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Convenience of Filtered Water and Mains Water from a Single Kitchen Tap

When you need hot or cold water in your kitchen sink, just use the mixer on the mains water tap. When you want drinking water, you can easily get it from the filtered water tap. It couldn’t get simpler, right? But it does, because now you can have hot water, cold water, and filtered water all from a single tap.


Just One Tap to Get Water Easier

Known as a “three-way tap”, it has a mixer lever to control the temperature and flow rate of the mains water, and a separate lever to turn on and off the cold filtered water. The mains water streams through the aerator while the filtered water flows out from the centre.

 Otto-Stainless-Steel-Kitchen-Mixer-Tap-Filter-water-handle   Otto-Stainless-Steel-Kitchen-Mixer-Tap-Nozzle

Clean, Safe & Hygienic

The Swedia Otto is the most sanitary kitchen tap for drinking water. It is sanitary-grade stainless steel, meaning it does not contain lead, and there is a separate delivery tube for the filtered drinking water that is discretely placed.

The Otto, of course, needs an under-sink filter to connect to the filtered water input line. Renovator Store sells the Puretec X6 which is perfect for this, or use the X7 for rainwater or harsh water. Both use a 4-stage filtration process ensuring that you get only the cleanest water.


Designed for a Minimalist Kitchen

With its brushed stainless steel finish, it’s no wonder that the Otto is a popular designer kitchen tap. It features a simple Scandinavian-inspired gooseneck design and helps you achieve the coveted “minimalist kitchen” as the filter is under the sink and you get two important functions in one kitchen mixer.


swedia-logoThe Otto is made by Swedia, a world leader in designer kitchenware made especially for Australia and New Zealand. It specialises in kitchenware made of high-grade stainless steel, that is matchless for hygiene and safety. Swedia creates products in partnership with European manufacturers, for instance incorporating NEOPERL® Aerators from Switzerland and Tucai® inlet hoses from Spain.

Should you choose a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink?

One of the most used items in the kitchen is the sink and tap. Choosing a great kitchen mixer is a fantastic way to add style to your kitchen design. If you want an instant kitchen interior upgrade and you’re tired of that light or bright tones, why not go for a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink? Black mixer taps will add elegance to your kitchen.

Here’s a list of pros and cons of a black mixer tapware, to help you decide whether to choose a black mixer tap for your kitchen sink.

[caption id="attachment_13884" align="aligncenter" width="564"]black mixer tap for your kitchen sink Photo from: UltraLinx[/caption]

Pros of having a black mixer tap:

It adds instant style to your kitchen.

Because people are used to seeing brass, or chrome finished tapware, black tapware instantly adds that modern edge which can instantly liven up your kitchen space.

Versatile when it comes to colour palettes

Just like with fashion, black matches well with almost anything. When you buy a black tap, you won’t have a hard time matching it with your kitchen’s colour scheme.

Easy to find

Matte Black kitchen taps are easy to find and usually competitively priced. Renovator Store offers a wide range of black mixer taps for the kitchen sink.

Cons of having a black mixer tap:

Most matte black taps will fade over time

The colour of your tap may fade over time. To avoid this from happening, make sure you use a micro fibre cloth to wipe it every after wash.

Easy to scratch

As any matte black material, black mixer taps are easy to scratch. Make sure to remind your plumber to be careful when installing your tap to avoid scratches and dents.

You can’t use cleaners with chemicals or wax when cleaning black taps

You don’t want to leave any chemical stain on your matte black tap. Instead of using chemical or wax based cleaners, use a mild soapy water to clean it and make sure you dry it using micro-fibre cloth.

When buying a mixer tap, whether it’s matte black, polished, or chrome, you have to consider the pros and cons. But the cons shouldn’t stop you from achieving the look you want for your kitchen. Do your research or ask your supplier all the questions you have in mind to help you decide and have full confidence in buying your dream tapware!

4 Reasons You Need Pull Out Bins for Kitchen Waste

Kitchen waste bins make a smarter space saver for your cupboards. These concealed, pull out bins for kitchen waste come with multiple bin options that make waste segregation effortless. Its lid covers also maintain an odour-free kitchen and keeps the trash from overflowing from the bin. The bins are also equipped to be mounted on cupboard walls so it can be stored neatly, utilizing more unused spaces in the kitchen rather than occupying some floor area.

