SCENIC Hybrid Floorboards - 1.92 SQM per box - Waterproof Plank 1520mm x 180mm x 6mm

MOKU Product Code : AST-HFB-K186

Hybrid Floorboards are 100% waterproof, modern planks that suit all living spaces and an economical alternative to timber flooring. Unlike some floorboard installation methods, the angle-to-angle click system of hybrid flooring leaves no unwanted gaps between planks once installed.

The perfect complement to any shade of walls and cabinetry, SCENIC looks as beautiful as its name with the light taupe colour, deep brown undertones, and stronger woodgrain surface.

Package - 7 boards per carton (1.9152 SQM per carton)
Dimensions - Full boards are 1520mm x 180mm x 6mm
Per SQM - Starts at $39.95 for 120 SQM and up
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SCENIC is part of Moku's Hybrid Collection, a popular choice when looking for durable and cost-effective modern flooring. It mimics the surface appearance of traditional timber flooring for a fraction of the price, yet still offers superior durability and comfort.

Hybrid floorboards from Australian Select Timbers come in 152cm lengths and 18cm widths in lacquer matte finish. It boasts a 5-star acoustic rating for a soft and quiet feeling underfoot and perfect to install even in wet areas such as bathroom or laundry.

100% Waterproof Hybrid Floorboards 

  • WOOD APPEARANCE - Replicates the modern and beautiful aesthetics of natural timber flooring with its high print quality of grain texture and patterns
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - Built with a protective wear layer, rigid limestone core, and cork backing for superior durability and stability
  • WATERPROOF - Suits an entire home installation so you can achieve a seamless flooring, including kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms (refer to installation guide on wet areas)
  • ECONOMICAL - Get the gorgeous timber look for a fraction of the price; also no need to spend on underlay as it can be installed as-is on the subfloor
  • SAFE - Easy-to-clean and has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) composition that makes the floorboards asthma- and allergy-friendly
  • ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE - Comes with 1mm 5-star rated acoustic underlay for a more comfortable and softer underfoot; ideal for multiple storey apartments
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Faster to install than glued-down floors with the click-system installation, leaving no unwanted gaps or spaces between floorboards over time; directly on subfloor and over hydronic heated slabs (must not exceed 26°C at any time)

Why Hybrid Floorboards?

Hybrid floorboards are an economical yet durable flooring solution. The two main types are Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). Moku Hybrid Floorboards are SPC hybrid floorboards composed of: 1) a protective top layer for easy maintenance; 2) embossed print layer that emulates the look of natural timber; 3) rigid limestone core; and 4) an acoustic underlay that reduces noise and saves costs and installation time.  The result is a superior strength floor board that:

  • Can be installed in all areas of the home (including bathrooms and laundries) as it is 100% waterproof,
  • Is floated directly on subfloor—no underlay required,
  • Consists of rigid limestone which also makes it comfortable to walk on,
  • Is more affordable than timber or engineered oak flooring,
  • Saves times on installation time and costs thanks to the angle-to-angle click system,
  • Is hypoallergenic due to its low VOC composition.


WATERPROOF PLANKS 180mm wide x 1520mm long x 6mm thick. 100% waterproof floorboards with stone plastic composite (SPC) for enhanced durability. 
WEAR AND BACK LAYERS 0.5mm woodgrain top layer and 1mm acoustic underlay for quiet & soft feeling underfoot.
CONSTRUCTION Rigid limestone composite
PLANK SIZING Supplied in full length boards
COLOUR SCENIC presents a light taupe colour with grain patterns, replicating the seamless and appealing appearance of modern timber floorboards.
FINISH Embossed woodgrain surface with lacquer matte finish for easy maintenance.
EDGING Micro bevel edge on 4 sides for additional depth
INSTALLATION Floated directly on subfloor. No underlay required.
JOINT SYSTEM Angle to angle locking system
PACK DETAILS Sealed cartons of 7 planks. Coverage of 1.9152m2 per carton. Carton weight of 19.6kg.
TESTING & COMPLIANCE 5-star acoustic rating. Fully tested and passed in Australia for reaction to fire (burning behaviour), fire safety (heat and smoke release rates), dry slip (slip resistance), and emissions (organic emissions)

Complete Your Flooring Needs with Matching Accessories

These hybrid floorboards include 1mm acoustic underlay upon purchase. Make sure you order other matching accessories (scotia, nosing, trims) you need at once.  We will deliver it all with your floorboards. We recommend you consider the following:

What coverage do you need? Need transition trims? Need stair bull nosing? Need scotia (edging/moulding)?

Calculate the floor surface area required in square metres. Include doorways and stairways. Add up to 10% as a buffer for wastage and to allow you to stagger board lengths efficiently.

Continue your floor scheme with high-quality C-chanel aluminium floor trims in matching colour that allow a neat transition between hybrid flooring and carpet/tiles/sliding door tracks.

Architecturally designed solid oak stair nosing is your best choice - available in all finishes. This is only available to be purchased with a floor board order.

Use scotia edging trims to cover perimeter expansion gaps along skirting boards, walls, kitchen kickboards and cabinets.  Available in all finishes.

Hybrid Flooring Easy Installation

installation instructions for floating floor

Installation of these floorboards is easier than you think.  Hybrid flooring includes pre-attached 1mm acoustic underlay which is adequate for most residential installations, hence they can be installed as-is over sub-floor. Featuring an angle-to-angle click system that saves time on installation.

Download the Hybrid Floorboard Installation Instructions - they are important to ensure your hybrid floor is installed properly and covered fully by the warranty.

Care and Maintenance to Ensure Longevity

caring for hybrid flooring

Hybrid flooring is very resilient to wear, but it's important to understand the simple maintenance procedures that will ensure your new floor is protected and stays looking beautiful.

Download the Hybrid Floorboard Care Brochure to understand how to keep it in pristine condition for years to come.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

lifetime structural warranty

Hybrid floorboards are protected by a comprehensive warranty from Australian Select Timbers that provides lifetime structural protection for any structural defects such as delamination, cracking, warping or twisting - or any structural deformations at the time of supply. Installation instructions and maintenance care guidelines must be adhered to. See Terms and Conditions.

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