sweet dreams of new shoes await!

Make the most of your walls

Constantly losing the grocery list? Can’t seem to find a pen and paper when you need it? Once the house is in order you’ll be wishing the rest of your life would fall into line as well. Kelly Walter from Daily Orders has an easy and fun solution; mountable wall planners with multi-coloured chalk markers. They have weekly and monthly planners to keep your life on track and even do custom orders. Take a look around and we bet there’s a few empty walls just waiting for you to get creative with them. Get more from Daily Orders on Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget the backyard

Got a jumble of gardening tools, kids toys and pet toys outside without a designated home? The easiest solution is getting some useful outdoor furniture to keep your yard as tidy as the rest of your house is now. There’s a range of storage box styles available from wooden to wicker and even one that doubles as a bench seat.

Put your mind to it and we bet you can get organised and stay that way!

How to Store More in Your Bedroom Closets

Whether you’re planning on selling your home and you want to make it look as spacious as possible or you simply want to maximise your home’s storage capacity, knowing how to store more in your bedroom closets without overfilling them is the key. Here are a few affordable and easy ways you can store more in your bedroom closets.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="728"]ALDO_LA-6 Source:[/caption]


1. Evaluation Time 

Take time to sift through all your garments and decide what belongs and what does not. If it shows visible signs of wear and tear - bin it. If it simply doesn't fit or you just don't like them anymore alternatively take them to an op-shop. At the end of this cull you should have greatly increased the amount of available space you have.


2. Sort by Length

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Source:[/caption]

Do you own many long flowing gowns, or are most of your garments shorter in length? Install two rods into your closet: one above and one below. On the higher rod hang the shorter garments, and then below hang the longer pieces. This should reduce the mess and tangle between items.


3. Utilise that top shelf

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="405"] Source:[/caption]

You know that shelf i'm talking about. The one thats impossibly high up and difficult to get to. In most wardrobes its either A: completely unused or B: the space where you chuck all your random junk. This shelf happens to be the perfect place to store accessories and items you don't use often such as excess shoes or hats. If you're feeling super organised you might even want to invest in some pull out shoe racks...


4. Managing Troublesome Ties and Bothersome Belts 

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="663"] Source:[/caption]

A tie rack is the perfect solution to organising a multitude of tangled ties and belts. This specific rack can organise up to 20 garments, and is attached to ball bearing runners so it can easily be slid in and out of the closet.

Clever ways to maximise small space

Needing to maximise a small space is a situation we will all run into at some point. Maximising a small space is all about being smart, resourceful and inventive. This is when you'll really need to manipulate furniture, objects, lighting and colours in order to make your area appear larger than it is. By following these simple tips, you'll be amazed at the ways it will transform your small space to appear much bigger than it really is!

Keep windows high 

By keeping windows high, you will be maximising wall to window ratio. This will give the illusion of larger wall space and thus maximise small space. Windows are really important in small spaces, as they let light in and brighten up any living space.

[caption id="attachment_12576" align="aligncenter" width="493"]high-windows Pinterest[/caption]

Hang art above eye level

On that same note, hang pieces of art just above eye-level. Hanging pieces up high will give the illusion of lengthy ceiling space.

[caption id="attachment_12577" align="aligncenter" width="480"]how to hang art to maximise space[/caption]

Go open-space 

Not such a secret, but still extremely applicable. Open-space living will maximise a small space and open up your whole area. It will also add flow to your living spaces, creating a relationship between rooms.

[caption id="attachment_12578" align="aligncenter" width="493"]maximise small space by open plan living Pinterest[/caption]


Mirrors for room

Adding a large mirror will give the illusion of adding visual space. Get inventive! Floor length mirrors will lengthen your walls and heighten your ceilings, whereas layering mirrors will add depth to your space.

[caption id="attachment_12579" align="aligncenter" width="493"]layered mirror to maximise small space[/caption]

Go white 

Having a white base will make the space feel lighter, and will give a base for furniture and accessories to really shine.