Smarter Storage

One of the biggest advantages of having a pull-out bin is the introduction of smart storage to your kitchen. With the use of one hand, you can simply slide out a concealed bin. In cupboard ELITE® bin units are a must for every kitchen, laundry or bathroom. It is a practical and innovative solution to help you cope with your household waste efficiently. With the use of one hand, you can simply slide out a concealed bin space.

Elite Cacher 35L Single Slide-Out Concealed Waste Bin - for a 300mm Cupboard



Besides the added practicality that a concealed bin offers, another major benefit is that a pull-out bin is a much more hygienic option than a bin in open view. With your waste being concealed the exposure to the potentially harmful bacteria is lessened dramatically, which makes it much safer for you and your family.


Recyclable/ Waste Options

Pull-out bins such as Elites' Cacher model that offer two slide-out bins, allow for optimal waste separation. In 2017 the world has found its "green thumb" and recycling has never been more important, so having a bin that makes waste separation easy is an absolute necessity.

Domestique 40L Twin Slide Out Concealed Waste Bin - for a 450mm Cupboard



This almost goes without saying but a pull-out bin offers an easier on the eye alternative to your traditional bin. You only have to look at the pictures below & it will be clear what the nicer option is.

A pretty easy choice isn't it?

Be careful to avoid inferior products that have poor quality runners, light-weight plastic bins that are easy to break or frames that are flimsy and do not support the weight of the bins when full. Our ELITE pull-out bin systems are fantastic value for your money given their exceptional quality. Check out the complete selection of pull out bins for kitchen waste here.

Kitchen Concealed Waste Bins

6 Ways to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

The kitchen quite unsurprisingly plays a major role in the home as it's the place you get release your inner chef, laugh with friends over coffee or kick back and relax with a glass of wine. That’s a lot for a humble room to handle, and if you've been cursed with an unjustly tiny kitchen, chances are you’ll be feeling the pressure. But don't stress as in reality a small kitchen isn't as bad as it first may seem! Here are some ways to make your small kitchen seem like a culinary giant...




1. Keep It Cool

By choosing colours from cool or pale palettes you can easily make your room feel as airy and large as possible. This is because the light is reflected, increasing the sensation of spaciousness.


White is always a winner, although sometimes it can be a pain to clean and often seem a little clinical. Therefore if you're looking for something a little more hip try incorporating some pastels in here or there.

Finally ensure you avoid any stark colour contrasts throughout the room. The more you can cast your eye around the room uninterrupted, the larger you'll perceive the room to be.


2. Store Smartly

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="558"] Source:[/caption]

If you have a smaller kitchen you're going to want to make the most of every inch of counter space. Therefore in order to maximise your available space we recommend installing some high shelving or cupboards. This way you can tuck away ample amounts of storage, and also avoid cluttering up the counters with extra appliances and tools.

Furthermore to make sure you're using all of your available space invest in check out some high-tech corner storage units. Choose between the magic corner, swing out and carousel models depending on what suits you best. Check out this article for more info...


3. Try Transparency

Glass fronted cabinets and doors can work wonders for small kitchens, adding depth and visual dimension.


4. Let in Light

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="328"] Source:[/caption]

Light is always your best friend in any home, but never more so than in small spaces. If you utilise it correctly you can play tricks on the eyes, helping you kitchen to seem more roomy and airy. Therefore in order to let in more light you might want to consider raising your roof height and installing in a skylight.


Next recessed LED lighting wont take up any ceiling space, but will still light the room sufficiently. Finally choose to incorporate mirrored or reflective surfaces to reflect light and extend the room. This can be done via the backsplash, or simply by hanging a mirror somewhere around the space.


5. Funky Flooring

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source:[/caption]

Surprisingly enough some funky flooring can help the room seem larger. Diagonal and stripe based patterns lead the eye down a longer path, hence giving the effect of a lengthier room. Conversely noisy, or boxy patterns should be avoided as they can be distracting and provoke a crowded feeling.


6. Grow into the next Room

If you choose to knock down some of the walls enclosing your kitchen you could then opt for a open floor plan style living area. This allows you to increase the overall space you have available for use, and additionally increases the sense of spaciousness and flow around your home.Kitchen_forecast_trend_2015

If this is too much for your budget or simply not feasible you could alternatively opt for some glass doors.


How to replace two taps with a Mixer Tap?

Traditional houses usually have two taps where one is connected to hot water supply and the other to cold water supply. Modern houses and builders are now featuring mixer taps, where one can draw hot and cold water supply from two different sources, but still can flow and come out in a single tap. This article will give you tips on how to replace two taps with a mixer tap.

