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Top Kitchen Remodelling Trends for Millennials

kitchen with grey walls, white cabinets, pendant lights, wood flooring

As millennials are joining the ranks of homeowners, there have been plenty of fresh trends on the rise in the world of interior design. Literally every aspect of this field has been experiencing changes regarding the way in which things are being done, the materials that are being used, as well as the overall appeal that ends up being created in a particular room.

Hence, the changes and trends that have made their way in the kitchen remodelling efforts really come as a no surprise. So, let’s dive right into this matter and try to find out exactly what news the millennial generation has in store for us this time.

white kitchen island with pendant lights cabinet stools

Thinking ahead

An interesting phenomenon that can be noticed in millennials’ remodelling and redecorating efforts is their future-oriented way of thinking. Unlike the previous generations, millennials are not particularly fond of major changes. This becomes particularly obvious if we observe the way in which millennials approach the matter of choosing a home. Instead of buying so-called starter homes, millennials are more likely to wait until they can afford to buy a “forever” home. This way of thinking only brings forth another interesting thing about millennials – they hate wasteful behaviour.  

That’s why, more often than not, millennials opt for neutral hues when redecorating their living environment, as they present a perfect backdrop that can welcome many different styles. Additionally, when millennials do something, i.e. remodel their kitchen, they do it in such a manner that won’t require any additional work for many years to come. Therefore, in a millennial kitchen, you can expect to find various shades of cream, beige, off-white and – a millennial favourite – grey.

Going for the aesthetic

Among other things, millennials are well—known for their love of unique, visually appealing design solutions. While older generations prefer the use of practical but commonly not particularly appealing lighting solutions, millennials, on the other hand, choose to illuminate the hearts of their homes with lighting solutions that tell the tale of their own.

This means that instead of traditional overhead lighting solutions, in a millennial kitchen, you can expect to find a multitude of differently shaped Edison light bulbs, fairy lights instead of traditional task lights, and various other – some might even say unexpected – lighting solutions.

Nothing should be wasted

As we have previously mentioned, millennials are not the biggest fans of wasteful thinking. That’s why, when it comes to appliances, you should expect to find nothing short of the best and eco-friendliest alternatives.

Energy efficiency is the name of the game here, which means that Energy Star certified appliances, such as a reliable Bosch 800 refrigerator, are the only ones the millennials will even consider. Aside from being less harmful to our environment, such appliances waste significantly less energy which, in turn, means a lower energy bill.

white kitchen counter cabinets walls with black stools and lights

The budget plays a huge role

While a millennial will never shy away from seriously investing in something that, according to their beliefs, is worth investing in, they do tend to refuse to pay for things they can do on their own. That’s why, millennials are more likely to avoid hiring a general contractor, an architect and a designer and take on these tasks themselves. Only in case they run into problems will they consider asking for professional help.

Knowing this, it’s completely expected to assume that there are no two similar millennial kitchens as they are known for their love of uniqueness and authenticity. Furthermore, it’s quite common to find various vintage, refurbished and DIYed pieces in a millennial kitchen, which only says even more about their craftiness and sense of style.

kitchen with black counter wood panels white walls

Rules are there to be broken

Finally, millennials – or “the generation everyone loves to hate” – do find the traditional rules of decorating to be, well, boring. The typical “no more than two styles combined” and “walls should be single-coloured” rules do not really apply here.

Instead, styles like rustic-tech chic are being born. Since millennials are the generation that started reaching out to nature once more – which means they simply adore natural materials such as cork, stone and wood – and they are also the generation that grew up and evolved alongside technology, it’s no wonder that they have found a way to mix all of these, seemingly unmixable elements together and create a cohesive environment. Metallic elements are the thing that perfectly combines nature with technology, so you can expect to find various metallic surfaces and finishes in the millennial kitchen as well.

kitchen with wood floor pendant lighting grey walls

As you can see, there are plenty of neat ways millennials improved the world of interior design. The beauty is that all of the aforementioned trends are not reserved solely for the kitchen area. Instead, they can be implemented throughout your home and are bound to work as perfectly in any other room.


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