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Pros and Cons to DIY Home Renovation

using an electric screwdriver to screw onto wood

Completing home renovations yourself can be backbreaking but rewarding work. Saving money is never a bad thing but there’s a time and place for frugality. Cutting corners on certain home repairs may be hazardous to one's health.

Knowing the difference between a money-saving opportunity and when splurging on professional resources is required is no easy feat. Read on to get a better idea of when saving or spending may be most prudent.

paint rollers painting green red orange and blue

Money Saver

PAINTING: A fresh coat of paint is hardly laborious, a quick and thrifty option. Breaking out the rollers and brushes can dramatically change a room. Interior painting — trim, walls, and doors — can transform a dull space into the dream room that you’ve always wished for. Additionally, painting is an activity that can involve the entire family. Enable everyone in your home to make decisions and allow them input in color selection. Painting is a low risk way to try out different personas for each room. Here you'll have the ability to experiment with different colors, shades and borders knowing it can easily be changed in the near future. Through the use of painters tape you can get more complicated and feature intricate designs, like a striped accent wall or other fun personal elements.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: Similar to painting, updating window treatments has the ability to frame a room in an entirely new light. Window treatments may not seem like the most exciting design element but there’s surprisingly many options to consider and play around with! Valances, drapes, and blinds are only the tip of the iceberg. While choosing something in line with current fads is not always wise, window treatments are a great way to be in the moment without committing to a long-term DIY project.

window with white curtains

Experiment with patterns and different fabrics to find something that fits in your space. Different window treatment lengths and textures can be used to adjust, or filter, the amount of light in a room. Allowing more light into a space can make the room appear larger than it truly is.

REFINISHING FURNITURE: Refinishing a piece of furniture can make something rather bland into a fresh and new statement piece. Taking garage sale finds and making them into a one of a kind piece of furniture is a great way to cut costs and hone your eye for design at the same time. Refinishing furniture is quite an umbrella term and can include staining/painting, reupholstering, adding new hardware or anything else you feel can elevate a piece that you’ve become bored with or is a “new to you” find.

man doing home renovation


ON INSPECTIONS: Splurging on inspections is very important. Unless you have proper training there’s no way to DIY test for some of the most common household toxins. Having your home tested for toxins before any major, or minor, home renovations is an important first step to safeguard the health of you and your family. Some of the most common household toxins to inspect for are asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead, and radon. All four toxins are invisible to the naked eye, meaning there is no way for the average person to easily identify if it’s an issue in their home. Both asbestos and lead were commonly used in older homes so before completing any renovations that involve deconstruction professionals should be sought if your home was built prior to 1980.

MAJOR DECONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: Even after completing the necessary and recommended inspections there is always risk involved with major deconstruction or demolition. Contractors and construction crews should be hired if you want to dramatically change the layout of your home in order to eliminate risks related to; exposure to poor air quality, improperly removing necessary structural elements of the home (example: wall removal) or self-injury.

pile of DIY tools

Reasons for Splurging

HEALTH BENEFITS: The splurges may seem a bit costly, but investing in your home now can save you from unnecessary medical spending in the long run. For instance, asbestos abatement is pricey costing thousands of dollars but exposure to the toxin can result in mesothelioma cancer. Prognosis is poor for cancer and it can ultimately cost you your life. Lead, carbon monoxide, and radon also have negative health consequences that can lead to increased medical bills and poor quality of life.

TOXIN AWARENESS: Being aware of the potential toxin risk that may be hidden away if your home can help to cut costs effectively without compromising on your health. Find healthy and fun outlets for creativity that allow ownership of a space but don’t be stingy when it’s necessary to outsource the higher risk repairs.

Mesothelioma Awareness Day is September 26 - take this day as a reminder that every action has a consequence and empower yourself with the facts necessary to make DIY fun and harmless.


This article was shared by our friends at  Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a group of professionals dedicated to providing resources, information, and support to individuals and families suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.


A Pro’s Secrets to Surviving Your House Renovation

No matter how new, spacious and amazing your home is, it surely needs a few touch-ups here and there. Renovating it bit by bit means you’ll always be in the renovation mood, and that’s not something most people can endure for a long period of time.