Changing into a Kitchen Mixer tap has lots of benefits, which includes style and convenience. If you replace two taps with mixer tap, you’ll also save energy bills because most mixer taps are fitted with flow limiters.

replace two taps with mixer tap

Here’s a simple guide on how to replace two taps with a mixer tap:

  • Before you start doing anything, make sure the water supply is turned off to avoid flooding your kitchen. Turn the valve off and test it by turning on your taps.

  • Next, you need to see the pipe connectors. Remove everything under your sink to see and access pipe connectors easily.

  • Remove the old tap by using the necessary tools to disconnect it from the main taps. Of course, you can always contact professional plumbers to do this.

  • Clean off any debris left under the old tap.

replace two taps with mixer tap

  • Now comes the fun part. Fit your new mixer tap, this is usually easier than removing the old one. Most mixer taps come with installation instructions so make sure you check with your supplier, or in your supplier’s website. Usually, you just have to slot the pipes through the kitchen sink holes.

  • Of course, you don’t want your tap to wobble, so make sure you secure the underside of the tap to the sink.

  • Connect the tap to the water pipes, and replace rubber washers and o-rings with a new one. Make sure it’s tight and sealed, to prevent any leaks.

  • To check if everything is working fine, turn on the water valve, and then turn on the kitchen mixer tap. While the tap is turned on, check for leaks on all sides.


How To Choose A Stainless Steel Sink For Your Kitchen

Are you about to start renovating your kitchen or select fixtures for a brand new kitchen? Here are the 7 things you need to consider when buying a stainless steel kitchen sink. Choosing the wrong kitchen sink can spoil a kitchen's design and functionality.  When it comes to selecting the sink, style is secondary. A sink has to work well and withstand years of daily use. If you didn't know already, we recommend choosing a stainless steel sink and here's why!

Swedia signatur tap

Types of sink

There are 3 main types of kitchen sinks:

Undermount sinks - these kitchen sinks mount below the bench top. The advantage of these sinks is they have a minimalist design, streamlined and easier to clean around.


Top mount sinks - these are the easiest sink to install and drop into position on top of the bench.


Farmhouse sinks - these sinks have a deep basin and jut out of the bench. They often referred to as an apron front sink and are commonly found in country-style homes. These sinks are more accessible for kids and shorter people as can sit lower than the bench top.Country Styled Kitchen

Kitchen sink size

Are you installing this sink into an existing cavity? If so, measure the original sinkhole and choose a new sink that will drop into that space. If your bench space allows for a bigger sink, then you can cut a larger hole and choose a bigger sink. Consider the depth of the sink and make sure there is enough space for garbage disposal systems or water filters beneath.

If you are installing the sink into a new bench, then measure the cabinet length between the joists to determine the maximum length available for your sink. Make sure you have enough space on both sides of the sink to stack dishes, prepare food. Ensure the placement of the sink is close to the front of the bench to make it easier to use.

Kitchen sink shape

A rounded sink can be easier to clean than one with square sides. If you are after a sleek, minimalist look then stick with the square edges.

Number of sinks 

Single bowl sink - A single, deep sink means you can easily soak and wash a big pan. However, soaking a large casserole and wanting to wash vegetables at the same time can be challenging.

Double bowl sink - These sinks have 2 basins of equal size or one larger and one smaller basin. Basin split is useful when working on two different tasks - ie. washing dishes in one and filling up a kettle in the other. The larger basin is useful for holding large pots/pans.

Three bowl sink - These sinks have two large bowls and one small one in the middle for a garbage disposal system.  These sinks require a large amount of bench space.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel - This is the most common material for a sink being modern in design and a good sound insulator. They are durable and easy to clean. The metal can scratch but these marks can be buffed out if its a brushed stainless steel sink. Stainless steel sinks are the preferred sink if you are prone to throwing things into the sink as some of the other materials can chip easily or break the item.


Kitchen Sinks

Number of tap holes and placement

When choosing a sink it is very important to consider how the kitchen tap will connect to the bench. Many sinks have holes already built into them. If you choose to have separate hot and cold water taps then you will need 3 holes in your sink. These days mixer taps are the most common kitchen tap requiring just one hole in the sink or no holes if the kitchen tap is bench mounted. Also, consider if you will need another hole for filtered water or even soap dispensers.

The placement of the tap holes should be located on the left-hand side if you are right-handed or on the right side if you are left-handed. If you have a two-basin sink, then placement should be in the middle of the basins.

