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Select Your Bathroom Decor With The New Prato Select Customisable Tapware

Everyone loves a bold bathroom, and the Prato Select series from Aguzzo will surely captivate you because it is an innovative system that allows you or your designer to make a statement with your tapware.


Architectural Bathroom Tapware Fuses Square & Round Styles

Prato is designed with precise geometry and casting, and complements both square-styled and round-styled tapware in the bathroom. It is cleverly styled by combining square edges with round, cylindrical, and arc shapes. Because of this feature, the Prato will match any of your existing fittings or planned bathroom fixtures.


Premium Features for a Perfect Bathroom

Our product specialists have highlighted this range from Aguzzo is of premium quality—you will know as soon as you feel the weight of the tap body, the precision luxury finish, and the soft cushioned feel of the water-controlling lever.

The Prato series is much heavier than economical tapware, with mixers weighing 0.98 kg each and the wall-mounted mixer and spout at a hefty 1.5 kg.

black body rose gold lever basin mixer

Change Tapware Handle Colour Combinations Anytime

If you get tired of your bathroom bling or simply want a refresh, the Prato tapware handles can easily be changed to provide a new colour combination and a change to your bathroom décor.


Use matte black and later switch to a rose gold handle, as both easily harmonise with a polished chrome or matte black body.

black body chrome lever basin mixer

You can choose your bathroom décor from the following six variations of Prato Select:

  • Black base with Rose Gold handle

  • Black base with Chrome handle

  • Black base with Black handle

  • Chrome base with Chrome handle

  • Chrome base with Black handle

  • Chrome base with Rose Gold handle

wall-basin-mixer-spout-chrome-rose-gold   prato wall mounted mixer and spout - matte black with chrome handle

wall mounted mixer and spout - matte black with rose gold handle

The new Prato architectural bathroom tapware from Aguzzo is now available! Our friendly Renovator Store team will be more than glad to assist you with your inquiry or purchase.

The quality of the Prato series is guaranteed with a WaterMark certification and WELS water rating, and Aguzzo offers a 5-year warranty.

7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Kid-Friendly

The bathroom is usually one of the most challenging rooms for kids—everything is high, menacing, cold and boring. However, only a few easy and quick modifications can make every bathroom attractive and stylish, but also completely kid-friendly.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Kid-Friendly

Opt for a sturdy countertop

If you don’t want to worry about stains and scratches on your granite countertops, try to replace them with something equality attractive, but more durable. Quartz is completely scratch- and stain-resistant, a bit cheaper, but still very beautiful.

Make bath time easy

Make bath time much easier and stress-free with a few shower/bath safety features. If you want to prevent slips, you should install a shower bar on the wall. There are adjustable models that are mounted to the wall by vacuum, which means they can be raised as your kids grow. In order to provide tiny feet with solid ground, you can buy an anti-slip mat and place it in your shower or bath. Getting an adjustable showerhead will also make showers safer and easier. If you combine all of these, your kids will be able to take showers that are completely safe and easy!

minimalist bathroom

Prevent Scalding

Every parent’s priority is their kids’ safety. So, make sure to prevent burns during washing up or showers with anti-scalding devices. They can be installed on faucets and showerheads to control the temperature and limit hot water flow. This means you can allow your kids to be more independent and you can relax knowing there will be no burns.

Have enough storage space

Kids have A LOT of things. There are shampoos, bath bombs, creams, toys and other personal items, so if you want to prevent a huge mess, you need some extra storage. Storage baskets and soft-close drawers are all great solutions. Wicker or wire baskets look great in every bathroom, are inexpensive, easy to personalise and modify, so they should be your first choice. Every child in the household should have their own storage space, so they can call it their own and take pride in their possessions.

bathroom organisation

Organisation shouldn’t be hard

Once you have ample storage, it’s time to teach your kids how to use it. The easiest way to teach them responsibility for the items is to personalise them and make them appealing to your kids. For instance, embroidering towels with their initials or names is a great way for kids to quickly identify their belongings and take more care of them. This will also help you see who didn’t pick up after themselves and made a mess! Additionally, placing a hamper in the bathroom will prevent dirty clothes, pyjamas and towels from ending up on the floor or all over the counters.