Therefore, deciding to perform your huge renovation projects at once makes much more sense, although it’s harder and takes more time and energy. Luckily, there are certain ways to survive the renovation process and the key is to follow a few simple rules. If you don’t know how, here are a few tips that might help you go through this process easily and efficiently.

home renovation collage

Know what you want

This may sound like the simplest thing in the world, but it’s actually far from that. Most people know that they want to change something in their homes but aren’t sure what exactly. They’re aware their kitchen isn’t functional or their living room needs more natural light, yet don’t know how to solve these problems.

That’s why defining what you want to accomplish with your renovation or remodeling is crucial if you want these changes to be meaningful and effective. Once you’ve decided what needs to be done and how you’re going to make your dreams come true, you can finally begin the process.

man with hardhat sawing wood outdoors

What can you do?

Home renovations cost a lot of money and most homeowners are happy to do some of the work on their own if that means they’ll cut the costs. However, they may not be as handy and skilful as they think and, despite their best wishes, they don’t help the process at all.

So, if you want to be useful and save some money, you have to know what exactly you can and can’t do. Painting the walls, fixing kitchen cabinets, laying tiles, decorating the space and organizing the furniture are just some of the ways to make a contribution and feel useful during your home renovation, and you’ll still save a few bucks here and there, which is always welcomed.

busy couple with papers and calculator at home

Define the budget

Speaking of financing, this is the most important thing in your home renovation process and something that’s going to decide whether you’ll be able to make changes in your home or not. These projects cost more than people usually think and planning a budget in advance is a step you shouldn’t avoid.

You’ll have to invest all the money you have, borrow some from your friends or family, and get acquainted with a few financing options since you’ll need home improvement financing if you want to get the job done. Once you define your budget, try to stick to it and don’t invest in too many new ideas just because they look good on paper – instead, stick with what you’ve decided to renovate and leave the rest for another time.

Move out

This is a proposal homeowners usually react to in two different ways: some of them are happy to move out while their home is being renovated, and others just hate this idea. Nevertheless, while keeping track of all the things that are going on is quite all right, it can be tiring, stressful and hard, so moving away from it all might make more sense in the long run.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit your home at all – this is your life, after all, and not an episode of Nate & Jeremiah by Design! You should be involved, but from a distance, and visit your contractors from time to time. Ultimately, surviving renovations is going to be much easier if you move to your friends’ or parents’ for a while instead of living right in the middle of a construction site.

man wearing hardhat with plans looking at house

Be flexible

Knowing your wishes, your budget and your deadline is important, but you need to remember one more thing: Be flexible. Home renovations don’t always go as planned, mistakes sometimes happen, and you need to be prepared for them.

Having a backup plan and trying to remain calm is essential if something goes wrong because panic doesn’t help anyone. Talk to your contractors, fix what can be fixed and move on with the process. In short, leave all the negativities behind and focus on the positive sides of your renovation.


As you can see, surviving a home renovation is, in fact, possible but only if you know what to expect and how to avoid stress. In the end, be prepared to enjoy your home and all the good things this renovation brought your way.


Author Bio

Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is also a mum who likes to spend her free time with her daughter. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is an editor-in-chief at Smooth Decorator.

Major and Minor Investments to Help Increase the Value of Your Home

Regardless of your home’s size or age, there are always things you can do to increase its value – and it’s much easier than you think. Some investments might be a bit costly, while some might cost you nothing but your time. However, what you really should be looking for are the kinds of projects that will result in bigger ROI. So, if you’re planning on selling it in the near future, or you just want to improve it for other reasons, here are a few things you could do to get the most bang for your buck.

increasing the value of your home

Plan ahead

First, you need to plan your remodel. Now, you might be thinking, “what does this have to do with the value of the home?” The thing is, you’re more likely to make the right choices if you upgrade your home according to a premade plan than if you do it on impulse. Also, upgrading your home is a process, it won’t happen overnight, so there’s no reason to rush. Get to know your place, and list the things you want to change. Be realistic about the possible cost of everything on your list. After you organize everything by price, see what's the most important, and what you will do only if there’s money left after the more important upgrades. Finally, do some research or talk to a professional, and see which of those improvements can increase the value of your home the most.

investments to help increase the value of your home

The curb appeal

Installing a new steel door might not sound like the most important addition to your house, but research has shown that it is one of the financially best upgrades you could do. Moreover, it’s all about the first impression and if your exterior doesn’t look impressive, the potential buyers might assume that the interior won’t be much better either. Besides the doors, you should also replace your windows, do some landscaping, repaint the house, etc. In short, your curb appeal can really make or break your ROI, so you should make sure your home looks as great on the outside as it does on the inside.