[caption id="attachment_12582" align="aligncenter" width="493"]white walls to maximise a small space[/caption]

Add colour and plants 

Adding colour and plants to your space will add further depth. Plants add life, just be careful not to go overboard and leave the area looking cluttered.

[caption id="attachment_12474" align="aligncenter" width="493"]maximise small space with plants[/caption]

Get smart with storage

When you have a small space, the last thing you should be doing is cluttering what little space you do have with bulky storage options. Get smart with your storage, and choose integrated units that are sleek and barely visible to the naked eye.

[caption id="attachment_12583" align="aligncenter" width="440"]smart storage solutions Pinterest[/caption]

Divide, don't wall

Say goodbye to walls that make rooms smaller, and opt for wall dividers. There's plenty of inventive options out there, that will still divide spaces yet still connect rooms visually

[caption id="attachment_12584" align="aligncenter" width="493"]maximise small space with dividers Blood and Champagne[/caption]

Even-toned rooms

Smooth, soothing even-toned rooms will give maximise small space, and give the illusion the room is bigger than it actually is.

[caption id="attachment_12585" align="aligncenter" width="493"]maximise space with even toned rooms Pinterest[/caption]

Use big furniture 

We know, it sounds odd! Using big furniture can actually make a room look larger. It's all about striking the fine balance of not being scared of filling up a small room, yet not going too overboard and leaving it cluttered.

maximise small space with big furniture

His and Her Closet Organisation

The amount of space in your closet never seems to be enough whether you live in a small apartment or family home. If lack of space wasn't already an issue, having to share a closet with a significant other can take space restraints to a whole new level. Therefore, learning to manage your 'his and her' closet will ultimately allow you to maximise space, achieve organisation of overall avoid mess


Organising your closet

  1. Remove everything from the closet.

  2. Filter through the items and decide what should be stored elsewhere.

  3. Sort the remaining garments into 'his' and 'her' piles.

  4. Further divide these piles into seasonal items.

  5. Only keep garments pertaining to the season currently in session. Store the other pieces elsewhere. This will greatly increase the space in which you have to work.

  6. Now divide the closet space between yourselves. Women will commonly require more space than men as they usually own a larger range of garments, and hence dividing the closet directly down the middle will most likely be impractical.


3sZ5CqjQ_r8CuiWe7M5K5U9O-Jiuiu2iBISg04rpyxQTies and trousers 

Nothing can make a closet look like a mess like a bunch of ties and belts can. A tie rack is a handy way to keep everything organised. To keep all your trousers together in tidy fashion a top mounted trouser rack or a slide out trouser rack could be used.


Improvise storage options

There are a ton of storage products available on the market and some of them can be quite expensive. Of course, on the other hand, some of them can be quite practical and useful too. Some easy ways to save space and create organisation is to incorporate storage options such as pull out wardrobe baskets or pull out shoe storage baskets.

 pull out baskets

Keep it clean

The fastest way to ruin a well-organised closet is to become lazy once you have it separated and tidy. Don’t hang your clothes just anywhere in the closet; keep your items on your side of the fence. To ensure shirts and blouses don't fall off the hangers, button the shirt at the collar. Another important step to maintaining closet organisation is to keep the floor space clean and open. As soon as you begin to pile clothes and accessories upon the floor, any separation between you and your partner will dissipate. Overall, a well-organised closet requires work and dedication. If after a few months you notice that the lines separating the closet into its distinct sections begin to blur, re-establish the boundaries and organise the closet again.


Follow Renovator Store's board Wardrobe on Pinterest.

I want a Butler's Pantry!

We speak to a lot of new home builders and view their plans.  One feature we are seeing more and more is "the Butler's Pantry".  It is a great idea if you have the room to have one - but I must admit I enjoy asking new builders what a Butler's Pantry is as most have no idea.

butlers pantry

What is a Butler's Pantry?