Make it reachable

Many people decide to buy a few kid-sized bathroom furniture pieces like a small toilet or vanity. However, kids grow very fast and in only a few years, your kid will outgrow their kiddie furniture. So, opting for attractive bathroom vanities and accompanying them with a step stool is a much more cost-effective solution. This will allow your kids to wash their hands and brush their teeth without any help, which develops good hygiene habits and responsibility, and you’ll not have to replace your furniture in two years. You can also think about where you store their products. Putting things far beyond the edge of the vanity or too high on the shower shelf will make reaching things a struggle and even risk falls and slips. However, if you just rearrange the products and put your kids’ things low on shelves, they will always be available.

bathtub white

Add some fun

If you want kids to enjoy every bath time and gladly spend time it the bathroom, you have to make it at least a little fun. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to cover your bathroom with superhero or cartoon character wallpapers and stickers, especially if you all share one space. However, you can add some fun with boldly painted walls and a few fun accessories. Opting for neutral tiles and furniture colours and choosing vibrant wall paint, linen, shower curtains and accessories is the best way to go. This way, you can easily modify your interior in the future and not break the bank.

kid-friendly bathroo

With these tips, you can have your cake and eat it, or more accurately, have a stylish bathroom that is also kid-friendly and fun!

How to Replace Basin Taps in the Bathroom in Five Easy Steps

Fresh bathroom fixtures can instantly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Whether you just want an upgrade of your basin taps or it definitely needs a replacement, we have outlined how to replace basin taps in the bathroom.

Usually, bathroom basins have an installation manual included in its package that you can refer to. But in this handy step-by-step guide, we show you how to quickly change an old basin tap to a new one, in five easy steps.

how to replace basin taps in the bathroom


1. Turn Your Water OFF

First, you have to make sure that your water supply for both cold and hot taps from the mains supply is turned off. Then, make sure app your taps in the house (both hot and cold) are left open to drain any excess water.

Clear out everything you can from under the sink, including any shelves. This will give you more room to work and use your tools more easily. Once ready, add a bucket or tray below the tap to catch any drips.

cortina bathroom basin


2. Remove Your Old Tap

Get under the basin - you can spread an old towel across the floor or the bottom of your under-sink cabinet to catch any spills. Start unscrewing the nut that locks your basin to the old tap. If your existing tap was fitted using compression fittings, you might need two adjustable wrenches to undo the nuts. Once you have removed this, your old tap can now be pulled out.


3. Install Your New Tap

Connect the threaded post to your tap, then feed into the basin hole, so your tap sits on top of your basin, with the thread poking out below. Again, there may be a washer included or needed to make sure the tap sits snugly. Screw the nut tightly onto the threaded post, your tap is now gripped onto your basin.


Top tip from

Balancing water pressure

The water supply should have a reasonably balanced pressure from a common source (e.g. hot and cold supplies both from the same storage or both from a supply pipe). Where the fitting is supplied from unbalanced supplies (e.g. hot and cold supplies from separate sources) Water Regulations or Byelaws in your area may require an ‘approved’ non-return valve or single check valve to be fitted to both the hot and the cold pipes that are connected to the mixer tap.

Where this is the case, simply fit the valves below the flexible tap connectors with the arrow on the valve pointing upwards. Once fitted, this will ensure that cold water is not pushed back through the hot water pipe when both taps are on, stopping the hot water temperature from cooling too quickly.

Once your tap is gripped onto your basin, the hot and cold pipes should feed directly from your wall to your new pipes. Don't forget to check everything to make sure there are no leaky or loose connections.


4. Connect Your Plumbing

Screw the flexible connectors into your tap. After that, connect them to the copper domestic pipes, with a compression fitting in between (this will keep the pressure between the two pipes regulated and safe).


5. Switch Your Water Supply Back On

Now you can turn the water supply on from the mains. If your new tap is set to ‘closed’ when the air rushes through, it could potentially damage the tap. We recommend all taps be set to ‘open’ for a little while after turning the water supply on. Remember the other taps in your house may still be open, so remember to switch them off once water comes through again.


VALE Brighton basin mixer


You did it! You have placed your newest bathroom fixture!

Perfect Wall-Hung Vanities for Small Bathrooms

Planning to upgrade and modernise your bathroom? Vanities and mirror cabinets can be added to your bathroom’s interior for extra storage while keeping a classy and modern ambience. We've outlined a list of the top wall-hung vanities for small bathrooms that will surely get your inspiration flowing.

Bathroom vanities are constructed with variations of ceramic, polyurethane and high gloss material and can also come with integrated basins perfect for compact bathrooms. Keep your bathroom essentials in order with these smart storage options.