Think about sustainability

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, so it might not be a bad idea to invest in eco-friendly upgrades. You can install double-flush toilets and low-flow faucets to preserve water. You can also try to get more details about low-flow toilets in the market that flush powerfully and thoroughly.

It may also be a good idea to add some LED lights, insulate your home properly so it doesn’t waste too much electricity on regulating the temperature, and you might even want to consider installing a solar power system. There are many innovative companies such as Australia’s leading solar energy installer Skylight Energy that can provide you with the best solar panels that are guaranteed to efficiently serve your home for a long time.

sustainable homes

Add more space

A research from 2005 has shown that every 1,000 square feet you add to your home is likely to boost its sale price by more than 30 percent. Nowadays, everybody needs an extra room, which they can turn into their home office, private movie theater, or something similar. So, if your budget allows it, consider enlarging your bathroom, building a nice patio or an outdoor kitchen, or perhaps a room or two extra for people’s hobbies. Just try not to add so much that your home’s price skyrockets way beyond your neighborhood’s average – you can be at the high end of your neighborhood’s price range, just try not to be the leading value.

increase property value

Clean your home

Another thing that only takes time – yet is extremely important – is your home’s cleanliness. A clean home will attract more buyers than a home that is obviously full of dust, mold, dirt, and whatnot. It’s not just about the appearance though – by cleaning your home from top to bottom, you might also notice some maintenance issues that need to be taken care of before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. Mold, for example, can become a huge problem if it spreads, so it’s always best to catch it as early as possible. Also, cleaning includes decluttering, so don’t leave any boxes lying around – get rid of everything you don’t need, and move out of sight everything you do.

There are many different ways in which you can increase your home’s value, from cleaning and planning, which takes nothing but your time, to investing in your exterior and building extra rooms, which does require a thicker wallet. Therefore, plan wisely, don’t rush, and have no doubt that your home will be much more valuable after you’re finished.

Upgrade Your Door Furniture By Replacing Those Door Handles

We often snub little things, including door hardware. But what’s a squeaky-clean bathroom, enhanced room lighting, or new wireless security system, if you don't replace those grimy, rusting, peeling door handles?

Time To Change Door Handles

Don’t fret if you see a broken or corroded door handle that is just about to fall off anytime. That is your go-signal for an upgrade! Quick check: Mark all that applies to your door handles below:

  • Tarnished exterior

  • Rusted areas

  • Coating is peeling off

  • Loose or broken

  • Faulty mechanism

  • Chipped / nicked surface

  • With thick grime

  • Old / worn out

  • Door knobs

  • Old-fashioned

  • Does not match interiors

  • Lost keys

One reason is enough to replace your door handles, but if you marked two or three, you need to upgrade shortly. If there are more than three – do it now!


Door Handle Functions

Door handles help you open and close doors, so it is vital to upgrade to ones that work perfectly for a longer time. Get more durable handles that are manufactured from quality materials, those that are a perfect match for your home design, and built with excellent architectural features.


Hansdorf combines durability, functionality, and design. Its solid construction gives that European car door feel. The superior stainless steel material is great for coastal environments. It has no coating that will scratch off with use (like brass, chrome, or nickel). There are door handles for various uses:

  • For your interior doors, a non-locking passage door handle that includes a latch set,

  • For bathrooms, a door handle with a privacy button (lockable from inside the room),

  • For the front/entrance door, a handle with security mortise lock and key cylinder, and

  • A dummy set, which is a fixed handle without a latch (used on cupboards).

