Floorboard Shipping Information

Delivery to your door- We have special arrangements to have your floorboard order safely delivered to your door anywhere in Australia! The process for delivery of your order is as follows:


  • Order preparation - Once your order is finalised it is generally prepared for despatch from Melbourne or Sydney by the next business day. The boards have a protective moisture seal and are in strapped cartons for easy and safe handling.  The floorboard cartons and any ordered underlay, bullnoses and/or scotia (edging) will be strapped to an oversized pallet for safe transit. This minimises handling and the risk of damage.
    Note: 20mm Extra Wide Floorboards usually arrive in Moku's plain developer packaging but may also include boxes marked as 'Grand Oak', which is the Australian supplier of the Moku floorboard range.


  • Carrier collection  -  The carrier is booked to make a collection of the palletised goods as soon as possible after they are ready. Generally, the collection is the same or the next business day.  They will transport them by large truck to one of their national depots closest to your delivery address. The transport time to each depot is between 1 and 4 business days. 


  • Delivery arrangementThe carrier will contact the purchaser or their nominated recipient to arrange delivery to the delivery address. The delivery date and timeframe can be discussed and arranged directly with the carrier. They will highlight that there must be someone in attendance to receive the delivery. If the delivery is futile due to non-attendance at the agreed delivery time period then there may be extra charges to arrange another delivery. 


  • Delivery - The carrier or their agent will deliver the goods as discussed with the purchaser to the delivery address. Access and attendance are required, unless otherwise arranged, as detailed in the terms and conditions. The delivery vehicle will need to be able to park within 20m of the delivery address.  


  • Hand unload The delivery driver will remove the goods from the pallet and hand unload them to your address. Given the large nature of the order we recommend that a suitable space be prepared to stack the goods safely - it is not policy to take the goods further than a ground-level front entry. Please have suitable personnel available at the delivery time to assist the carrier driver as they are only allocated 15 minutes to hand unload - if additional time is required it may attract extra charges.
    Note:  If sufficient assistance is not available at the delivery address to assist driver(s) hand unload the delivery within 15 mins then the items not unloaded within 15 minutes may be retained by the carrier and have to be redelivered at an additional cost to the customer