Our top 5 picks of wall-hung vanities for small bathrooms:

1. Bathroom Vanity White Narrow Ceramic Basin Stone (1200mm)

Bathroom Vanity White Narrow Ceramic Basin Stone - 1200mm

The vanity’s narrow design allows more usable space in your bathroom and is perfect for small spaces. The sleek designer bowl is roomy and luxurious while still allowing more the adequate bench space for bathroom accessories. The cabinet features two soft-closing drawers that provide you with convenience as well as storage options.

Bathroom Vanity White Narrow Ceramic Basin Stone - 1200mm   Bathroom Vanity White Narrow Ceramic Basin Stone - 1200mm

A mix of spacious and space saver rolled into this narrow ceramic basin vanity. This vanity’s 560 x 350 x 145mm basin can accommodate a higher usage, and the two-door drawers can also offer a large storage space. Meanwhile, the sleek features of this vanity basin add to the neat and uncluttered look of your bathroom. This wall hung vanity basin saves floor space which can give an illusion of a bigger room.


2. Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Basin (600mm)

Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Basin - 600mm Wide - Polyurethane Finish Poly Marble - Wall Hung

This ultramodern vanity has function, beauty and durability. Its function and classic style will stand the test of time. Its reasonable price is just as stunning as its beauty. This lovely bathroom accent piece works for contractors as well as for individual home renovations. With its generous two soft-closing drawers with finger pull design, this versatile vanity gives you extra storage right where you need it.

Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Basin - 600mm Wide - Polyurethane Finish Poly Marble - Wall Hung   Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Basin - 600mm Wide - Polyurethane Finish Poly Marble - Wall Hung

This lovely wall-mounted bathroom vanity is stylish, beautiful and durable with bonus storage to boot! A quality product manufactured by Della Francesca.

This ultramodern vanity has function, beauty and durability. Its function and classic style will stand the test of time. Its reasonable price is just as stunning as its beauty. This lovely bathroom accent piece works for contractors as well as for individual home renovations. With its generous two soft-closing drawers with finger pull design, this versatile vanity gives you extra storage right where you need it.


3. Bathroom Vanity With Stone Top Basin (600mm)

Bathroom Vanity With Stone Top Basin - 600mm

This gorgeous and durable wall-hung bathroom vanity will bring new life and style to any bathroom! A quality product manufactured by Della Francesca.

This ultramodern vanity has function, beauty and durability. This vanity is durable as well as attractive – its classic style will stand the test of time. Its reasonable price is just as stunning as its beauty. This lovely bathroom accent piece is ideal for contractors as well as for the individual homeowner. With its generous sized cabinet, featuring two soft-closing drawers, this versatile vanity gives you extra storage right where it's needed.

Bathroom Vanity With Stone Top Basin - 600mm - Wall Hung   Bathroom Vanity With Stone Top Basin - 600mm - Wall Hung

The gleaming high-gloss black finish on the MDF surface, along with the artificial stone top is a real head turner. The main cabinet is 900 x 500 x 520mm and features soft-closing hinges and stainless steel handles. Your bathroom vanity comes packaged in a bubble bag with six-sided foam protection.


4. Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Stone Top Modern Ensuite (750mm)

Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Stone Top Modern Ensuite

This gorgeous vanity will bring new style and life to any bathroom! The white ceramic basin has a gleaming high-gloss finish. The installed vanity dimensions are a compact 750 x 460 x 620mm. The cabinet features two soft-closing drawers that provide you with convenience and storage options. The small basin also makes maximum use of bench space allowing room for all your bathroom needs.

Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Stone Top Modern Ensuite - 750mm - Wall Hung   Bathroom Vanity Ceramic Basin Stone Top Modern Ensuite - 750mm - Wall Hung

The sleek features of this ceramic basin stone top wall mount vanity makes it a perfect addition to a remodelled bathroom. With its compact 750 x 460 x 620mm size, this elegant wall mount vanity could be placed in any bathroom size. Its compact design also allows more room for your other bathroom needs. The neatly positioned white ceramic basin atop this minimalist vanity adds a modern touch to your bathroom. Bathroom essentials can be placed on the white pepper quartz countertop or stored inside the two soft-closing drawers.


5. Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Stone Top Basin (1200mm)

Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Stone Top Basin - 1200mm

This lovely bathroom vanity offers style and functionality combined with modern design and even storage! A great quality product manufactured by Della Francesca.