Door Handle Designs

Door hardware are utilitarian, but they are also part of your decor. Your interior door handles can add charm to any room, and a designer door lever handle on your entry door can instantly impress anyone.

To enhance your door, Hansdorf has a variety of door lever handles, some with soft-looking round roses and others with square roses with bold edges. Delf has door handles on long plate.


If you want an uncomplicated design that exudes clean interiors, you will want a round tube lever handle that rests smoothly in the hand.


If you have a modern styled home, you should go for a bolder look (Zara or Kudos series).

Some may choose Kaiser’s ergonomic curves, which is a comfy fit to your hand. If you prefer a soft, fluid design, a Royce door handle is the way to go.


All these have a timeless brushed finish that is easy to clean and does not distract from the room décor.

A change of door handles is like an instant makeover for door furniture. Renovator Store is proud to stock Hansdorf contemporary door handles, with options for heavy duty latches, privacy latch, and escutcheons (for a mortise lock). Another smart choice is the trusted Delf brand, with its wide range of handles that’s good for customization.

Should you choose a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink?

One of the most used items in the kitchen is the sink and tap. Choosing a great kitchen mixer is a fantastic way to add style to your kitchen design. If you want an instant kitchen interior upgrade and you’re tired of that light or bright tones, why not go for a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink? Black mixer taps will add elegance to your kitchen.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of a black mixer tapware, to help you decide whether to choose a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink.

[caption id="attachment_13884" align="aligncenter" width="564"]black mixer tap for your kitchen sink Photo from: UltraLinx[/caption]

Pros of having a black mixer tap:

It adds instant style to your kitchen.

Because people are used to seeing brass, or chrome finished tapware, black tapware instantly adds that modern edge which can instantly liven up your kitchen space.

Versatile when it comes to colour palettes

Just like with fashion, black matches well with almost anything. When you buy a black tap, you won’t have a hard time matching it with your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Easy to find

Matte Black kitchen taps are easy to find and usually competitively priced. Renovator Store offers a wide range of black mixer taps for the kitchen sink.

Cons of having a black mixer tap:

Most matte black taps will fade over time

The colour of your tap may fade over time. To avoid this from happening, make sure you use a micro fibre cloth to wipe it every after wash.

Easy to scratch

As any matte black material, black mixer taps are easy to scratch. Make sure to remind your plumber to be careful when installing your tap to avoid scratches and dents.

You can’t use cleaners with chemicals or wax when cleaning black taps

You don’t want to leave any chemical stain on your matte black tap. Instead of using chemical or wax based cleaners, use a mild soapy water to clean it and make sure you dry it using micro-fibre cloth.

When buying a mixer tap, whether it’s matte black, polished, or chrome, you have to consider the pros and cons. But the cons shouldn’t stop you from achieving the look you want for your kitchen. Do your research or ask your supplier all the questions you have in mind to help you decide and have full confidence in buying your dream tapware!

Wall-Mounted Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Heated towel rails allow you to easily dry your towels while neatly storing them in your bathroom. These are available in two formats - wall-mounted and free-standing. To this day, the most popular option is the wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms. We look into why it's a mainstream and one of the most sought-after fixtures these days.

Wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms provide the utmost luxury at little cost and are able to make your early morning routine that much more tolerable. Imagine jumping out of the shower into a warm, dry, soft towel.

wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms


Benefits of wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms:

Warmer Towels and Bathrooms

The extra beauty of a heated towel rail as well as warming up your towel is that it will dry your towel for you too so you will never have to pick up a damp towel again. Heated towel rails will also keep your bathroom warmer, reducing your energy bills by avoiding the need to turn on your heating system and they can also be used to hang items of washing to dry.

Bathroom Hygiene

Aside from heated towel rails giving you warm, fluffy towels after a  nice shower, they also help keep your bathroom hygienic because these heated rails minimise the chance of damp breeding ground for germs and mould, not just in the towels themselves, but across the entire room.

Wall-mounted towel rails perform better

Because they are mounted directly to the wall (either hard-wired into your electricity, simply plugged in or plumbed directly into your water supply), wall-mounted towel rails simply perform better than any other type of units. If you need to get the best of the best when it comes to performance out of your new towel rail, there’s just no other option. Wall mounting is the only way to go.


wall mounted towel rails for bathrooms

Wall-mounted towel rails come in different shapes, types and sizes. Make sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom that suits your needs.