I like to think of the Butler's Pantry as the storage haven and where mess can be hidden, whilst the kitchen can be kept tidy and minimalist in design.  As almost all new homes embrace open plan living and the kitchen is part of the main living space there are some real issues a Butler's Pantry can address:

Reduce clutter - Your new dream home is designed for entertaining guests.  And that means you need to stock a lot of crockery, glasses and cutlery.  Unfortunately these take up most of your kitchen storage and then you are forced to store other items on the bench.  There is not enough drawer space to be organised!  A Butler's Pantry lets you keep only what you use regularly in the kitchen, and you can store all the surplus gear for entertaining in the Butler's Pantry.  You formal kitchen will be far more organised.

Butlers pantry 1

Easy access - Easy access often requires open shelving or your kitchen alliances on the bench ready to use.   This is not great when you want your kitchen to present like the contemporary kitchens shown in magazines and on the internet.   A Butler's Pantry allows you to keep your often used appliances and cooking ware on view and within reach, but out of view of the living space.


Noise - Kitchens are noisy.  How do you watch a movie when the adjacent kitchen has a noisy blender, and there is the constant clink and clatter of packing and unpacking the dishwasher?  If you put your noisy appliances in the Butler's Pantry, and keep the drinks fridge in there there is less noise and disruption in the living area.

butlers pantry 2

What is the best layout?

The Butler's Pantry traditionally was a transition space between the kitchen and dining area, but is now more of a hidden working kitchen behind the main fancy kitchen.  Sometimes it is a walk through area that goes onto the laundry.  The entrance is best uninhibited so you can enter and exit carrying items without needing an extra hand to open a door.  It is also great to consider an entrance that is concealed or out of view of the main living area.

butlers pantry storageEven a small Butler's Pantry can be set out with a surprising amount of storage.  Shelves to the ceilings (as those dishes used only at Christmas can be stored way up top), pull-out organisers, wall storage, large and long benches with drawers,  Even a sink and tap is important if you can accommodate it as the messy jobs can be done here so your living area or dinner party is not interrupted by the vigorous scrubbing of a burnt pan.

Make the floor easy to clean as this is where the toast crumbs will gather.  Also, this is a work area - so think of appropriate lighting.  New LED lights come in different light colours.  Whilst "Warm White" is what you want for your normal living areas, you can opt for "Cool White" in a Butler's Pantry so you can more clearly see what you are doing.  Task light such as under shelving lights can also help.

Great for entertaining

When you are entertaining, Butler's Pantries are fantastic.  Our friends installed a second cheaper dish washer in their Butler's Pantry so they can be stacking that and washing round one of the dirty plates out back rather than having to do 2 or 3 rotations in one dishwasher.  They also have an under-bech drinks fridge and keep all their larger cooking appliances on the Butler's bench ready to use.  When they have people for dinner the formal kitchen, which is adjacent to the dining area, appears so well organised as all the messy preparation is done in the Butler's Pantry.

So why is it called a "Butler's Pantry"?

As the name suggests they are a reflection of more formal times when household's servants would use the Butler's Pantry for all the preparation and the care for all the cutlery and crockery.  It is where the Butler performed most of his duties.

All you need after a Butler's Pantry is a - Butler!



Top 10 Tips on How to Renovate for Profit

Renovating your home can be both satisfying and financially rewarding. Such a cleverly planned venture can add great value to your home. If you’re looking to renovate your house for sale, consider these top 10 hints that will bring you a better price on auction day.

Image link:

1. Carefully Organise Your Renovation Plans

Creating and implementing a good plan will ensure you make the most value from your renovation. Consult with experts such as real estate agents - they know what is sought after in the market and can assist you with your ideas.

2. Include an Extra Bathroom in Your Renovation

No one will ever begrudge an extra bathroom. An additional toilet and/or shower go a long way in a family home with several bedrooms. If you’re short of space but have a large master bedroom (or adjacent hallway space), you could consider installing an ensuite instead.