Bathroom Vanity Unit with Integrated Stone Top Basin - 1200mm Wide - Wall Hung

The main cabinet is 1200 x 480 x 545mm and features a high gloss ceramic finished body with an eye-catching artificial stone benchtop. Other features include soft-closing hinges, aluminium alloy handles, huge amounts of storage space and a modern, off-set cabinet design.

So if you want to find eye-catching design combined with modern functionality... all wrapped up in high-quality manufacturing at an unbeatable price... then the Della Francesca vanity is the best choice for your Renovation needs.


For more wall-hung vanities for small bathrooms and shaving cabinet options, click here. Visit to see our latest deals and offers that can surely help you save heaps on your home renovation!

Wall-Mounted Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Heated towel rails allow you to easily dry your towels while neatly storing them in your bathroom. These are available in two formats - wall-mounted and free-standing. To this day, the most popular option is the wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms. We look into why it's a mainstream and one of the most sought-after fixtures these days.

Wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms provide the utmost luxury at little cost and are able to make your early morning routine that much more tolerable. Imagine jumping out of the shower into a warm, dry, soft towel.

wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms


Benefits of wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms:

Warmer Towels and Bathrooms

The extra beauty of a heated towel rail as well as warming up your towel is that it will dry your towel for you too so you will never have to pick up a damp towel again. Heated towel rails will also keep your bathroom warmer, reducing your energy bills by avoiding the need to turn on your heating system and they can also be used to hang items of washing to dry.

Bathroom Hygiene

Aside from heated towel rails giving you warm, fluffy towels after a  nice shower, they also help keep your bathroom hygienic because these heated rails minimise the chance of damp breeding ground for germs and mould, not just in the towels themselves, but across the entire room.

Wall-mounted towel rails perform better

Because they are mounted directly to the wall (either hard-wired into your electricity, simply plugged in or plumbed directly into your water supply), wall-mounted towel rails simply perform better than any other type of units. If you need to get the best of the best when it comes to performance out of your new towel rail, there’s just no other option. Wall mounting is the only way to go.


wall mounted towel rails for bathrooms

Wall-mounted towel rails come in different shapes, types and sizes. Make sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom that suits your needs.

Types of wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms:

Round Tube

Round tube heated towel rails have perfect round bars that look great in a modern bathroom. Its sturdy bars and mounting structure are suitable for a whole family's use. The wide variety of width options are available to accommodate different preferences and bathroom sizes, so anyone can start enjoying the comfort of spa-like warm towels in every bath!

Round Tube Heated Towel RailEZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Round Tube (W750mm x H700mm) - Matte Black

View complete Round Tube Towel Rails collection here.


Square Tube

Square tube heated towel ladders exude both utmost functionality and sleek design. Its square tube rails perfectly hold the towels in place, preventing them from slipping off the rails. The cornered bars also complements either modern interior designs or traditional bathroom structures. These are also available in a variety of measurements to match bathrooms of any size.

Hotwire - Heated Towel Rail - Square Bar 304 SSEZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Square Tube

View complete Square Tube Towel Rails collection here.


Flat Tube

Flat tube heated towel rails make drying towels in a breeze. Its flat bars make the closest contact with the towels, minimising the time needed for it to be dried and warmed. Its bold edges make a striking statement to bathrooms, in addition to its available swatches in matte black and polished stainless steel. Each flat tube heated towel ladder comes with an IPX5 rating, tested to withstand water sprays.

EZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Flat Tube (W750mm x H700mm)Heated Towel Square Black - 001

View complete Flat Tube Towel Rails collection here.


  • Superior Quality - Only 100% high grade polished stainless steel. There is no chrome to peel or bubble off.

  • Safe and Compliant - Low energy consumption, safe temperature, water spray tested, and full electrical compliance.

  • Easy to Install - Simply plug in or hard wire (conceal the wiring) to a wall switch or smart timer. have a wide range of heated towel rails, all of which are of highest quality and most competitive prices. Made from quality stainless steel in both square and round designs, the Aguzzo heated towel rail range are some of the best value on the market! Sizes vary and you can choose from a polished chrome or matte black finish - it all depends on your taste and needs!

So what are you waiting for? - Invest in a heated towel rail to add some style to your bathroom and dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently.