Types of wall-mounted towel rails for bathrooms:

Round Tube

Round tube heated towel rails have perfect round bars that look great in a modern bathroom. Its sturdy bars and mounting structure are suitable for a whole family's use. The wide variety of width options are available to accommodate different preferences and bathroom sizes, so anyone can start enjoying the comfort of spa-like warm towels in every bath!

Round Tube Heated Towel RailEZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Round Tube (W750mm x H700mm) - Matte Black

View complete Round Tube Towel Rails collection here.


Square Tube

Square tube heated towel ladders exude both utmost functionality and sleek design. Its square tube rails perfectly hold the towels in place, preventing them from slipping off the rails. The cornered bars also complements either modern interior designs or traditional bathroom structures. These are also available in a variety of measurements to match bathrooms of any size.

Hotwire - Heated Towel Rail - Square Bar 304 SSEZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Square Tube

View complete Square Tube Towel Rails collection here.


Flat Tube

Flat tube heated towel rails make drying towels in a breeze. Its flat bars make the closest contact with the towels, minimising the time needed for it to be dried and warmed. Its bold edges make a striking statement to bathrooms, in addition to its available swatches in matte black and polished stainless steel. Each flat tube heated towel ladder comes with an IPX5 rating, tested to withstand water sprays.

EZY FIT Heated Towel Rail - Flat Tube (W750mm x H700mm)Heated Towel Square Black - 001

View complete Flat Tube Towel Rails collection here.


  • Superior Quality - Only 100% high grade polished stainless steel. There is no chrome to peel or bubble off.

  • Safe and Compliant - Low energy consumption, safe temperature, water spray tested, and full electrical compliance.

  • Easy to Install - Simply plug in or hard wire (conceal the wiring) to a wall switch or smart timer. have a wide range of heated towel rails, all of which are of highest quality and most competitive prices. Made from quality stainless steel in both square and round designs, the Aguzzo heated towel rail range are some of the best value on the market! Sizes vary and you can choose from a polished chrome or matte black finish - it all depends on your taste and needs!

So what are you waiting for? - Invest in a heated towel rail to add some style to your bathroom and dry your wet towels quickly and conveniently.

If you want more on this topic, read our Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Towel Rails for Bathrooms

Towel rails are a convenient addition to any bathroom as it provides a non-obstructive storage for towels, whether these are wet or dry. In this blog, we will discuss why you should choose stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms.

Stainless steel provides a contemporary and elegant appearance that can enhance the look and feel of any bathroom. It is a superior material that's commonly used for bathroom and kitchen products because it provides a number of practical benefits. We've outlined a list of advantages of picking stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms.

stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms


It is regarded as the most hygienic of metals as it is easy to clean and the surface has no pores or cracks to harbour bacteria or mildew.


In addition to the hygienic characteristics of stainless steel, stainless steel does not contain lead and arsenic like DR Brass does

Polished Finish

Looks like chrome but won't bubble or peel. 304 stainless steel is a superior choice - it is stronger than chromed brass, and superior corrosion resistance to cheaper stainless steel.

900mm Round Polished EZY FIT900mm Round Polished EZY FIT


Our Aguzzo® Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail has a timeless round rail design that exudes simplicity - it complements most chrome bathware ranges. The generous width of towel rails fit larger towels or can store many towels for a larger bathroom. It boasts different types and sizes to provide high heat contact to the towels so they are warm and dry in minimal time. Unlike lightweight and lower grade steel heated rails Aguzzo® rails are thick 304 stainless steel.

  • Modern - the Aguzzo® round tube heated towel range is timeless design with clean straight lines and soft bars that complement any round style bathware ranges

  • Flexible install - You have the option to attach to the wall and simply DIY plugin, or conceal the wiring through the new EZY FIT wall bracket into the wall (electrician required to connect). See install instructions below - you can simply plug in or have your electrician provide a connection in the wall for concealed wiring. Simply connect to and control via a wall switch or programmable timer (sold separately) so you can enjoy warm fluffy towels when you need them!