Drain placement

Off-centered - Enables more space under the sink for storage and more space in the sink for washing pans and allowing water to drain away.

Centered drain - Water will drain away quicker in a centered drain, with less distance for the water to travel. There is easier access for repairs and maintenance. On the negative, pots and pans may block the drainage in a centered drain.

Which Do I Buy?

Oliveri Sonetto Double Bowl Inset Sink
Price: $1099
Specifications: 840 x 510 x 250 mm 
304 grade, 18/10 brushed stainless steel (1.2-mm thick)

Oliveri Sink

The Oliveri Sonetto sink is designed to integrate into your kitchen with ease. The 1.2-mm thick stainless steel meets the market average of thickness and allows protection from heat whilst also soundproofing rather well. Overall the Oliveri Sonetto sink is a very solid sink.

Swedia Kikki Chef
Specifications: Footprint 480 x 820 x 220 mm, Full bowl, 350 x 450 x 220 mm, Half bowl 350 x 305 x 220 mm
Materials: 1.5-mm 304-grade Stainless Steel

[caption id="attachment_13244" align="alignnone" width="444"]Sweedia Stainless Steel Sink And Tap Combination Sweedia Kikki Premium Stainless Steel Sink[/caption]

Swedia provides professional grade designer sinks, with up to 1.5 mm sanitary grade stainless steel (16 gauge) - great for durability, soundproofed and temperature retention.  This all-inclusive sink is popular for high-end kitchens and comes with a built-in knife block, soap dispenser, colander and chopping board as well as tap hole for your kitchen mixer. An added bonus is the sink is squarely based making cleaning a dream. The lifetime manufacturer guarantee ensures strength and durability. The Kikki Chef really is the most practical sink on the market.

How to Choose Your Kitchen Sink

When it comes to renovating or building your kitchen, it is easy to forget about some of the finer details. Although making your kitchen aesthetically pleasing is a very important aspect to consider, it is also very important that it is functional and the appliances and design are intended to make your life easier. The kitchen sink is probably rarely considered as a vital part of your kitchen design, however it can play a key role in determination of your kitchen tap, bench top design and under-sink storage space. 

So, what is there to consider when buying your kitchen or laundry sink?



top mount kitchen sink with drainer double bowlThe first thing to determine is the configuration of your desired sink. Do you want a double bowl with drainer, or will a simple single bowl suffice? If wanting a drainer, will left hand or right hand side work best? Does a round shape or square shape suit best? There are many options in shape, size and added accessories. Remember to consult your architect and kitchen floor plans to make sure the desired sink and shape will fit your bench and cupboard space area



The next big decision is whether you want a top mount or under mount kitchen sink. A top mount sink, also known as a drop-in or rimmed sink are dropped into a hole cut into your bench top leaving a lip around the edge on the surface of your bench top.


[caption id="attachment_10667" align="aligncenter" width="491"]top mount stainless steel kitchen sink Top Mounted Sink[/caption]

Under mount sinks basically look the same as a top mount however without the visible outer lip. Under mount sinks are not suitable for all bench tops as they require a thicker bench surface and will hang a little lower underneath, slightly reducing your under-cupboard space. Under mount sinks provide a slightly sleeker, upmarket look however the choice mostly comes down to your own taste. One major functional advantage with an under mount sink is when cleaning, you can just wipe your bench top mess straight into the sink.

[caption id="attachment_10668" align="aligncenter" width="600"]undermount stainless steel kitchen sink 304 Under Mount Sink[/caption]



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="631"] Source:[/caption]

The bowl size and depth can be a big decision based on your cooking habits. Those that do a lot of cooking and baking will need a large, deep sink in order to contain large amounts of cooking implements. The depth will however effect the under-cupboard space so keep this in mind if you are installing an under sink waste bin.


Fabricated or pressed:

Pressed sink bowls are when a single piece of stainless steel is pressed over a mould and stretched into shape. This often means that the material over the corner and edge area is stretched, weakening the composition. A fabricated sink is when a piece of steel is folded and then the sides are welded together. This way, the material is uniform in thickness throughout the entire body.



When choosing a stainless steel sink, you often get the choice between a brushed or polished finish. A polished kitchen sink often looks great in a showroom but in the home environment when used all throughout the day, a polished kitchen sink will need regular cleaning and wiping to rid fingerprints and grime. A brushed kitchen sink is much more durable in terms of appearance. Scratches and water spots will be naturally hidden within the brushed texture making it much more family-friendly. In the end, it will most likely come down to what matches your pre-existing appliances.