If you want more on this topic, read our Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Towel rails are a convenient addition to any bathroom as it provides a non-obstructive storage for towels, whether these are wet or dry. In this blog, we will discuss why you should choose stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms.

Stainless steel provides a contemporary and elegant appearance that can enhance the look and feel of any bathroom. It is a superior material that's commonly used for bathroom and kitchen products because it provides a number of practical benefits. We've outlined a list of advantages of picking stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms.

stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms


It is regarded as the most hygienic of metals as it is easy to clean and the surface has no pores or cracks to harbour bacteria or mildew.


In addition to the hygienic characteristics of stainless steel, stainless steel does not contain lead and arsenic like DR Brass does

Polished Finish

Looks like chrome but won't bubble or peel. 304 stainless steel is a superior choice - it is stronger than chromed brass, and superior corrosion resistance to cheaper stainless steel.

900mm Round Polished EZY FIT900mm Round Polished EZY FIT


Our Aguzzo® Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail has a timeless round rail design that exudes simplicity - it complements most chrome bathware ranges. The generous width of towel rails fit larger towels or can store many towels for a larger bathroom. It boasts different types and sizes to provide high heat contact to the towels so they are warm and dry in minimal time. Unlike lightweight and lower grade steel heated rails Aguzzo® rails are thick 304 stainless steel.

  • Modern - the Aguzzo® round tube heated towel range is timeless design with clean straight lines and soft bars that complement any round style bathware ranges

  • Flexible install - You have the option to attach to the wall and simply DIY plugin, or conceal the wiring through the new EZY FIT wall bracket into the wall (electrician required to connect). See install instructions below - you can simply plug in or have your electrician provide a connection in the wall for concealed wiring. Simply connect to and control via a wall switch or programmable timer (sold separately) so you can enjoy warm fluffy towels when you need them!

  • Efficient - Only 166 watts power consumption! It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to heat up.

  • Safe - full electrical safety compliance and licensing with AS/NZ: 60335 and c-tick requirements. The latest in heating technology provides an even surface heat - the bars are dry and not filled with liquids or oils, so you can even dry delicate garments. The surface can heat to 55ºC, being hot but not scalding - see attached instructions for more safety information.

  • Waterproof - IPX5 rated to withstand water sprays - a great choice for the bathroom


Jump on to see the complete selection of stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms that we offer. You may also want to read these Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail to help you select the one that's just right for your bathroom.

Black is back and here to stay

Stunning and unique, matte black tapware is trending around the world and is setting the standard in modern, contemporary kitchen and bathroom design. Crafted with an electroplated finish to ensure durability and consistency, a matte black tap is guaranteed to spark interest and provide practicality in your new bathroom. 

With its luxurious and sleek design, matte black tapware is captivating from the first look and is much more practical when it comes to grubby fingers and keeping clean.

In a simplistic and modern bathroom, the addition of a matte black tap and mixer can really make a statement – combining a bold contrast to such a classic design. Sophisticated, contemporary and timeless, black tapware blends in but also stands out, adding a slight industrial look if chosen to be embraced.

At a luxury bathroom range is now stocking some of their VALE Brighton products in matte black option. These include;

A Wall mounted shower mixerVale-black-brighton-Mixer with/without diverter 

Including the highest quality components and ceramic cartridge, the Vale Brighton wall mounted shower mixer is of elegant design with perfect temperature and flow control. The benefit of an integrated spout wall mixer is its simple minimalist look, making for a seamless transition between your shower head and spout while maintaining perfect water flow.

Matte-Black-Birghton-TapwareSingle lever basin mixer

The matte black VALE single lever basin mixer is a simple timepiece that will add awe and interest to any bathroom. Providing exceptionally smooth and cushioned transition from cold to hot and from low to high pressure, the VALE Brighton single lever basin mixer is a must have fresh new look.

Wall mounted single lever and spoutblack-bathroom-renovate

Simple and minimalist, this VALE wall mounted single lever and spout will keep your vanity and basins clear and easy to keep clean. Made from the highest quality components, the internal KCG ceramic cartridge is world-leading quality providing you with perfect water pressure and temperature control, and is designed to last.

If you want to make a classy statement or you are just doing a small renovation that needs a wow factor, matte black is the perfect finish for you.

Jump online to check out the new VALE Brighton range, also available in chrome


How To Create Different Looks For Your Bathroom

Feel like changing things up in your bathroom? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to bring in trendy features like natural stone or matte black tapware. Maybe you want to make the most of your tiling or feature wall. Maybe you just spend a lot of time working out things like how to remove wax from clothes and you need more sink space. Whatever the reason, this helpful guide is here to give you a few design ideas.