  • Efficient - Only 166 watts power consumption! It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to heat up.

  • Safe - full electrical safety compliance and licensing with AS/NZ: 60335 and c-tick requirements. The latest in heating technology provides an even surface heat - the bars are dry and not filled with liquids or oils, so you can even dry delicate garments. The surface can heat to 55ºC, being hot but not scalding - see attached instructions for more safety information.

  • Waterproof - IPX5 rated to withstand water sprays - a great choice for the bathroom


Jump on to see the complete selection of stainless steel towel rails for bathrooms that we offer. You may also want to read these Tips For Choosing A Heated Towel Rail to help you select the one that's just right for your bathroom.

How to replace two taps with a Mixer Tap?

Traditional houses usually have two taps where one is connected to hot water supply and the other to cold water supply. Modern houses and builders are now featuring mixer taps, where one can draw hot and cold water supply from two different sources, but still can flow and come out in a single tap. This article will give you tips on how to replace two taps with a mixer tap.

Changing into a Kitchen Mixer tap has lots of benefits, which includes style and convenience. If you replace two taps with mixer tap, you’ll also save energy bills because most mixer taps are fitted with flow limiters.

replace two taps with mixer tap

Here’s a simple guide on how to replace two taps with a mixer tap:

  • Before you start doing anything, make sure the water supply is turned off to avoid flooding your kitchen. Turn the valve off and test it by turning on your taps.

  • Next, you need to see the pipe connectors. Remove everything under your sink to see and access pipe connectors easily.

  • Remove the old tap by using the necessary tools to disconnect it from the main taps. Of course, you can always contact professional plumbers to do this.

  • Clean off any debris left under the old tap.

replace two taps with mixer tap

  • Now comes the fun part. Fit your new mixer tap, this is usually easier than removing the old one. Most mixer taps come with installation instructions so make sure you check with your supplier, or in your supplier’s website. Usually, you just have to slot the pipes through the kitchen sink holes.

  • Of course, you don’t want your tap to wobble, so make sure you secure the underside of the tap to the sink.

  • Connect the tap to the water pipes, and replace rubber washers and o-rings with a new one. Make sure it’s tight and sealed, to prevent any leaks.

  • To check if everything is working fine, turn on the water valve, and then turn on the kitchen mixer tap. While the tap is turned on, check for leaks on all sides.


Prepare Your House for Summer with These 6 Improvement Tips

The summer’s coming! That’s the beauty of our planet, there’s always summer coming somewhere. Regardless of how you feel about summer weather and the heat you need to prepare yourself and your home to make the season more enjoyable. Spring is a good time to start thinking about this and to book that holiday if you haven’t already. There are a couple of things though, to take care of, for the time you won’t be away as the summer is usually much longer than the getaway booked.

Keep your home airtight

Assess the damage done by the winter and insect the house to see whether insulation, windows and the roof have been damaged. Replace any broken roof tiles and repaint and service your windows to erase traces which water and wind may have left on them. Unless you have done it recently, check the state of your insulation and redo it if necessary. If there is a layer you can add, do so to keep your home more energy-efficient and thus cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Prepare Your House for Summer with These 6 Improvement Tips

Do the Spring Cleaning

Believe it or not, spring cleaning is going to make your house lighter for the summer coming. It is not only about hygiene and a detail wash, it should mainly be about decluttering. Assess your belongings, especially the content of your wardrobe and dispose of everything you did not use this winter. If you use solid fuels, have your chimney cleaned. Clear out the storage area.

Paint the bright face

Now that your home is all fixed, there is one last thing you need to do, repaint those walls. Painting should go hand in hand with the cleaning. You can use the opportunity of having to clear out space to declutter, as once you take things out, you do not have to put them back in. Do not wash the windows until the painting is done. Do as much as you can so as to avoid double work. Consult the professional to help you use color to open up space. A group of Sydney painters advises using warm, bright colors in communal areas with a lot of daylight as they tend to complement each other.