Although right-angle corners and edges may look appealing, a slightly curved radius is a lot more practical when it comes to cleaning your kitchen sink. This way grime and bacteria wont build up in the corner area and your sink can be wiped clean in one swift motion. At the Renovator Store, the Swedia Stainless Steel Sink range all contain 10mm radius corners to make cleaning much easier.



Although rarely considered, the thickness of your sink can make a big difference. Sink thickness can be measured in ‘gauge’ where a smaller number denotes a thicker sink. Sink thickness often ranges between 16 and 22 gauge. Benefits of a 16 gauge or 1.5mm sink is that it will be stronger, more durable and last longer. The thickness can also help to reduce noise from clanging cutlery and help to reduce temperature retention.


Now that all the practical features have been discussed, its time to find a sink and style that suits you! The Renovator Store offer a wide range of stainless steel sinks that vary between 1.2mm and 1.5mm in thickness. The 304 grade stainless steel composition ensures strength, durability and long-life. Jump online today at to check them out!

Easy DIY Renovation Projects

Got something that needs fixing in the house, but not sure you want to fork out money to pay for it? Try these easy DIY Renovation Projects that'll help you save on labor costs and the mark-up contractors charge for materials. You'll be surprised by the simplicity and oh so pleased with the final product.


Fixing Kitchen Cabinets

Option 1: Refinish existing cabinet doors. This can be done by through use of paint, stain or laminate.
Option 2: Reface cabinets. This involves putting new doors on existing kitchen boxes. Hint: Before ordering the whole set purchase one door and one drawer to check the dimensions and the overall look.


Install New Cabinet Handles 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="546"] Source:[/caption]

This ones super simple. All you have to do is select, purchase and then install! To make a huge aesthetic improvement in your house replace wooden ones with modern stainless steel ones. Alternatively swap plain glass handles for brighter coloured glass knobs.


Install Feature Lighting


These Feature lights are super simple to do yourself as they simple attach to the existing downlight fixture! Its a quick and easy way to bring style and ambience into a room.


Insulate the Attic and Other Energy-Sucking Areas


1. Caulk around windows and spaces between the floor and baseboards to prevent heat escaping.
2. Service your furnace so its working in top shape. You want it to be producing the most heat at the lowest cost obviously!
3. Insulate pipes with pipe insulation wrap and duct tape to reduce heat loss (depicted above)
4. Buy a “draft guard” for the bottoms of your doors (a cheap fix from $10 per door) so wind or heat doesn’t slip through.


Tile the Bathroom Floor or Kitchen Backsplash


This one is a little trickier -- but very rewarding. Start off by making sure your surface is flat and dry, like a cement or plywood subfloor, an even wall or a tiled surface you want to cover with new tiles. Apply cement in an even layer  and lay tiles over the top. Always remember to use spacers in order to achieve an even arrangement of tiles.


Replace Faucets and Fixtures


A new, modern faucet can make a sink in your kitchen or bathroom look brand new again. As long as the new fixtures don’t require a smaller hole in the furniture or sink than the one that’s already there, it’s an easy upgrade. Try this cosmopolitan matte black tap ware for a bold and striking upgrade.




Its obvious, I know, but a simple coat of paint has the power to change the entire look of a room. You could repaint your entire room, or you could simply try out a feature wall. Even just repainting window and door frames can uplift the look and feel of a house!

So go on and try some of these super easy DIY renovation projects!

Ultimate Kitchen Style Guide

Whether you are redecorating your kitchen, or are completely starting from scratch it is important to choose a style or theme to follow. This will not only make decorating the space easier, but it will overall create a greater sense of cohesion and organisation. Without further adieu here is the ultimate kitchen style guide!




A Tuscan kitchen should be full of warmth and light. This is easily achieved through selection of warm colours and sunset like tones. Other features commonly included are touches of wooden, inclusion of stone or brickwork, detailed tile work and touches of copper. Overall the kitchen should be an inviting family friendly space, yet also convey an air of casual elegance.


Shabby Chic

This style is very in at the moment. The aim is to achieve a distressed and vintage feel. If you have a strict budget to stick to this might be perfect. Instead of going out and buying new stuff, the shabby chic look involves refurnishing, repainting and distressing. The more wear the better! Colours commonly used are off whites, weathered greys, light blues, pale yellows and pinks.