[caption id="attachment_13590" align="aligncenter" width="474"]black bathroom Check out our matte black bathware here>>[/caption]

Choosing a Basin

Of all the features in your bathroom, the basin is the most frequently used. This makes it the obvious starting point for a change of style, not least because it’s the easiest thing to change. Here are a few styles you might like:

moku grey stone round bathroom basin

  • Natural stone basins: These are a perfect way to soften the look of a sleek, tiled bathroom. With a variety of shapes and colours, it’s easy to add something that complements or contrasts with your tile. You can bring in a granite basin as a focal point against a light-coloured wall, or a sandstone or marble basin to add interest against a darker splashback or counter.

  • Free-standing basins: These basins are practical as well as beautiful. More spacious than many built-in washbasins, a free-standing natural stone washbasin is perfect if you need to soak something bulky – for example, if you’re hand washing a wool blanket, or trying to work out how to remove wax from clothes. Since no stone has exactly the same pattern, you can also be sure that you’re getting something absolutely unique.

  • Contrast basins: Perhaps natural stone already features prominently in your bathroom – for example, in an exposed wall – and you want that same unconventional feel without overdoing the rough-hewn aesthetic. There are other alternatives to a standard ceramic basin: you can either embrace the natural look wholeheartedly and add a beautiful wooden basin, or you can bring in some contrast with a black vanity unit and white or glass basin.

single lever bathroom mixer

Choosing Tapware for Your Sink

Your choice of tapware isn’t just about the overall look you’re going for; there’s also space to consider. Are you looking to maximise counter space, or do you want to free up space on the wall? Here are a couple possible choices:

  • Counter-mounted taps. If you have more counter space than wall space, look into getting a tall mixer tap that’s counter-mounted. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Choose a polished chrome if you want to add a little brightness to the room, or matte black for a cooler edge; curved, goose-neck taps for a more traditional feel, or square taps to keep things contemporary. Consider the shape of the basin, too – square taps are beautiful paired with round basins, and vice versa.

  • Wall-mounted taps. If you have space to mount your taps to the wall, you might prefer to keep your counter relatively clear. Wall mounting also opens up the option of having a waterfall spout, for an ultra-modern look with a gentler feel. Keep in mind, though, that this may be less practical for heavier usage. If you often find yourself washing delicate clothes by hand, or scrubbing tough stains out of fabrics and wondering about things like how to remove wax from clothing, you might be better off sticking with a more traditional spout for now.

rain and rail hand shower set

Baths and Showers

You might not have the option of changing your other fixtures to match your sink, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to look disjointed. These are just a few details you should look out for when creating your perfect bath or shower:

  • The shower head: A rain shower head is designed to feel and sound like rainfall, so it can be a beautiful and peaceful complement to natural stone or wood features in the rest of your bathroom. It’s also very easy to match heads and necks to the finish and shape of your tapware, with square, round, chrome and black options readily available. Complete the effect with a frameless glass enclosure, especially if you need to keep an open feel in a smaller space.

  • The tub: It’s often most practical to pair a freestanding bath tub with freestanding tapware, and this will look especially stylish alongside counter-mounted mixer taps on your sink. Again, wall- and hob-mounting allows you to install waterfall spouts if you’d like, and it’s always wise to match the shape and finish of your bath taps to the ones on your sink. Be guided by the materials you’re pairing your taps with, and remember – in interior design as in all things, black goes with everything!

  • Lastly, the towel rail. Details like this are easily overlooked, so make sure they factor into your plans! Again, it’s easy to match the shape and finish of your towel rail to the shape and finish of your tapware, so pick your theme and make the most of it. A matte black towel rail could be just the unconventional focal point your bare wall needs.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for how you can bring some gorgeous and unusual fixtures into your bathroom for something a little different. Happy decorating!

Bathroom Renovation Trends 2017

Everyone has dreamt about renovating their bathroom at one point or another, but before you start a full blown bathroom renovation you'll need some inspiration. Today we discuss the bathroom renovation trends dominating 2017.Across all of these trends, you will notice one overarching theme. Timelessness. Fleeting fad trends have lost their appeal and people are becoming more conscious of aesthetically pleasing, classic designs that won’t date quickly. Australians value high quality, stylish and practical products at affordable prices, that are easy also to install and maintain.