Your piece of nature and fresh air

Even though your home is now probably close to perfect, you still need to create a little nest for you and your family outdoors. Work on your garden or your balcony to create a pleasant and inviting environment, a place to have coffee in the morning or drinks with friends in the evening. Clear out any debris winter has left you with and enhance the greenery as much as you can. Consider adding a form of sunshade which will protect you from the sun, but won’t keep the hot air trapped underneath. You can purchase garden fans to keep you and the air fresh and cool.

Prepare Your House for Summer with These 6 Improvement Tips

Don’t forget the little-ones

You’ll never be able to relax until your kids are satisfied. Create a designated play area in your garden. Make sure that at least a part of it is protected from direct sunlight at all times. If you do not already have a pool, create an area where you can install a portable one. Do not forget a sand box as it is a pool full of ideas for new games when you are a t a certain age. If you do not have children, do not abandon the idea of having a play area. You can still use the pool, sunbathe and play ball with your friends.

Use the obvious technology

And finally, to the most obvious ways of preventing the heat. Service, replace or install an AC device. You can use it to your liking, but it is good to have it in case it becomes too hot, especially if you have children. Remember to keep it only a couple of degrees down from what the outside temperature is to avoid health issues. You can use fans, both indoors and outdoors to create a pleasant breeze. Keep doors within your home open to create a draft and allow for the air to flow.


Now that your home is tight, clean, cool and with an outdoors spot to relax, you are ready for the summer and nothing can catch you off-guard.

Maintenance Tips for Your Plumbing

We all know how plumbing problems can make your life a complete disaster! Water leaks, pipes bursting, clogs…all of these can cause a huge headache and, to be honest, quite a bit of damage in your home. It is always best to prevent any problems from happening, so we will try to give you some useful and effective tips and tricks on how to prevent any potential plumbing problems, or fix the already existing ones. Here, we’ll present you with some handy tricks, so read carefully.

Water leaks and sprays

Frankly, leaking pipes and water sprays are probably the worst because you, and everything around you, will get wet. Fortunately, there are some quite convenient tricks you can use to stop or minimize the damage. For instance, you can use a Teflon tape to connect your pipes. Wrap the Teflon tape clockwise around the pipe joints. For extra caution, you can add some joint compound around the pipe after you apply the tape. Water sprays are also very unpleasant and the foam pipe insulation is probably the best way to go to prevent this issue. This is a multi purpose tip too because foam isolation can also prevent pipes from freezing.

fixing water leaks


DIY unclogging

You are home alone, it’s late and you don’t have any unclogging chemicals at home? No problem, there is a DIY way to unclog your sink or shower with some items everyone has in their kitchen. The ingredients you will need are baking soda, white vinegar, salt and some boiling water. First, you need to mix salt and baking soda in one bowl, and pour the mixture down the drain, after you remove the sink drain cap. Afterwards, pour the warm vinegar and let it rest for a couple of minutes. In the end, pour boiling water. This is a cheap, fast and easy way to unclog your pipes. However, if you are not able to unclog the sink on your own, we definitely recommend hiring a professional. Back in the day, when we lived in Australia, we hired a reliable plumber from the North Shore to help us out. Everybody needs professional help from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

DIY Unclogging

Plumbing must-haves

There are certain items you simply must have in your home, in case of any plumbing emergencies. Tool caddies are simply awesome for storing everything you need. Wrenches and plungers are a necessity, and you will need a pair of joint pliers as well. A screwdriver is also something you might find quite useful. You will also need some duct tape, Teflon tape, and heavy-duty papers. Place all of these carefully inside your tool caddy and make sure you always have an empty bucket, because,in case of leaks, the bucket will be the one to catch all the water.

Plumbing must haves

It’s very important to know these tips, because you never know what situation you will find yourself in. Always make sure to keep cooking oil and grease away from your sink, because they can unquestionably make huge problems in your pipes. Also, keep in mind that you’ll have to act fast when it comes to any plumbing issue. If you see any spots or wet circles on your walls or under your sink, try to tackle the problem as soon as possible.

If you ignore some obvious signs of plumbing problems, it may cause larger damage and increase your plumbing costs a lot. You know what they say - prevention is most definitely better than cure.

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