3. Create Additional Storage Space in Your Home

Storage solutions are an often-neglected element of home design, but a relatively cost-effective way to add value. If you have wasted space under stairs or an extra-wide hallway, consider creating discrete cabinets or cupboards. Walk-in-robes are a great asset too.

4. Make versatile areas part of your design plan

Open plan designs are trendy for a good reason. They allow you to maximise what you’ve got and create a sense of space. If you have two pokey living rooms, think about knocking out a connecting wall to create a larger, brighter multipurpose space. You won’t regret it.

Image link:

5. Build and Buy Materials to Last

Homebuyers want to know that their investment will last. Using durable materials and choosing your appliances wisely will encourage people to up their offers. Respected brand name appliances will add value to the property as a whole. If you decide to invest in structural renovations, don’t scrimp. A good builder and materials will ensure the quality of your renovations.

6. Try to Integrate Energy Efficiency

With the spiraling cost of utilities, houses are becoming more energy efficient. Lowering your home’s energy footprint is a sensible investment. When looking at new appliances, consider the energy ratings. Don’t be afraid of the investment. For example, solar can seem pricey upfront, but pays itself back in the long run. You’ll not only decrease energy bills but also possibly start getting back credits. Installing LED lights will save you money in the long run too as they have an 80%+ energy saving and should never need to be changed.

7. Install Heating and Cooling Systems

Australia has a lot of different climates. Your home will be more appealing if you have heating or cooling appropriate for your area. Reverse cycle air conditioning is good for temperate regions such as Victoria. Insulation is also an important component that will help regulate temperature – try to make sure yours is up to scratch.

8. Utilise Unexpected Spaces

A clever floorplan and use of wasted space will result in additional rooms and extra value. Consider turning the attic area into an extra bedroom, or transform a weather-tight garage into a granny flat. This is often cheaper than constructing an extra room, and adds architectural interest to your home.

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9. Make Your House Child-Friendly

Young families are an important segment of the market. Making your house safe and secure will appeal to them. Ensure you have proper railings for stairs and balconies. You should also remember that fences are compulsory around swimming pools.

10. Stick to Your Renovation Budget

No matter how impressive your renovations are, if you go over-budget, it’ll eat into your profits. Be conscious of what you can afford and invest in features that maximise return. If you decide to undertake a very expensive improvement, take the time to calculate whether it’s really worth it.

Author Bio: For your upcoming renovation, contact the Temporary Fencing Shop. We can arrange and deliver all the fencing you need to keep your build site secure. Call us on 1300 119 998 or visit our website for information.

Get your 'floordrobe' back into your wardrobe with these ideas

Bedrooms are a place to rest and relax yet this is hardly possible when your wardrobe becomes a 'floordrobe' and your bedside table is piled high with shopping lists, bills and unread magazines. A few simple tricks could see your bedroom transform from a pigsty into a tidy retreat. From small awkward spaces to large minimalist space, there is always a solution to your lack of space, all you need is a little bit of time and some imagination.

A floordrobe is a form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe.


The first place to utilise is the space under your bed. Whether you have a free standing or built in bed, basket, draws and cupboards can be fitted and used to store your shoes, books and hoarded goodies. Consider doubling your bed head as a wardrobe if you have the space behind. Look at these simple ideas below.




Whether its just fixing a shelf in place or exploring cabinetry options, boundless of storage space exists above your bed, even as high as the architraves. When fixing a shelf yourself, be wary of the weight that it can hold. If your bed is against a wall, think about building extra storage around it. Tall, narrow cupboards on either side of the bed can hang jackets and coats whilst longer cupboards are great for old book and off-season accessories.





Shoes are one of those things that constantly inhabit the bedroom floor, especially if there’s a woman in the house. If you’re anything like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, you would understand the pain of having insufficient shoe storage. Not all shoe storage has to be ugly yet it does have to be practical. Check out our solutions below or visit to see their range of shoe storage options.






Seek slim bedside tables or if possible, mount your night lamps on the wall and save on floor space.  Floating shelves are also great for holding your clock and novel without taking up floor space.