The traditional kitchen is always a classic choice. It should be timeless, yet fresh. Features include glass-fronted doors and cabinetry, a multipurpose island and sleek stone countertops. The traditional colour to choose is white or cream, with accents of black, grey or brown.




The modern kitchen can be a little tricky at times, but if done right it will truly be a masterpiece. Straight lines, sleek features, matte finishes and monochromatic colour schemes are all common features. Black tap ware is quite popular at the moment too.




The contemporary kitchen style allows you to branch out in many ways. Main idea: keep the design sleek and chic. Commonly includes wooden detailing and is generally minimalistic in design. Great to try if you have a smaller kitchen.




Key to a rustic kitchen: wood (and lots of it). This style is more bold and bulky in comparison to others. Features include wooden cabinets and and beams, stone or brick detailing and low hanging lights over the central island. Bears similarities to tuscan.




Generally has a subtle and light colour scheme. Commonly have oak floorboards, painted cabinets and patterned fabrics. Think vintage-inspired and casual features.




Stylish and utilitarian. Sleek metalwork is the main focus of this style. For example, metal pipes, bench tops, ovens, cabinets... you name it. Other features may include wood, exposed brick or sleek subway tiling as depicted above.


Things to Remember!!!

Conducting research before you start is a good way to save time and money. Pick a style that you love, but is also realistic for your budget. Remember to be practical and consider the size of your kitchen, its functionality and if the theme will suit the rest of the household. Once you've selected a style start looking for inspiration: trawl Pinterest, read magazines and visit model homes to get your imagination flowing. We hope the ultimate kitchen style guide can help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

Quick Fix: Increasing Kitchen Storage

Do you struggle to fit everything into kitchen cupboards and pantries? Do you just wish you had more space? Don't stress. Simply invest in some budget friendly kitchen storage hardware and you'll be increasing kitchen storage in no time.

Pantry problems? 

Have you been unjustly cursed with a tiny pantry? You can save space with either a pull-out or open-out pantry.

Open-Out Pantry Storage Units

Pull-Out Pantry Organiser Units















The pull out pantry (depicted right) is the latest design in modern kitchens. Essentially you find a cupboard already present in your kitchen, and remove all fixed shelving. Then install the heavy duty runner unit which mounts to the bottom of the cupboard. This allows the stainless steel framework to easily glide in and out of the cupboard space, making accessing materials incredibly convenient and accessible. Within the frame are a multitude of baskets to store food, maximising space.

The open out pantry works (depicted left) in similar fashion to the regular cupboard pantry -- but with a space maximising twist. Instead of regular shelving we again see stainless steel baskets. To fit even more into the space baskets are fixed not only within the cupboard space, but also to the door.


No space for pots and pans?

Try a Magic Corner. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it really is THAT good. In summary its a unit for 'blind corner storage' which allows you to use and maximise the space under the kitchen bench you wouldn't normally be able to access. Essentially it just unveils heaps more space that you never knew you had.


Struggle to squish everything into drawers?

Kitchen Drawer Organisers


Two words: draw organiser. Stupid simple and cheap as chips. Try this plastic one which is easily trimmed to fit your drawer.

Kitchen Drawer Organisers

If your looking for something a little more sturdy try a stainless steel organiser (depicted right). Clean, compact and stylish its a functional unit that you really shouldn't be missing out on.

No more cupboard space anywhere?

Kitchen Wall Storage - Spice Condiments Rack

Time to try the walls! No place for those pesky condiment bottles? A spice condiment rack not only saves valuable drawer space, but it also makes everything incredibly easy to access when cooking. This one can easily be removed and installed as you please for easy manipulation of your storage set up.

Kitchen Wall Storage - Triple Roll Dispenser

Do you have a drawer somewhere filled with rolls of baking paper, paper towels, aluminium foil and glad wrap? This roll dispenser is actually the saviour of all your problems. Free up so much space and in return receive so much convenience!

Chef Kitchen Wall Storage Organiser Rack - Chef Series - 900mm


Finally, a Wall Storage Organiser rack can be used to keep your most commonly used cooking utensils and ingredients. It helps you save valuable bench space, and is still easily accessible. It has a small rack for ingredient storage, storage cups, knife slots, hooks, and drying bar: it's actually surprising how much you can store.

See the complete kitchen wall storage here!

We hope this hardware will help you increase kitchen storage without having to sacrifice loads of cash or convenience!