Matte Black Finishes


[caption id="attachment_13268" align="alignnone" width="617"]Matte Black Vanity Matte Black Will Dominate Your Bathroom In 2017[/caption]

In 2017, Matte Black finishes have been on an upward trajectory and inside every designer home. This finish will appear on multiple fixtures throughout homes in 2017 but it's in the bathroom that it will really stand out. Matte black finishes create a sophisticated and majestic feel to any contemporary home. The matte black finish signifies the end of traditional chrome finishes, as this trend is here to stay.

Natural Finishes

A trend that  Renovator store has fallen in love with in 2017 is natural finishes. A bathroom/spa with natural finishes has become a hot commodity in 2017. Stone, bamboo, and wood are all materials that offer a pleasing aesthetic whilst maintain practicality of more traditional finishes. The natural veins and color variations are preserved in each finish, making each basin a unique addition to your home.

[caption id="attachment_13257" align="alignnone" width="608"]Moku Sandstone Basin Moku's Sandstone Basin Creates A Natural Aesthetic For Your Bathroom[/caption]

Designer basins add a little more personality to your typical sinks as these are built to stand out from the ordinary. These are also made from different materials such as sandstone, oak, and even glass and are made to be impervious to water to ensure that it can be used for a long time.

Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads will continue to be popular within 2017 as they improve your shower experience and bring a luxurious feeling of being in the rain. Install one of these into your shower and you'll be singing in the rain in no time. Rain shower heads are available in a number of different finishes including our favorite matte black.

[caption id="attachment_13253" align="alignnone" width="590"]Matte Black Square Rain Shower Head Matte Black Square Rain Shower Head[/caption]

Vale's Square shower heads 300mm design allows you to move around a bit while enjoying the falling water. Its matte black and oversized design look great in any bathroom in 2017!

Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are mainstream and one of the most sought-after fixtures in the bathroom these days. A heated towel rail will not only warm up your towels but will warm up the temperature, reduce condensation and add an element of style to any bathroom. This indulgence is now an affordable option for any bathroom

[caption id="attachment_13255" align="alignnone" width="583"]Aguzzo Heated Towel Rail Aguzzo Heated Towel Rail[/caption]

Heated towel rails are a must for bathrooms. Imagine the comfort of warm fluffy towels on a cold winter's morning. Towel ladders look great, are an effective storage method for towels, and add value to the bathroom.

To check out Renovator Stores long list of premium bathroom products click here

Simple details that will upgrade your bathroom

Does your bathroom need some love, but you don't have the budget to do a complete over-haul? The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, and it's indeed worth functional and beautiful aesthetic design. We'll show you that by adding smart design features, and taking on easy DIY tasks, you can upgrade yours without breaking the budget.

Update your bathroom fixtures 

[caption id="attachment_11633" align="aligncenter" width="493"]matte black bathroom fitting Pinterest[/caption]

By creating a theme with your bathroom features, you'll result in a cohesive, well-thought out look for your space. Choosing statement pieces, like matte black fittings, will embolden your space and give it a modern feel. Be creative with your fixtures, and play with colour, shapes and metals.

Heat things up 

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A heated towel-rail isn't just suitable for a winter! Installing a heated towel rail isn't only practical, but adds a touch of luxury to the space. As shown above, they can also clearly be a stunning and bold feature item.

Accessorise the bathtub 

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Functional and attractive in design, a bathtub caddy will add a real homely feel to your space. This gorgeous wooden plank design adds a shabby-chic edge to the room. Safely enjoy a glass of wine, a book, or electronic device as you soak in a nice warm tub!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall 

Bathroom Vanities and Shaving Cabinets

Every bathroom needs a great mirror. If you're looking to make a big impact in your space, go for a large, statement mirror to open up your space.

Remember when purchasing your mirror that there's several types that can alter the reflection - so decide whether you want an honest reflection or a magnifying reflection.

Under-tile heating

Under Tile Heating

Under-tile heating is a complete comfort solution to your bathroom, again adding a luxurious touch to your bathroom. Some may get scared off by this project, as it sounds too complex, however many DIY options are easy to install and enjoy once completed.

Get modern with functional products 

Stainless Steel Shower GratesA tile grate is a bathroom-must to manage water waste. A sleek, recessed and modern shower grate is a high quality styling option for a modern bathroom.

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