Natural Timber Basins

Timber basin, wooden basins from bamboo and oak

Bathroom basins in natural timber are Japanese-style bathroom sinks. Natural timber basins made from layers of real bamboo sheets are treated with a leak-proof seal to produce stunning bamboo basins. American oak timber basins bring a soothing atmosphere into your bathroom. An oak basin is a unique piece of art that calms and relaxes you.

Bamboo basin with leak-proof and maintenance-free finish

Bamboo basins by Moku have a hard resin surface that makes them completely waterproof. A bamboo basin has an internal protective sealant and a maintenance-free finish. Natural bamboo basins are thus highly durable as we know bamboo to be. Round, lagoon, square, rectangle, and angular bamboo basins all have natural bamboo lines and warm hues just right for your bathroom.

Oak basin, timber sinks with unique natural designs

Oak basins bring soft, natural warmth into your bathroom. Each American red oak bathroom basin has a different natural timber grain that you can be proud of. Moku’s oak basins are shaped from multiple sections of timber and treated with invisible surface protection to assure quality and easy maintenance.

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